1896 - 2016, 120 years, End Time Prophetic Signs Revealed

The anniversary of an open portal to the unseen world of Lucifer,  the prince of this world.


Google image presented 2 pillars 18on the left pillar 96 on the right pillar celebrating 120 years of the modern Olympics

The number ( 2 ) in Bible Numerics stands for "witnesses".......... "two pillars" =  Two witnesses
Advent = 18
The festival and the Gentile bride = 96
Moed / appointed time = 120
2  pillars, one with 18, and the other with 96.........218 + 96 = 116.....Departure = 116
2 x 18 = 36
2 x 96 = 192............36 + 192 = 228 + 120 =348
The Rapture / Hay = 5 / Shin = 300  Lamed = 30   Hay = 5  Vav = 6  Beth = 2 / total = 348
And once again 3 x 4 x 8 = 96
Advent = 18  April 9th = 330  ( April 9th is 1rst Nisan in 2016 )...... 
(Number evaluation by Tom Gaston rapturetj@comcast.net )

The Panathenaic Stadium (Greek: Παναθηναϊκό στάδιο), also known as the Kallimármaro (Καλλιμάρμαρο, meaning the "beautifully marbled"), is a multi-purpose stadium used for several events and athletics in Athens. The Stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Reconstructed from the remains of an ancient Greek stadium, the Panathenaic is the only stadium in the world built entirely of marble[3] (from Mount Penteli) and is one of the oldest in the world

  My comment: All ancient mythology and great building structure is based on true, actual exploits and interaction of fallen angels and their involvement with humans. Search: Nephalim, hybrids, fallen angels, giants and actual biblical, archeological and historical finds.  No doubt April 1896 opened up a portal, a welcome mat reaffirming Satan as the prince of this world. But, praise God all its will soon change. Jesus will come and establish God's kingdom on earth. Judgement comes soon and swiftly. We the saints are going home. Praise God! Maranatha! 


MEDAL AWARDED REPRESENTS  Zeus holding Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, on the obverse and the Acropolis on the reverse.[4 holding a palm frond in her right hand and a winner's laurel crown in her left.[6]


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