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 I believe that Passover will be the time!



 I personally believe that this "covenant with death" ( Dan. 9:27;  Isaiah 28:14,15 ) is going to be confirmedshortly following the Rapture of the Church, and that it will be done so at Passover season. And the reason I believe this is because Jesus who is the "true Christ" provided the "true covenant" which is the "New covenant in His blood."  Jesus had to experience death in order that He might provide "eternal life" for us ( For Israel first, and the Gentiles second ).  And so I believe that this "false covenant with death" which is going to be made by a "false christ" called antichrist is also going to be confirmed during Passover.  God through the prophet Isaiah in28:14 - 18 calls this covenant the "covenant with death."



 When Jesus was in the "upper room" with His disciples the night of His betrayal, He said to them....“This cup which is poured out "for you" is the new covenant in My blood" ( Luke 22:20 ).  



Jesus died for Israel "first" and the Gentiles"second."  The Apostle Paul makes this clear in Scripture ( Rom. 1:16,  2:9,  2:10 ). The Church has already come under the "blessings" of this "New Covenant" which Jesus provided in His blood by having received salvation by faith in Christ.  On the otherhand Israel has not yet come under theblessings of this "New Covenant" as she is still in national unbelief in her Messiah Yeshua whom they still reject nationally.  Israel will not come under the "blessings" of this "New Covenant" until shefirst comes through the judgments of the tribulation period which will bring forth a believing remnant out of Israel who will come to faith in their Messiah Yeshua. This "New Covenant" which Jesus mentioned to His disciples in the upper room the night of His betrayal will therefore not be realized nor applied to national Israel until the time of Christ's second advent to the earth ( Zech 12:10...."They will look upon Me whom "they" ( Israel ) have pierced ( Crucifixion )....etc...etc." )



  The antichrist is going to be an "impostor" who is going to "mimic" Jesus Christ who is the true messiah. Therefore I believe that the following "parallels" between Christ and antichrist are important to take note of. 



Jesus is the true Christ


( The parallel )


Antichrist is a false christ ( an impostor )



Jesus makes a "new Covenant in his blood" which gives "eternal life" ( physical and spiritual life )


( The parallel )


The antichrist provides a "false covenant" which only brings forth "death" ( both physical and spiritual death ).



The season and time of Christ's covenant which provides eternal life was Passover.


( The parallel )


The season and time of antichrist covenantwhich brings forth eternal death to Israel and to all will be at Passover.



Israel rejected Jesus the true Christ and Hiscovenant at Passover.


( The parallel )


Israel will accept the antichrist who is the false Christ and his false covenant at Passover.



 Here is another important clue in Scripture which points to the time of Passover. 



John 5:43...."I have come in My Father's name, andyou do not receive Me; if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."



 This passage is clearly speaking of the man who is called "antichrist" who will come to Israel in the future.  Notice that Jesus did NOT use the "plural form" in his phrase such as...."If many others ( plural ) come in their names ( plural )....etc..etc.  But rather Jesus used the "singular form" as in......"If another ( singular ) shall come in his own name ( singular ). Good bible scholars will also tell you that this prophetic passage of Scripture is a direct referenceto the antichrist who will come to Israel in the future, and of which Israel will "accept."



Question:  What time of the "season" was it when Jesus said these words in John 5:43?

Answer:  It was at Passover season.


We know it was Passover season because John 6:4states the following:


John 6:1, 4....."After these things Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee.....( v. 4 )..."Now the Passover, the feast of the Jews, was at hand."



 I believe that the "antichrist" is going to come to Israel during Passover season just like Jesus came to Israel, and that he will make his "covenant with death" with Israel at that same time and season. 



 Have any of you ever asked yourself the following question:

Question:."Why did God NOT change Israel's calendar back to the "fall " once He had changed it to the Spring in Ex. 12:1-6?


 I believe that the answer to this question is this. Daniel 9:25, 26 tells us that...."after six-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off."  This is a clear reference to the death of Christ at Passover when He was crucified. And so I believe that the reason why God never changed Israel's calendar back to the "Fall" after He changed it to the Spring is so that He could....( 1. ) Fufill those prophecies concerning Jesus who was the Lamb of God, and who was to be sacrificed.  ( 2. ) So He could once again "restart" His "prophetic clock" right where it "stopped" in the Spring of the year duringPassover season.  I believe that God is going pick up with the 70th week of Daniel right in the "window of time" where the first 69 weeks Ended when Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey on Nisan 10,  fufilling Zech. 9:9.



Now check out the following Hebrew gematrias concerning Passover and this covenant with death.



[.....The Passover, and the covenant.....]

ה   פ   ס  ח ,     ו   ה   ב   ר   י   ת

400  10  200   2      5     6           8   60   80     5 / total =776


5776 / Tav = 400   Shin = 300   Ayin = 70   Vav = 6 / total = 776



Here below are other important terms with the same value.



[..........Barley Harvest..........]

ק   צ   י   ר     ש   ע   ו

6    70    300     200   10   90  100 / total = 776




ת   ש   ע   ו

6    70    300  400 / 776



[...The coming of the Messiah...]

ב  י  א  ת     ה  מ  ש  י  ח

8   10 300  40   5       400   1  10   2 / total = 776



[...........The bride of Yeshua..............]

ה  כ  ל  ה     ש  ל     י  ש  ו  ע

70   6  300 10      30  300       5   30  20   5 / total =776



Resurrection = 433 + 343 Rapture = 776


Fullness = 776



( In the Greek ) Go / Depart = 776


( in the Hebrew ) And Messiah Adonai, Yeshua= 776


In Christ, Tom Gaston





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