Navy Seal preaching gospel gets it from Mall rental cop

Check out @LaydiHD's Tweet:


  1. My issue is this. Christians are claiming religious persecution since same sex marriage is legal. Religious liberty laws are being passed that allow businesses to basically discriminate against sinners (well only LGBT) and deny to them services based on deeply held religious beliefs. Now. This Christian is basically on the LGBT persons side like being denied a cake. He doesn't like it and other Christians are supporting him. He was apparently violating someone else's religious liberty in his process of thing he had the religious liberty to preach. No right is absolute. When a right violates the law or another's rights, a line needs to be drawn. So there we have it... Christians want to dish it out but they can't take it. Looks like this fight for religious liberty is going to backfire.

    1. it sure does look that way John. Thank you for insightful comment. In this realm of the world we now live, you're right. But the soon coming Kingdom of God, when Jesus is the Lion of Judah, all this will change, Praise God!


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