Body of Christ comes to fullness and conclusion in Passover Season

By my brother in Christ Jesus  , Tom Gaston   

Tom Gaston

I believe the body of Christ will come to its "fullness and conclusion" thisPassover season!

 The Hebrew children ( God's chosen people ) were "physically" delivered from the bondage of Egypt ( a type and picture of the world ) at Passover.  Now, we the Church are also "God's people" who have experienced "spiritual freedom" from the bondage of sin through faith in Christ.  But, the Church has not yet been set free from the "physical bondage of this earth" and our "corrupt natural bodies" which we ( our spirit man ) is presently housed in.  I believe that this "physical deliverance" is going to take place at Passover which is the time and season in which God also delivered His chosen people from the bondage of Egypt which is a picture and type of the world.

Here's the pattern and opposite contrasts:

God's people Israel were set free from the physical bondage in Egypt at Passover. 

God's people the Church will also be set free from her physical bondage in this world at Passover.

The nation of Israel is in national unbelief, and she is still waiting for her deliverance from "spiritual bondage."

The Church has already been set free from spiritual bondage, and is waiting for her deliverance from "physical bondage."

The Church will be set free from its "physical bondage" at the time of Christ's return /  resurrection / Rapture of the Church.

Israel will be set free from her "spiritual bondage" at the time of Christ's return and  second advent to the earth.

What I am about to show you below is very exciting!

[...................Delivered from bondage in Passover, the church, the bride, in 5776....................]

נ  מ  ס  ר     מ  ש  ע  ב  ו  ד    ב  פ  ס  ח ,  ה  כ  נ  ס  י  י  ה ,  ה  כ  ל  ה ,  ב  ת  ש  ע  ו

6  70  300  400  2       5   30  20   5       5  10 10  60  50 20    5      8    60  80   2       4   6    2   70  300  40      200 60  40  50 


Total = 1920 

 I believe that the Church is going to be set free from the physical bondage of this earth,  and will enter into "eternity" in new glorified bodies during Passover season in 2016.  I am convinced of this with No doubt whatsoever!!!

I have discovered something amazing below!

The Eternity / Hay = 5 / Nun = 50   Tsady = 90   Cheth = 8 / total = 153..........= The Passover

The Passover / Hay = 5 / Pe = 80   Sameck = 60   Cheth = 8 / total = 153......= The Eternity

( The Passover ).... 5 x 8 x 6 x 8 =1920......Wow!!!!  We will now add this value to the following below.

[....Gentile Bride and the festival..]

ג  ו  י     כ  ל  ה     ו  ה  ח  ג

3    8    5    6       5   30  20      10  6   3 / total =96....+.....1920 = 2016

[.....The Rapture....]

ה  ש   ל  ה  ו  ב

2    6   5   30   300   5 / total = 348.......3 x 4 x 8 =96....= Gentile Bride and the festival + 1920= 2016



The Eternity / Hay = 5 / Nun = 50   Tsady = 90   Cheth = 8 / total = 153..........= The Passover

The Passover / Hay = 5 / Pe = 80   Sameck = 60   Cheth = 8 / total = 153......= The Eternity

Since these important phrases above have the same value, then the following mathematical formula can be applied and used interchangeably for both gematria phrases below.

The Hebrew gematria value for The Passover = 153

The Hebrew gematria value for Coming the Rapture =351....which is the "reverse" of 153

The Passover 153 + 351 Coming the Rapture + 153 +351 = 1008 + 153 + 351 + 153 + 351 = 2016

The  Eternity 153 + 351 Coming the Rapture + 153 +351 = 1008 + 153 + 351 + 153 + 351 = 2016

 I find it simply amazing that the phrase "The Eternity" has the same value as "The Passover."  This is exciting to me because it "implies" thatEternity could very well begin for the Church atPassover season, since both have the same value.  There is no doubt in my mind that the "spring time" and the season of Passover is the time for theRapture of the Church ( The Barley harvest ).  The definite article "The" as in "The Passover" is very important as it is pointing to a specific one in this formula which is noneother than the year 2016.

 There is no doubt in my mind that this simple, but yet profound little mathematical formula is pointing to The Passover in the year of 2016!  And as you can see this formula ENDS with the year 2016.  If you were to continue on with this formula by adding once again the number 153 to the year 2016, then you would have the year 2169.  The Passover in the year2169 is 153 years away at this point.  And of course NONE of us would be alive at that time.  Therefore to continue on with this formula past the year2016 would have no connection whatsoever to us currently, nor to the present dire and dangerous condition of the world, and especially within the whole middle east which at this time is READY TO BLOW!   The world ( and neither God ) is NOT going to "wait around" another 153 years for ALL HELL TO BREAK LOOSE! 



 The year 2016 is the "first year" which resurrects in this formula which is pertinent to our timeline. I believe that we have now come to the "time of the end" for the close of the Church age which I believe started counting down in the year 2015 to 2016. I believe that those "blood moons" ( Tetrads ) and those "total solar eclipses" of last year in 2015were "marking" the last year and started the final countdown to God's time of jugment which will come upon the world in the year of 2016.  None of you have to believe one word of what I'am telling you, and that's fine!  I'm just telling you "what I believe" and what I'am convinced of.



 This formula above is one of several mathematical formulas which I have discovered. The second mathematical formula which I found below is the one which I discovered last year in 2015.


1948.....Make two separate numbers.......19...and....48


Statehood of Israel...1948............1948 + 19 =1967 - Jerusalem is recaptured in the six day war.

................................1948............1948 + 48 =2015 - The END of the blood moon Tetrads / heavenly signs given by God which weresignalling and pointing to the "coming judgment" which "I believe personally" will begin and unfold in the year of  2016.  In 1948 there was the "Arab Israeli war."  In 1967 there was the "six day war."  And so there was a "war" in each one of these very important years of 1948 + 1967 which involved Israel. You can see that this simple but yet amazing mathematical formula ENDS in the year 2015, and sets the stage for the final drama to unfold in the year 2016.



  I believe that the "final conflict" or battle ( war ) is going to begin in 2016 which will be "God's war" against the enemies of Israel, and against all the wicked of this world.  You can see that this simple but yet amazing mathematical formula ENDSin the year 2015, which sets the stage for the final drama to unfold in the year 2016.



 Today is April 8, 2016 / 1rst Nisan / God's religious calendar new year ( which has already started in Israel ). And so I believe that the "final countdown" to the time of Passover and our departure ( The Church - the Bride of Christ ) from this world has started with the opening of 1rst Nisan.



 If we make it to Miriam Howard's chosen date of first fruits - Nisan 16 / April 24th, and for some reason the Lord doesn't come by this date ( ? ), then I will be contemplating the strong possibility that He could very well come on Tuesday ( The third day of the week ) Nisan 18 / April 26th which was the actual day of first fruits when Jesus arose the year of His crucifixion ( was a year of perfect order ). 


 I like the number 18 ( 1 = Beginnings and 8 = "New beginnings" ) because in Hebrew this is the gematria value for "Advent / Arrival."  In any event I believe that the Church will be gone before, by, and no laterthan by the END of Passover.  And by the way, don't forget the following gematria's below. 



[.....................The Rapture of the Church..................]

ה  ש  ל  ה  ו   ב     ש  ל     ה  כ  נ  ס  י  י  ה

5   10 10  60  50 20   5       30  300        2     6   5   30  300   5 / total 838



[........First fruits........]

בִּ   כּ   וּ   רִ  י   ם

600 10  200  6    20     2 / total = 838.....= The Rapture of the Church



[........Nisan 18..........]

נ   י   ס   ן   י   ח

8    10  700   60   10   50 / total = 838.....= The Rapture of the Church


They all match mathematically!


In Christ, Tom Gaston






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