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There is an ex FBI agent named John Guandolo talking about how the muslims have infiltrated the USA and the organizations that they are the head of .  He says that their time frame is 2016-2020 to start jihad in USA. ( their terminology is to GO HOT in USA).   He feels they will start this in the next few months.  They call this Zero Hour.  They are preparing for Zero Hour by gathering intel all over the cities in America


The head of the baggage workers inPhoenix is a muslim hamas leader in the organization CAIR. Also most taxi drivers are muslim now.  These men are in place to gather information about how the cities work so that they will be able to prepare and lead attacks on  Zero Hour.


CAIR-HAMAS has joined forces with Black lives Matter Movement.  Also, a woman named Kalilah Sabra who is the Executive Director and Project Developer for the Muslim American Society,  MAS, (which is a Muslim Brotherhood front group) is calling for an open, violent revolution in America.  And in spite of her openly calling for a revolution against the United States, she has been accredited by the DHS and DOJ to be on their oversight board for immigration policy. Why would she be allowed on that oversight board?  Is that not just plain crazy? 


Many of the different Muslim groups here in the US are calling for a violent revolution, and all of  the players are in place.  And the FBI expert believes that their timeline will be in the next 12=16 months.






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