Time to talk about Zionism from a Christian Perspective


Above is a very good video the correctly teaches against Anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology - A wrong doctrine that teaches the Church replaces Israel.

It does however jump off the tracks at the very end at time stamp 1258.  I thought my readers would benefit from studying why I strongly disagree with the statement that Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism.

Understanding Terms:


The so called Star of David is actually the Star of Remphan which is Satanic

Star Of Remphan: Bible meaning Explained Easily (7:43) (meredithgould.com)

The term “Zionism” was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum.

Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

The founder: Nathan Birnbaum,  1864-1934  Birnbaum's core belief in establishing Zionism was strictly political. In fact, he termed the movement as POLITICAL ZIONISM and did not regard the spiritual aspects of Judaism as important. It was only later did he realize the futility of only looking at the Zionist movement as a political machine instead of the need for the true roots of Judaism. He eventually left the movement and embraced Judaism. 

Question:  Why didn't the Zionists use the Menorah as their symbol. Why did the Lucifieron Elite Rothchild's choose the star of Remphan?  Why did the founder of Zionism want to stay away from the Jewish roots of Judaism as a religion and focus on the secular political functions?  Why did the founder of Zionism later see the futility of supporting a cause without regard to God? 



Judaism is an Abrahamic, monotheistic, and ethnic religion comprising the collective religious, cultural, and legal tradition and civilization of the Jewish people. It has its roots as an organized religion in the Middle East during the Bronze Age. Modern Judaism evolved from Yahwism, the religion of ancient Israel and Judah, by around 500 BCE, and is thus considered to be one of the oldest monotheistic religions. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenant that God established with the Israelites, their ancestors. It encompasses a wide body of texts, practices, theological positions, and forms of organization.


hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.

Question:  If someone is against the political agenda of Israel's government backed by the Luciferion Global New World Order of KABBALISTS that is completely contrary to Judaism does this make them antisemitic? 

MY COMMENT Regarding teaching against Replacement Theology and teaching that AntiZionism is a new form of AntiSemitism. 

Very good teaching, truth spoken. Clarification is badly needed at your video time 1258. You state that AntiZionism is a new sophisticated form of AntiSemitism. Let's clarify. I am an AntiZionist 100 % in the full context and meaning of what ZIONISM truly represents. However, I, like Paul, truly love the Jewish people. My heart yearns for them. I don't pray for the Peace of Jerusalem in the context of this realm of the Church Age, but rather for the future Davidic Messianic Kingdom that comes in the 1,000 year Rule when Israel will be restored in the New Jerusalem. I pray like Paul prayed: "That ISRAEL BE SAVED Romans 10:1. KJB. Read below on who Israel truly is. I abhor Replacement Theology and I know God will restore what belongs to Israel and that the Remnant of Israel is God's people. I believe Israel has full right to their land promised to them - which by the way is way more than they now have. However, just as the Orthodox Jews know because they read the teachings of the Torah and of the applicable portions from The Prophets in the Talmud that ISRAEL WILL NOT BE RESTORED UNTIL AFTER THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE. Why do you think devout orthodox Jews always join the Palestinian protests against the Zionists? The Zionists hate their fellow Orthodox Jew for speaking what God's word says and NOT what their government says. I hope you're aware of this... I do not believe that the Zionist Regime with their Star of Remphan so called star of David is of God which it is not. God did, however, use the Luciferion NWO Zionist Rothchild's wealth and power to establish and bring back the nation of Israel for the time of JACOB'S TROUBLE in which 2/3 of them will wiped out. These are those who call themselves JEWS but are not but of the synagogue of Satan. These are the same Herodian blood lines that hated and crucified Christ. Read your Bible, it is clearly written in Revelation 2:9, 3:9 KJB. THEY CALL THEMSELVES JEWS BUT ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. God's chosen are Only a Remnant out of the sand of the sea the 1/3 will be spared who are God's chosen. Read Romans 9:20-27, Zechariah 13:9, Hosea 1:10-11, Isaiah 10:22, 50:1, Jeremiah 11:14, Daniel 9:24-27, Revelation 2:9, 3:9 KING JAMES BIBLE. I used to be a hard-core Zealot Christian Zionist until the Lord led me out of this darkness. Here is my complete study:



Judaism is NOT Zionism

Connecting The Dots from Nimrod to The Pharisees to The Zionists

Zion is the holy city of God  - both physical and spiritual - which was and is to come on earth and is - of course - most sacred.  Satan, however, has hijacked the word Zion and coined it with the worldly suffix “ ISM “ making his word “Zionism” another of many in expression of mankind over God.

Sadly Israel has been hijacked by the Global Luciferion Elite New World Order through the Kabbalists and Noahide laws. I believe both scripture and history provide ample proof these Elites are connected in part to the Edomites otherwise known as decedents of Edom who came from Esau.

The NWO believes they are building the New World Order which foolish Evangelical Christians believe in same as Dominion Theology which believes in establishing God's Kingdom by mankind and not the Scriptures of Only Jesus Christ in the Second Advent will establish the New Jerusalem.  Revelation 19.

The False Prophets talking to #Israel same a Jeremiah's day




  1. Dr. Michael L. Brown appeared on Adam Green’s show. What do you think of their claims?


    1. JE Thank you for your comment. Thank you for the link. What are your thoughts?
      For my part, I'm really glad I got to watch it. This adds much to my previous study on this. I have referenced their previous debate - dialogue about 2 years ago. This new study will certainly be added to my study and probably a new Blog. As you're aware from this Blog you've commented on, I have done an extensive amount on AskDr. Brown. I have asked him on 2 occasions to debate me. His staff refused saying I lacked the credentials. This debate with Adam Greene and Dr. Brown is about 2 blind men trying to find their way out of a pit. Adam Greene is lost spiritually but he is right about the evils of Religion and Zionism. Dr Brown is a Messianic Jew and suffers from a major identity crisis. As a Christian there is neither Jew nor Gentile. He also teaches a wrong gospel - mixing the Kingdom Gospel with the Gospel of GRACE. His main mission is to dispel the Noahide Laws as a myth and to stamp out any form of AntiSemitism which INCLUDES AntiZionism. At time 31:05 in the video link you've sent, this is the proof that Dr. Brown does not understand what Dispensation we're in. He actually believes the entire gospel must be preached and Israel accepts the Jews before Jesus Returns. We know this only happens at the 2nd Advent which is AFTER the time of Jacob's trouble which is before the Church is removed in the Rapture. Dr. Brown is clueless to this. He is spiritually blind as are the many other Messianic Jews who just can't wrap their minds around 2/3 of Jews will be wiped out in the Tribulation and Israel is ONLY a REMNANT. I remember that video by Jacob Prasche where he went ballistic and started to yell, "Christians will NOT leave their brother behind in the time of Jacob's Trouble." Dr. Brown insinuates and teaches. Time 34 is more proof Dr. Brown actually believes and proves the Tribulation is a theory he does not believe in, but notice how carefully he words it. The ONLY reason Dr. Brown debates Adam Greene is to build his STRAWMAN argument using the "Atheist" vs the "True Christian". Dr. Brown is extremely shrewd man. He is using Adam to embolden his Zionist Christian base. We need to pray Adam Greene's eyes be opened to know Jesus Christ as his savior. We need to pray Dr. Brown's eyes be opened to know his true identity in Christ Jesus and to stop preaching a false gospel. Amen! Thanks again. God bless your studies.

    2. https://www.thethirdheaventraveler.com/2022/03/dr-michael-brown-adam-green-of-know.html

    3. You see - Messianic Jews like AskDr. Brown are terrified by scripture rightly divided provided by Christians shedding the light on Zionism and that Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism. This is terrifying to them. Why? It brings them to read Romans 9-11 with open eyes.


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