The Ploughboy who Studies his KING JAMES BIBLE

The Ploughboy who Studies his KING JAMES BIBLE removes the Veil to See and Expose the Nicolaitans

William Tyndale said that he wanted even the Ploughboy to be able to understand God's word. 

What will those who are truly saved say at the BEMA SEAT, when asked why they've followed false doctrine?    "Whoops!, Sorry, I didn't know.  Nobody told me..." ???

The entire purpose of this Blog is to teach you not to be intimidated by so called Self-Appointed Prophets, Scholars, PhD's. Preachers, Pastors, Priests, and their kind BUT rather study your KJB and call them out. 

All scripture in King James Bible.

Why King James Only?


We are at war Christian. We must contend for the faith.  Do not be intimidated by a so-called bible scholar with degrees. They've been educated in institutions that are apostate.  My testimony of a family member attending Fuller Theological Seminary. Read text books that questioned the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Learned from NIV NASB perverted Bible translations. 

We are commanded to not just read the Word of God rightly divided, but rather we are commanded by God to STUDY (See note on study in notes below) His word and rightly divide it by dispensation. 

   2 Timothy 2:15 

Without studying God's word we can not know the truth. We are unable to remove the veil * to understand who we are in Christ and our rightful standing in him and not the RELIGION of the world to include the 501C3 (5+0+1=6 3 times 666) Brick and Mortar Building Operations run by apostate trained CEO's called pastors.  

Without God's word we are subjected to the Nicolaitans. Nicolaitans? See below. Without God's word, we are in Bondage. We are without knowledge of God. We perish. We will be held accountable at the BEMA seat if we're saved.  Without studying God's word, we will believe any false teacher that comes along.  Without studying God's word we will be in a constant state of AWE OF THE EMPEROR's NEW CLOTHES. (PhD.'s Bible Scholars, T.V. Evangelists, Charlatans, Wolves, Preachers, Pastors, Religious Leaders, THE SACRED MAN OF THE CLOTH).  

* See notes below on meaning of removing the veil and the connection to the tearing of the Veil when Jesus Christ died on the cross

** See my sobering - shocking - sickening study on the Laodicean church - in particular reasons people fall into the traps of the false teachers...  See the MEGA TRAP church Trap.

People, I'm writing this Blog in the Blood of over 50 years of paying tens upon tens of thousands of dollars to Charlatan Reprobates who I thought were true men of God. I came out of 50 years of RELIGION.   Jesus Christ broke me down to nothing and through the Furnace of Affliction over a dozen years began learning and reading my Bible and studying.

I was a kingdom Builder.  Dominion Theology Super Zionist.  


See who we are in Christ

Who are the Nicolaitans? See Notes below:

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.   Romans 9:13 KJV

But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate  Revelation 2:6 KJV, 

 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9 KJV

To truly understand the Nicolaitan we must understand the word means nico - to conquer; laitan - the laity - the people.  The end game of Satan is to enslave and dumb down the masses as he leads them into hell one by one. He has his Principalities, Powers, Rulers of Darkness in high places and his spiritual wickedness established and these are manifested in distinct areas of the world through Religious institutions that control man and his thinking.  RELIGION is Satan's tool.  We know the institutions for sure:  VATICAN, The Evangelical Churches and all the many other flavors from Methodist. Luthern, etc.  Pharisees, modern day Pharisees.

We see it today as these high browed, arrogant Bible Scholars who talk like a high church reverend's tonor voiced pious aire of self righteousness and Gawdliness....   

People do not be intimidated by these Charlatans, these Nicolaitans.

Disclaimers:  It is not my intention to degrade the profession of a true man of God who has higher degrees of learning.  It is however my intention through and by the authority of God granted by Titus 1:11; 2 Timothy Chapters 3 and 4 to call out the leaven hidden in the lump. (Matthew 13)  Most, over 95 percent of these high browed arses (donkeys) are of this world and corrupted. This is why scripture tells us plainly in 1 Corinthians 1:26-29 that among the others, that NOT many wise men will enter into God's kingdom. Why? They're too smart.

It takes a Ploughboy who reads to lift the veil to Expose the Nicolaitans.

Why did William Tyndale die a terrific death at the hands of the Vatican? He translated the Bible into English.  Why was translating the Bible into English a Captial Offense?  Read notes below to get a better understanding.

It still holds hauntingly true today. They just don't want you dear ploughboy to understand and read God's word for yourself. They tell you of their DEGREES and that if you don't have degrees you have no authority and in fact are not even allowed to debate them or HOW DARE YOU ever question them.

I tried to get ASK DrBrown the Messianic Jew to debate me on YouTube.  His staff told me NO!  You lack the credentials.  I guess my Bachelor's Degree in Economics with over 50 years of Bible Study is NOT enough to openly dispute the vomit coming out of this reprobate in the faith's mouth.

Here's a Jewish Rabbi who holds a mock debate with a Messianic Jew and stages the entire thing.  I plead with the Rabbi to debate me...  Never responds.

How about Dr. Andy Woods.  The solid Bible teacher in so many areas...  However when I read his wonderful book, "The Coming Kingdom". I was depressed and appalled by how badly he mangled Luke 21:17.  I wrote him a lengthy email.  Here is the link.   He did NOT respond.

How about Dr. Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministry.  When I tried to tell him his DOMINION theology teaching is far off base biblically. He told me to basically get lost and that debates are a waste of time.

How about Dr. Eugene Kim, The Baptist Preacher man and his Baptist boys. Shortly after posting my email directly to Dr. Kim, one of his boys sent me a comment that I needed my ass kicked...  Enough said. 

His otherwise solid teaching is tainted with misunderstanding of 501C3's, misguided principles in confusing the Godhead with the Trinity.  I write him a letter and he does a video calling people like me "conspiracy nuts" "lay bible teachers" (insinuating we don't have Phd's from the reprobate Berkely University like he does.)
Here's link

How about this David Anders The National Syndicated Catholic Radion station ETWN . I call into his station and he builds an elaborate strawman argument and talks for over 20 minutes straight. But never answers my question. 

Just a few days ago this high browed arrogant Bible Scholar build an elaborate strawman to tell people like me who believe what my Bible tells me is NOT what it says.
Read this 

How about the time I asked an Islamic Scholar to debate me after he handed a Phd so Christian apologist his butt

Here's a sample of a few others over the years.


DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THESE SO CALLED GURUS SCHOLARS WHO would beguile you as The Serpent did EVE.  Be a Good Berean. Study your Bible.

Amen!  Maranatha!


Lamp in The Dark

Tares Among the Wheat

Bridge to Babylon


WHAT IS STUDY:  Oxford English Dictionary hard copy page: 3,108... "zealous - pain staking application apply oneself to something.  A desire a passion felt in something - a state of mental anxiety - mental perplexity

Perplexity: inability to deal with or understand something complicated or unaccountable.  

synonyms: confusion · bewilderment · puzzlement · bafflement · incomprehension · 

Thought ...  to meditate on a subject directed toward the accomplishment of something. The deliberate action - aim and mental labor to read reflect for acquisition by careful examination.   BOTTOM LINE:  Study means TO WORK. 


Note:  The author of this otherwise brilliant article is a sabbath keeper. This is not required for the Body of Christ in this dispensation. 

Read why Jesus Christ and I hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans

Removing the Veil -  The Temple - Over the face of Moses

Matthew 27:51

Mark 15:38

Luke 23:45

Hebrews 10:19-22

Why did Moses have to wear a veil? |

The Boy that Driveth the Plough;

Excerpt from

William Tyndale, John Foxe, and the “Boy That Driveth the Plough”

William Tyndale, the Bible, and the Layman .. Note: This article comes from BYU. I do not in any form support or subscribe to the faith of the Mormons. They are LOST. However, based on the scholarship of this article, it is worthy to be presented in this context. 

Even though there is some doubt about whether or not Tyndale made the ploughboy comment, there can be no doubt that he wanted English laypeople to have an English Bible and understand what was in it. Nine of Tyndale’s thirteen published works are either translations of portions of the Bible or treatises on how to understand it. Though Tyndale did not live long enough to translate the entire Bible, he did complete two editions of the New Testament (1526 and 1534), the Pentateuch (1530), the book of Jonah (1531), and the nine historical books between Joshua and 2 Chronicles before his death.[56] Tyndale’s published writings also supply an ample amount of his own words describing how he felt about giving laypeople access to the word of God. Because of this, it seems odd to repeatedly quote the questionable ploughboy comment while overlooking the many other, equally powerful statements Tyndale made that are not of dubious origin and have not been altered by an editor with a specific agenda. There are many reasons to admire the father of the English Bible, but perhaps the best demonstration of admiration is to become acquainted with the writings that are unquestionably Tyndale’s. A few examples of his statements about translating the Bible into English, along with the historical context behind them, have been provided below. These, and others like them, could easily be used in place of the ploughboy comment or in conjunction with it.

The controversy about whether or not the Bible should be translated into English had been going on in England since the 1350s, when the use of English increased and when Edward III (1312–1377) ordered that anything “pleaded, shewed, defended, answered, debated, [or] judged” in any court whatsoever should be done in English.[57] The debate about an English Bible translation came to an abrupt, though temporary, end in 1409 when the Constitutions of Oxford were passed in response to the Oxford theologian John Wycliffe’s (1320–84) use of English to spread his heretical doctrines to laypeople.[58] These laws prohibited the translation of any passage of the Bible into English without the express permission of an English bishop, and they also prohibited the reading of any book that contained unauthorized translated scripture.[59] The Constitutions of Oxford were still in effect in the 1520s when Tyndale unsuccessfully sought the Bishop of London’s approval to make an English translation of the Bible. His failure to obtain the necessary permission caused Tyndale to lament that he “understode at the laste not only that there was no rowme in my lorde of londons palace to translate the new testament / but also that there was no place to do it in all englonde.”[60]

In the prologue to the aborted Cologne New Testament (1525), Tyndale’s first published work and first Bible translation, he expressed surprise that he would have to justify why he had translated the Bible into English. He wrote, “y [I] supposed yt [it] superfluous / for who ys [is] so blynde to axe [ask] why lyght shulde be shewed to them that walke in dercknes / where they cannot but stumble / and where to stumble ys [is] the daunger of eternall dammacion.”[61] This passage is beautifully written and is an excellent demonstration of the audience Tyndale intended to reach as well as the effects he hoped that his translation would have upon that audience.

Another statement that indicates Tyndale’s desire for laypeople to have access to the Bible comes from the prologue to the Pentateuch (1530). Tyndale explained, “I had perceaved by experyence / how that it was impossible to stablysh the laye people in any truth / excepte the scripture were playnly layde before their eyes in their mother tonge.”[62] In the Obedience of the Christen Man, Tyndale recognized that he, along with other laypeople, were surrounded by many different manmade philosophies and needed to have access to the Bible: “In so greate diversite of sprites how shall I know who lyeth and who saith trouth? Whereby shall I trye them & judge them? Verely by gods worde which only is true.”[63] After publishing the second edition of his New Testament, Tyndale expressed great satisfaction at providing a Bible for laypeople: “Now can the wretched man (that knoweth him selfe to be wrapped in syn / and in daunger to deth and Hell) here [hear] no more joyouse a thynge / than suche gladde and comfortable tidynges of Christ / so that he can nat [not] but be gladde and laugh [rejoice] from the lowe bottome of his hert.”[64]

Opponents of vernacular translations of the Bible argued consistently and vehemently that laypeople were not educated enough to understand the scriptures correctly. This belief was one of the main justifications for not translating the Bible into the common tongue. Thomas More stated that the thing that “putteth good folke in fere to suffer the scripture in our englyshe tonge” was not the reading and receiving but the “medlyng with suche partys therof as lest wyll agre wyth theyr capacytees.”[65] In the Parable of the Wicked Mammon (1528), Tyndale refuted the assertion that only those who have been educated in a theology course can understand the scriptures. He declared that “a man with oute the sprite of Aristotell or philosphie / may by the sprite of God understonde scripture.”[66] Tyndale encouraged laypeople to believe that everything in the Bible offered them something of spiritual value. He said, “There is no story nor gest / seme it never so symple or so vile unto the worlde / but that thou shalte fynde therin spirite and life and edifienge.”[67] Tyndale believed that all scripture came from God and that there were no portions of it, no matter how obscure or difficult, that weren’t worth studying.

Tyndale was also an early advocate of applying the scriptural text to one’s own circumstances. In his prologue to the book of Genesis, Tyndale taught his readers, “As thou readest therefore thinke that every sillable pertayneth to thyne awne silf and sucke out the pithe of the scripture, and arme thyself ageinst all assaultes.”[68] On another occasion, Tyndale confirmed that those who studied scripture would be protected mentally and spiritually from manmade, worldly ideas. He argued that if laypeople went “abroade and walke[d] by the feldes and medowes of all maner doctours and philosophers they coulde catch no harme.” This was because their study of the Bible would help them “dyscerne the poyson from the hony and bringe [home] no thinge but that which is holsome.”[69]

These few samples of Tyndale’s own words provide an untainted and much deeper look at the heart and intentions of this courageous translator. Tyndale wanted to do more than provide English laypeople with an English Bible. He sought to help his countrymen discover for themselves the spiritual power that lay within its pages. Tyndale’s words deserve more careful attention and more frequent use by those who have benefitted from his life of hardship and sacrifice.

The Prohibition of Translating the Bible into English:

Prohibition on Translating the Bible into English 

Excerpt taken from

Now, let me get toward those five words that Thomas Moore was so upset about. Why was the Roman Catholic Church so furious at those who tried to put the Bible into English — so furious that it would burn people alive who tried? Can you even fathom it? What explains that? In 1401, England’s parliament passed a law called “De Heretico Comburendo”, which means, “On the Burning of Heretics,” It made heresy punishable by burning people at the stake, and they had Bible translators in view.

In 1408, the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Arundel, created “The Constitutions of Oxford,” and this is a quote from those.

It is a dangerous thing, as Saint Jerome witnessed, to translate the text of Holy scripture out of one tongue into another. For in the translation, the same sense is not always easily kept. We, therefore, decree and ordain that no man, hereafter, by his own authority translate any text of the Scripture into English, or any other tongue, and that no man can read any such book in part or in whole.

You know what the effect of that was?

John Bale, as a boy of 11, watched the burning of a young man in Norwich for possessing the Lord’s prayer in English.

John Foxe records seven Lollards burned at Coventry in 1519 for teaching their children the Lord’s prayer in English. This is the church of Rome burning parents alive for teaching the Lord’s prayer in English to their children. You ever wonder why there was a reformation? Tyndale hoped to escape condemnation for his work, but he had to flee persecution and go to Europe, the continent, in order to escape. Why this hostility? Could you explain it? It takes your breath away and makes you want to weep.

Here are the reasons given by the church:

  1. “The English language is rude and unworthy of the exalted language of God.” That’s crap. Erasmus knew that New Testament Greek is a common language — really common. There’s nothing highfalutin about it, and they knew it.

  2. “When one translates, errors can creep in, so it is safer not to translate.”

  3. “If the Bible is in English, then each man will become his own interpreter.” That’s a lot closer to the truth. I have some sympathy with that.

  4. “Only priests are given the divine grace to understand the Scriptures.”

  5. “There is a special, sacramental value to the Latin service in which people cannot understand, but grace is given.” That makes me want to rage against sacramentalism. You can’t understand a thing going on here, but there’s a “sacrament” in the Latin that mediates grace to the uncomprehending. There were deeper reasons as well, much deeper.

I mentioned that there were five words in Tyndale’s English translation of the Greek New Testament that caused Thomas Moore to fulminate against him and to bring down the wrath of the Roman Church on Tyndale. Here are those words:

  1. He translated presbuteros as elder, not priest.

  2. He translated ekklesia as congregation, not church.

  3. He translated metanoeo as repent, not do penance.

  4. He translated exomologeo as acknowledge, rather than do confession.

  5. He translated agape as love, not charity.

Here’s what Daniell commented on. He said this:

Tyndale could not possibly have been unaware that those words in particular undercut the entire sacramental structure of a thousand years of church life throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It was the Greek New Testament that was doing the undercutting.

What got undercut was the priesthood, the penance, and the confession. In other words, the power of the church to control was broken. England would not be a Roman Catholic country. It became a Protestant country.

I Don't Go To Church



 I Don't Go to Church: The Church is The Body of Christ not a Building by [Andrew Sheets]



 1967. epiousios 
Strong's Concordance
epiousios: for the coming day, for subsistence

Original Word: ἐπιούσιος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: epiousios
Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ee-oo'-see-os)
Definition: for the coming day, for subsistence
Usage: for the morrow, necessary, sufficient.


Church building where it all started.  The place I was kicked out of Sunday School class at about the age of 6 years.


I don't go to church: from a blood bought, born again Christian with over 50 years of going to church

Ecclesiology,” says University of Basel professor, Karl Ludwig Schmidt, “is simply Christology.” He argues that all sociological attempts to explain the church are futile because the church can only be explained by its link to the person and work of Christ. The church is the body of Christ (sw'ma Christou), and Christ is the head (kefalhv) of the body (Eph. 5:23; Col. 1:18; cf. 1 Cor.12:12–13, 27). These metaphors stress the unity of Christ and His people, and the term head specifically stresses that He is leader or ruler over the church. He exercises a position of power and authority over His people. The early church witnessed the headship of Christ by recognizing no individual man as the head of the church. Leadership was always invested in a plurality of leaders (first apostles and soon elders). This Was true of the universal church and of the local church, which is a replica or a miniature of the universal church.  The primacy of Scripture in its teaching that Christ is the sole head (“Chief Shepherd,” 1 Pet. 5:4) of the church was denied in practice soon after the death of the apostles. A plurality of elders gave way to a monarchical bishop, and the institutional Church was ultimately ruled by the Supreme Pontiff, i.e., the Pope, in Rome. Even in the Protestant churches the pastor as an officer over the flock is a firmly entrenched tradition — a tradition that denies Christ His place as head of the church.



note: the above work although solid in exposing religion opposed to Jesus Christ, still confuses Jesus Christ as the 2nd person of the trinity and not the biblical Godhead. 

Dear People,

These 501c3 brick and mortar buildings  (and even those run under private or limited liability corp) run by apostate trained CEOs called pastors are not BIBLICAL.  They are literally making Merchandise of you and your children and your children's heritage. They are cursed by God under both Galatians 1:8,9 and 2 Peter 2:3... In fact 2 Peter 2:3, literally says these false teachers through feigned (study the word feigned: invented. fake.  counterfeit. deception. fictitious. ) words make merchandise of you...
I've completed an 800 page Ebook containing over a thousand references, several thousand pages of source documentation titled: " I don't go to church. A 50 year testimony of attending church to say in agreement with Dr. Larkin, that today's churches are building the kingdom of the Antichrist. " see note 1 below...  If anyone wants this open public  domain book. I will email you a copy for free. Email me your request to  
This church-going issue has now become my focus.  I'm a retired US naval officer,  and finished a career in  consulting. and recently retired from teaching High school as a licensed teacher.  I also spent years living in other countries, including over 6 yrs in Vietnam sharing Jesus with the Vietnamese people.  
Here's my testimony below:
To God be the glory Forever! Amen!

"I Don't Go to Church: The Church is The Body of Christ not a Building"reading it:

 My 50 year testimony of going to church to know today’s churches are building the kingdom of the antichrist LINK

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Why Dispensation is important

Recently found this wonderful website: The Great Commission is NOT to the Church The Great Commission -

If you're truly interested in an in depth understanding of the difference between the KINGDOM GOSPEL of Jesus Christ and the Gospel given to Paul directly from Jesus Christ for the Gentiles, please read. It will greatly enhance your bible knowledge and understanding of Dispensations.


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  Nearly 80 % of churches do not discuss Bible Prophecy even though 25% of the Bible is about Prophecy. This includes the importance of  the Rapture of the Body of Christ. 
The Truth about the Rapture of the Body of Christ BEFORE the Tribulation:
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