Yes, Dr. Heiser, Russia is in Ezekiel 38 and 39

I came across this sad video by Dr. Heiser beating us up for believing the Bible Prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is referring to Russia.

I encourage you to watch his video above and then my comments.

If you'd like to comment, I'd really appreciate it.  

Also please see my recent Blog regarding Russia - Israel in relation to Ezekiel 38 and 39.

My commentary to Dr, Heiser's video:

Dr. Heiser thank you for bringing this up. However, sadly, what you've done sir is build a "strawman" argument to mislead your low informed - non bible reading Christians who do not study their Bibles. Here's a link on how false teachers use a strawman and how it is so deceptive.

Here's how you built your strawman: Hey People the ancient languages (including the Hebrew language written by Ezekiel would never have known or used the word "Rosh." It was completely unknown and now I'm going to prove it by Linguistics and History using "scholars" and not dumb Evangelicals who needed a bad guy during the cold war... Blah, blah blah. You have the perfect strawman built and now spend 3 minutes perfecting it.

You've foolishly turned this into a linguistics - sematology - phonetics - history lesson in your attempt to prove that RUSSIA isn't identified in EZ 38,39, OR 27.

The cherry on top is, "Now, to make it simple look at the word chin. In Chinese it means golden. In English it means that point under your lower lip."

When listening to your video, I literally had to stop here and say, "What? Are your listeners really that ignorant to fall for your overuse of lipstick on your strawman?"

Are you really serious Sir? I am shocked you take your listeners for such low informed people. But reading the comments it appears you have a good following of such.

Now for a wakeup call: The 500 pound Gorilla in the room here is End Times Bible Prophecy - Especially Israel regarding EZ 38 and 39. Taking baby steps here let's know why by using God's word, that RUSSIA came into being as the land spoken of in EZ 38 and 39. And yes, EZ 27 as you tried to cleverly inject as an enlightened bible scholar.

Let's put down your strawman for a moment and address the 500 pound Gorilla by studying exactly what scripture tells us:

We begin with EZ 39 King James Bible first because this event will happen before EZ 38 by at least 1,000 years. EZ 39 corresponds precisely with Revelation 19 - The Battle of Armageddon. In EZ 39:1 we are told that GOG - who is clearly a great leader - MESHECH and TUBAL will lead from the "NORTH PARTS". In EZ 39:6 that MAGOG is part of this coalition which will be utterly destroyed. Of course we know this doesn't say Russia OR Rush OR Rus. We know we're talking about whom? The sons of JAPHETH who was the oldest son of Noah. We know that God's blessing did not go to JAPHETH but the younger brother SHEM. (The ancestor of Abraham by 10 generations). This is why SHEM is listed before JAPHETH.

Now here is where it is imperative to pay attention: The son's of JAPHETH were: Gomar, Magog, Madai, Jovan, Tubal, Meschech, Tiras. We know that these decedents became the following civilizations in the first century following the Flood. GREECE, PERSIA, INDO-GERMAN TRIBES, MONGOLIANS. Next. Let's guess on where Russia comes from in this listing of civilizations.

Next. Let's guess where Russia comes from in this listing. If you guessed that modern day Russia comes from the INDO-GERMANIC tribes you’ve guessed correctly. I won’t bore you with details but please enjoy an afternoon read with a cup of tea by the fireplace reading studies related to the Russian ethnic history inferred from mitochondrial DNA diversity.

Another great read, I found fascinating is by prof. Wolgang Schulz: Regarding Indo-Germanic tribes and Russia. Pay particular attention if you will to the Nordic race FALIC race related to Russia.

This leads to the next point: You stated correctly that the closest associated word with ROSH - RUSH was RUS but it didn’t come along until the VIKINGS. Yes, you’re correct. Now let’s dig deeper. To use the word Vikings we have to be more specific. Vikings were a group of people composed of the Norse - Slavic - and Danes primarily. It was the word RUS to ROSH that we would later identify the INDO GERMANIC PEOPLE Specifically as the RUSSIANS.

Now, let’s fully examine why awake bible students know that Russia is involved here in EZ 39.

The King James Bible clearly states in EZ 39 verse 2 that this area will be from the NORTH h6828 (NORTHWARD extended ray north; from a point north and extending) PARTS.H3411 - Extreme parts. Using the Oxford English Dictionary hard copy page 2,088: : Parts used with the adjective “extreme” means the expanse - of. Used together in context: The extreme, expansive areas of the northern region. I don’t believe I need to elaborate on the contextual meaning for extreme - expanse. of the northern regions the: “north”. A 6th grader would be able to explain it by placing your finger on modern day Israel and running your finger north to the extreme north and extending west and east. I’m sure even the most casual reader will realize this is modern day Russia.

Next. Let’s see if Russia makes sense in taking the geopolitical-military-economical, geography- social, religious and historical life of Russia. A second grader can clearly see that Russia is currently aligning themselves with the enemies of Israel namely Iran and Syria to name a few.

To save time, I won’t elaborate too deeply into Ez 38 King James Bible, but to only say this happens at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on earth and corresponds precisely with Revelation chapter 20. We again here see the same leader leading a coalition of Russia, Turkey, and the Coalition of Islamic nations of Persia will come to utterly destroy Israel which will be the NEW JERUSALEM.



  1. I wish people would wake up! The Eze 38 prophecy is NOT for our time!
    The prophecy in Rev 20:7 is at the end of the millennium and Eze 38 is
    the exact same prophecy!

    1. Amen! That's precisely what I've stated clearly in my Blog.


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