Dr. Michael Brown - Adam Green of Know More News - The 'Blind leading the Blind

 The following Bitchute link is an interesting and yet sad debate - dialogue - discussion that demands attention: 


More on Ask Dr. Brown.  More proof this poor man is spiritually blind and is trying to lead the blind out of the pit.

Please see my extensive research on Dr. Brown and the Messianic Jews identity problems and Zionism from a Christian Perspective in notes below.

There are my comments to the Adam Green of KNOW MORE NEWS debating Dr. Brown of ASKDr. Brown

I'm really glad I got to watch this... This adds much to my previous study related to Dr. Brown and Adam Green.. I have referenced their previous debate - dialogue about 2 years ago. This new study will certainly be added to my study and probably a new Blog. Over the past few years, I have done an extensive amount on AskDr. Brown. I have asked him on 2 occasions to debate me. His staff refused saying I lacked the credentials. I sent Dr. Brown an extensive study on why AntiZionism is NOT AntiSemitism based on solid bible scripture rightly divided. And for this reason Dr. Brown would never debate me. See link below.

This debate with Adam Greene and Dr. Brown is about 2 blind men trying to find their way out of a pit. Adam Green is lost spiritually but he is right about the evils of Religion and Zionism. Yes there is beyond solid evidence for example that Loyola was a Jew who became a catholic who founded the Jesuits. The list goes on and on all the way back to Philo the JEW who hated Jesus but loved Egypt and Stoic Philosophy. Dr Brown is a Messianic Jew and suffers from a major identity crisis. As a Christian there is neither Jew nor Gentile. He also teaches a wrong gospel - mixing the Kingdom Gospel with the Gospel of GRACE. His main mission is to dispel the Noahide Laws as a myth and to stamp out any form of AntiSemitism which INCLUDES AntiZionism.

You see - Messianic Jews are terrified of scripture rightly divided that sheds light on Zionism from a Christian perspective

At time 31:05 in the video, this is the proof that Dr. Brown does not understand what Dispensation we're in. He actually believes the entire gospel must be preached and Israel accepts the Jews before Jesus Returns. We know this only happens at the 2nd Advent which is AFTER the time of Jacob's trouble which is before the Church is removed in the Rapture. Dr. Brown is clueless to this. He is spiritually blind as are the many other Messianic Jews who just can't wrap their minds around 2/3 of Jews will be wiped out in the Tribulation and Israel is ONLY a REMNANT. Read Romans 9:24-27, Zechariah 13:9, I remember that video by Jacob Prasche where he went ballistic and started to yell, "Christians will NOT leave their brother behind in the time of Jacob's Trouble." Dr. Brown insinuates and teaches. Watch how he misinterprets and stays away from 1 Thessalonians chapter 2 regarding the Christians suffering from the jews and Judaizes. Time 34 is more proof Dr. Brown actually believes and proves the Tribulation is a theory he does not believe in, but notice how carefully he words it. The ONLY reason Dr. Brown debates Adam Green is to build his STRAWMAN argument using the "Atheist" vs the "True Christian". Dr. Brown is extremely shrewd man. He is using Adam to embolden his Zionist Christian base. We need to pray Adam Green's eyes be opened to know Jesus Christ as his savior. We need to pray Dr. Brown's eyes be opened to know his true identity in Christ Jesus and to stop preaching a false gospel. Amen!


Here's notes on Zionism from a Christian perspective which sheds light on Dr. Brown and the Messianic Jews


  1. "He also teaches a wrong gospel - mixing the Kingdom Gospel with the Gospel of GRACE."

    The Kingdom Gospel and the Gospel of Grace are the same Gospel. Someone poisoned your
    precious Christian mind with Cyrus Skofield's anti-Gospel dispenseational theories. Skofield invention of aritifically dividing human history in arbitrary eras of dispensations is non scriptural.
    The Gospels are equally filled with grace as the Epistles. Skofield was a teachings a false Christianity when he reduced the Gospels, the Lord's prayer, the Beatitudes, the teachings of Jesus, etc. to the dispensation of Law.
    Here are three books by Philip Mauro that will help:

    The Gospel of the Kingdom
    The Hope of Israel
    Our Liberty in Christ

    The introduction of the concept of modern Zionism was first introduced by
    Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel in 1656 in a speech in White Castle inventing the idea
    that the Hope of Israel was the restoration of a worldly kingdom in the land of Palestine.

    The only Hope of Israel (Jews) is Jesus, not a worldly fleshly kingdom in Palestine.

    1. Unknown, Thank you for comment. The reason I'm posting your comment - and I pray you do not delete your foolish comment so that it may stand eternal as both a witness and testimony against you for believing and following this reprobate Philip Mauro. Jonah 2:8 stands against you as an indictment: "They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy."

      Here's the summary of Mauro's false teaching in his book: "The Hope of Israel". Quote: Mauro summarizes what not only constitutes the hope of the Jews, but the hope of the Christian Church as well.

      His entire argument can be summed up in this way: it’s a serious mistake to think that the faithful Jews in the Old Testament were hoping for anything less than the spiritual Kingdom of Christ that we Christians are hoping for.

      And since Mauro had just extricated himself from Dispensationalism, he makes the point plain, over and over, that anybody who believes that the Jews (past or future) are going to receive a physical fulfillment of the Old Testament promises is just as much in error as were the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, who rejected outright the Lord’s efforts to turn them in a spiritual direction."

      This rejects scripture and is a blind guide leading you and your kind.

      You will be held accountable at the BEMA SEAT or which is MOST likely in your case THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT OF GOD and your words will be used as testimony.

      My Blog will also stand eternal as a witness and testimony and an indictment to your fool heart.

      WAKE UP!

  2. It appears that Zionists don’t like the idea of 2/3s of Jews perishing during the Tribulation and are now trying to throw dispensationalists under the bus:


    1. Thank you very much for sharing this. I look forward to studying this confused Anglican who seems to swing between 2 extremes. Very interesting.


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