Will Jesus come to you as a thief or as a Bridegroom?

Luke 12:39

Please take a moment to read what I believe is a tremendous revelation given to a brother in Christ.  I don't know about the date he's set of 24 July 2012 as the Rapture, I pray to God he's right, but nevertheless, a great read.  He's answered, by scripture, what I believe are great truths about misinterpretations about how Jesus said "Nobody" knew the date.  This has prevented believers from setting dates. But now it appears in the end days we can know for certain when.  I've asked God for confirmation and feel this date is a certain possibility.  Please ask for your own confirmation.   God bless.  


In the final analysis please ask yourself this question.  Will I see Jesus as a Thief in the Night OR Will I see him as my bridegroom.    Please don't put off making your life right with God another moment.  The day is neigh upon us. Jesus is standing at the door.


  1. Traveler,
    I will try and read the article, but I think your first sentence makes the best point! "Hopeful expectation or fearful exoposition?"


  2. Randy I downloaded the pdf and will try to read when time permits. Thanks for sharing. I will let you when I get into it.
    God bless!

  3. God bless you. I've since grown stronger at peace with this date. I pray this is in fact the date. I know how strong we Christians have been trained to never set dates, but this man of God has compelling scripture that shows God was saying, "Nobody NOW KNOWS," which means in the end days the time will be revealed. I pray Jesus comes soon. Amen.


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