Worship the golden calf

It only took a slight delay which really wasn't a delay for Moses to return from the mountain and the children of Israel began in earnest to make a golden calf to worship.  Exodus 32.

The golden calf represents such horrible, unspeakable defiling things steeped heavily into the sacrifice of placing screaming children into the arms of a demonic idol that has a  head of a bull calf to be burned to death in sacrifice to the "moon gods" the "morning star Lucifer."  etc.  See this extensive article on what the golden calf really represents.  golden calf   .  Our gods is what the Israelites said.  I hate this so much that I am overtaken with righteous indignation.  May God burn them that burn children in the lake of fire. How could the people have been delivered from bondage out of Egypt and then all so quickly forsaken God for the gods of their oppressors.

Whenever God is forsaken, then God truly does turn man over to a reprobate mind of the most unimaginably horrible depths of sin and deprivation.  Romans 1: 18-31

In modern society the golden calf is idolatry in any form that is mostly represented by the "world's system" which is MONEY. But on a deeper darker side, the golden calf actually represents child sacrifice to satan and in today's society I believe this is abortion.  The love of money, seeking first the things of this world and the world's system is closely linked to abortion.

People seek after money and they worship money to bring them all the happiness, health and security. Jesus is supposed to come even the heathen know this. The world is ending is something we all seem to now be fully aware of and have resigned ourselves to the inevitable.  Even the pagans believe the clock has run out on mankind.  Do people run to Jesus, repent and throw themselves on the blood sprinkled mercy seat of God?  No, they seem to clamor more for security that this world can bring them.  What is shocking to me is how the world is literally falling apart and people, even so called Christians, are pressing in closer to the things of this world by either participation or by not standing against it.

This will not stand people.  The time is now come. Moses represented Jesus Christ.  Christ's resurrection was 2,000 years ago or so. He's returning.  People have lost their faith. They're worshiping the golden calf. God demands we make our stand.  Sacrifice your lives on the altar of money and friendship with the world  which includes approving by either active support or not speaking out against homosexuality, abortion and sin , or.....you will find only the most horrible ending.  Seek after Jesus. Forsake the things of this world but seek first the Kingdom of God.


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