Fewer and Fewer Now Control More and More of the Nations Wealth

After the first serious hit in our economic meltdown in 2008,  I was talking to my dear friend, a wealthy, successful businessman in the U.S. , and he said, quote: "Randy, all the money didn't just disappear, it just went somewhere else,"    Meaning to me at least that fewer people have it and they are parking it somewhere else, like their own accounts.   Well, here's some amazingly eye opening news that proves the point quite well I believe: 


This also ties into stats I read recently, but can't locate at the moment, where after 2008 70 percent of the cash in America is now controlled (owned) by something like only 10 banks whereas before 2008, there were like 30 banks.  Fewer now control more wealth.

And this also ties into stats I read recently where most of the jobs after 2008 are for less money, pay less on average per worker,  than before 2008.    Fewer control more wealth.


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