Tares Among The Wheat and when its time to shake the dust off your feet

Leave them and shake the dust off your feet as Testimony against them. Matthew 10:14

There are often times when the true remnant of Christ, the true church, The Bride of Christ,  finds what seems to be a great place to abide and fellowship among believers, seemingly true believers, and yet is shocked and hurt to find tares in the wheat.  We stay there until what we have to say is rejected, no longer heard then it is time to get up and LEAVE THAT PLACE AND SHAKE THE DUST OFF OUR FEET AS TESTIMONY AGAINST THEM.

This happened to me, once again, but this time hurt especially because there are so many true believers in this place, such beautiful souls I know I will meet in Heaven at the marriage supper of the Lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ, very soon.  HOWEVER, there are wolves and terrible souls who run this place and are moderators.

Our Lord allowed me to share a week or so among good fellowship but then I soon began seeing danger signs and warning lights.  First a brother thanked me for writing about the truth I had written regarding the Mormon faith and told me that he had previously spoke the same but was cautioned, warned that his words were DIVISIVE  and was basically told not to write about such things.  Then I noticed that a number of my posts had been deleted and found a "religious" "legal spirit" of making sure I was being politically correct.  Finally, I was posting something about Obama supporting homosexuality and my post was deleted. I was told the word homosexuality is a banned word. I was also ridiculed off handed and a member questioned me in a manner that showed me that he was deeply offended by my stance against homosexuality.

I woke up this morning and the Holy Spirit told me it was time to LEAVE the RAPTURE IN THE AIR (RITA) NOW community and SHAKE THE DUST OFF MY FEET AS A TESTIMONY AGAINST THEM (the founders, promoters, moderators and supporters, and any of their fellow tares .)

I was saddened and then remembered that Jesus had Judas in his midst.   Yes, there will be tares among the wheat.   Don't be dismayed, but look up, OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEIGH..



  1. Email sent to my sister:


    I just had to leave and shake the dust from my feet from the Pre-Trib (Rapture in the Air) RITA website. I saw several warning signs like members telling me that what I was saying they'd be warned before of being divisive. Several times my posts have been deleted and or modified. Then the final straw was when they deleted the word homosexuality and said this word was banned from their site. I was also mocked, and challenged for my stance saying Obama supported homosexuality. I tried to send them an email post saying I was leaving and shaking the dust, their site said it was closed for repair. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that the scripture tells me I don't have to notify them.. Just LEAVE AND SHAKE THE DUST OFF MY FEET AS A TESTIMONY AGAINST THEM.



  2. Trav,
    Looks like they have a lot of advertising on their website...I have never liked the 'selling of Yahwehs Word'. Praise Him for leading you!

  3. That's only the tip of the iceberg Deirdre. Thank you and yes Praise Him for His leading. God bless you sister.

  4. Sometimes the Lord has us separate us from false Christians. Back in 1990, I was in this Assembly of God church in Ames, Iowa. I gave my testimony of how the Lord had delivered me from hundreds of demons and it was rejected from the pulpit by the pastor (Gary Pilcher). Immediately, the Lord told me to take the shoes off of my feet and shake the dust off of my shoes in the sight of the whole congregation. I didn't do it, because I felt sorry for the pastor. I went to church the next two Sundays and then I knew that I was in sin because I was going to that church, so I quit that church.

    Gary Pilcher told me that my testimony glorified Satan. When he said that, he blasphemed the Holy Ghost. Gary Pilcher will never get saved. I understand that Gary Pilcher is now the assistant superintendent for the Assemblies of God in central Iowa (Des Moines). Tares among the wheat.

  5. Wow, Tim. I remember that story.. Amazing testimony. For sure probably one of the best examples of tares among the wheat. Thank you.
    God bless

  6. Wow, that is very sad to learn, so sorry for your troubles there. I'm not a member but I've been reading there for a few years. I too left Rapture Ready over similar issues a few years back. Just seems the Church on and off line is infected to it's dying. death.

    I noticed that there have been no new post in some 22 hours or so on RITA. I wondered if they shut the board down to avoid discussions about the election, but after reading this I now wonder if it had something to do with it. It seems to me that it would be kind and courtesy to post a message letting people know the board is closed or down. I noticed also it goes off line for hours at a time several times a week. I can't imagine what they are doing behind the scenes but always try and give benefit of the doubt. Yes, there are many good spirit filled Christians there, but I've observed a lot of issues as well.

    At any rate, perhaps it's time for Christians to get off these boards and forums anyhow. They are filled with false prophets and date setters, ego maniacs and dream worshipers. The praise always ends up going to someone with a profound or deep post, a speculator dream pages long (who can remember dreams the size of novels...lol)..a favorite member and never to the Lord....just seems to me the internet has produced good and evil in the world of prophecy and end times. Time to leave and go home!

    I'll always hope there is a Rapture and that it will occur, but after some 5/6 years, I'm bored and burned out of all the internet chatter and speculations. We are still here even after some of the best most persuasive arguments. That's when ego's clash, that's when feelings get hurt.

    I hope you find peace about this matter. God Bless you!

  7. By the way, you are correct. Obama supports homosexuality and abortion. And yes I read your thread and saw they bleeped out the word....but seems America wants another 4 years of that...very sad...very sad. I'm not sure how any real Christians voted for him knowing his values, but that's a old debate. Anyways, I'm just glad to see confirmed what I've been suspecting about many End Time sites....

  8. Thank you for your comments and encouragement, and confirmation dear Cocopea. Yes, certainly there has been so much abuse. And, it is very interesting that that site is down like that. I asked the admin people to delete my account and they asked if the reason I'm leaving was because of tech probs of the site being down. I laughed and told them the truth. But anyway, I'm so happy I'm out of there. It's like all of these apostate churches. I had to leave one in California in which there were so many blessed souls looking for a pastor and fellowship only to find a ravenous pack of wolves leading them to hell. Cocopea, please I beg you dear soul to stay the course, please do not grow weary. Our Lord Jesus is coming soon to bring His bride home. Please meditate on 1 Thessalonians 5:5 (LET US NOT SLEEP, AS DO OTHER; BUT LET US WATCH AND BE SOBER...for they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.. but let us, who are of the day, be sober utting on the breastplate of faith and love, and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. ..Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, wee should live together with him. Wherefore comfort yourselves together , and edify one another , even as also ye do. Also, please study and meditate on Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, re: the 7 churches, and please pray over this and see that PHILADELPHIA overcame and held fast.. they are the true church who is raptured. God bless you


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