Stop Fracking Now!

I'm the furthest person you'd find who would be confused with a "tree hugger"  a liberal activist who actively worships nature and foregoes much of the more important things in life.  And then there's FRACKING...

When you see what really happens in this process you along with others who do, will be looking to get angry and stop this process NOW.... Unfortunately the former president Bush and vice president Cheney and the rich, fat cats have approved this process to the extent they've allowed the oil companies to bypass clean water laws and on and on.

Please, stop this process now.!


  1. Randy this is the spirit of Babylon and greed run amok. They do not care the cost. God will destroy those who destroy the earth.

  2. Amen, Sarah. I just knew, know in my spirit that this is only the manifestation of the the prince of this world (spirit of Babylon) completely corrupting, destroying through unbridled greed the creation of God. And, yes, they will be destroyed. Amen!


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