Insulate yourself with God's Protection against HAARP

by Steve Quayle:

Oddly, I found some further (incomplete) notes from my CIA friend "Mr. Langley" yesterday. ( You may recall that he passed away in 2009).

He was trying to tell me about this then, but I wasn't as in tune as I am now.

He said: Quote

"Remember that the rainbow is more than just a pretty promise that God put in the sky. It is a visual representation of the atmosphere... the different colors represent frequencies. Those frequency layers were put there by God as a barrier to block certain dark frequencies from being able to be as active on the Earth.

"Blue Beam" is more than a name. The Blue, Violet and Purple colors/frequencies are the "God' frequencies... theAlpha and Omega frequencies. The current scientific work being done by TPTB are to lessen or eliminate those three colors, or barriers, so that there will be an increase in the dark frequencies. The more readily visable frequencies/colors represent the more worldly and 'dark' forces... (which does not seem natural to us, as yellows and oranges would seem, to us, to be 'happy' colors.).

The more visible to us in this state of existance, the further these frequencies are from God... more worldly.

Removing the blue-violet-purple, through HAARP and other means results in a concentration of negative power. by eliminating or lessening the blue range of light, they are removing the barriers that keep the dark frequencies in check... allowing them to concentrate... allowing dark forces to come together and increase in strength.

God's rainbow is a visable reminder that He has all of the forces of nature and spirit in check. Some men understand this and are working to eliminate those checks and balances, for their own and the dark force's agendas. The rainbow represents the atmospheric 'covering' that God placed over/around the Earth after the flood, so that demonic forces would not have the ability to directly interact with men like they did in the days of Noah.

Of course... The Bible says that the end times will be AS in the days of Noah... so you can see how it is important to TPTB to put things back like they were before the flood?

That is the purpose of HAARP and 'chemtrailsand all of the other projects. The true purpose is known by TPTB, but even those high up in the programs don't realize their true purpose.

Another thing: You asked me about Farraday cages and EMP protection...

You want to "INSULATE", NOT 'ground' your equipment.

Think about a car going down a highway... It can be struck by a bolt of lightening and continue on as though nothing happened... no damage to the car its self. That is because the rubber tires insulate the car. Grounding just directs the lightning from the point of impact through the home or building. That's why you lose computers and other electronics when your home is struck by lightning.

It works the same for EMP. Nothing wrong with a Farraday cage, or even a metal garbage can that holds your electronics... BUT, place rubber underneath the cage and can, so that it is insulated.

I'll tell you this: Tom Clancy and Oliver North have spent major bucks building INSULATED safe rooms that rest on rubber pads... Underground bunkers for Command and Control rest on rubber insulated mats. These people understand that the trick is to insulate and isolate equipment from potential electrical and EMP waves.

One more thing about HAARP and the Alpha and Omega frequencies:

There are over 2700 satellites right now that are in space and that have tuners that can increase or block the Alpha and Omega frequencies that reach the Earth. When they want to,they can bombard the Earth with the negative waves/frequencies... this will simply be a matter of tuning your radio and television broadcast waves. One minute the world will be watching their favorite sitcom, then, after the commercial, the picture and sound will be the same, but the electromagnetic and unseen message will be totally different.

You will suddenly see increased negative tension and anxiety. Family arguments  and as the frequency strength is increased, outright unexplained violence and crime.

Insulate... insulate... insulate! God has had His hand on us. Man, aided by demonic forces, is about to try to remove the natural order that God set up after the flood. God will allow this to some degree... then He will stop it and put all things as they should be... after we screw it up!".

Sep 19, 2013


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