" The Ison" / Alien Entity /

I'm posting this observation as a Watchman to warn the world of the very soon coming end of the world as we know it. For believers and followers of Jesus Christ this is great news because we are going home fellow saints. However, for those who are not saved, this will be horror beyond the imagination, a time the world has never known.  This observation by Tom Gaston is a possibility, I'm not posting this as prophecy given by God or as dogmatic biblical proof. I am posting this as events that are very possible when placed in the context of Bible Prophecy.


 Submitted by:
Tom Gaston

WOW!   Check out this Bible Code......."The Ison." 
 You will notice in this Bible Code the term..." Spaceship" joins the date "Tishri 30th", which is October 4th this year.  The phrase....."And the Alien" has the term "Entity / Being" right on top of it.  The term "Rapture" is encoded in this Code with Tishri 30th right across it.  Notice also that the phrase....."Huge Sign".... is encoded in here.   The term "Craft " which means "aircraft" is also encoded in the matrixes.
 Also what I find interesting is that the term "Newspaper" is encoded twice and the term "Headline" is encoded three times.   This shows that perhaps an "event" has taken place which has made the headlines.  Well,  Ison is making and is going to make the headlines in a BIG WAY shortly.  Is seems that NASA has covered up the truth about this so called "Comet" ????   
 Once again,  here is the picture below of the so called comet "Ison."   Something is NOT right here and this object or "objects" which are seen in the picture below are NOT normal of a "comet." 
Bible Code is below this picture.
What is this thing?  The three lights appear to betoo evenly spaced to be a comet???  Some have said they think it is a "spaceship" of somekind?  Is this object going to turn out to be the first "official visitation" of so called "aliens" ( Demon deception )????  
 Well, if the Rapture happens to take place by the END of the month of Tishri / early October, then it just might be the "official debu" of demonic entities whom the unsaved world thinks are "aliens." No doubt these "entities" will show up in a BIG WAY once the "restrainer" ( Holy Spirit ) has been removed out of the way once the Church is gone.

Bible Code below.

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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