Obama & Biden Responsible; SEAL Team 6 Murder


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Larry Klayman 3-4-14   Two and a half years after the tragic crash of a CH-47D Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan carrying 17 Navy SEALs, five Navy SEAL support, five National Guardsmen and three Air Force members on a mission named Extortion 17, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform   held a hearing originally designed to learn the causes of the crash.
By the time it was held, however, it had morphed into mostly just a testament to our fallen heroes. Among the dead on Extortion 17 were members of Navy SEAL Team VI, the force that masterfully killed Osama Bin Laden just 92 days before the fatal mission. It is thus no wonder that the Taliban – which had been alerted to their involvement in the death of bin Laden by Vice President Biden when he revealed their identities in the lead up to the 2008 presidential elections – viewed them as a rich and satisfying retaliatory target.
Among the questions several grieving family members had hoped would be answered by the congressional inquiry were:
  • Why the Obama administration disclosed the identity of SEAL Team VI after the death of Osama bin Laden, putting a target on the backs of the troops on Extortion 17 and their families.
  • Why the troops' request of pre-assault fire was denied.
  • Why a less vulnerable helicopter was not used for the mission.
  • Why the "black box" of the helicopter was never found, with officials claiming an alleged flash flood.
  • Why seven Afghan commandos were substituted out within 30 minutes of the takeoff and why the seven Afghans' identities who replaced the original Afghans are undisclosed.
  • Whether the Afghan commandos onboard compromised the crew of Extortion 17 as part of yet another example of Taliban infiltration and a green-on-blue attack.
  • Whether Afghan President Karzai "sold" the coordinates of Extortion 17 to the Taliban to get something in exchange.
  • Why a Muslim cleric at a ramp ceremony was allowed to damn the fallen soldiers to hell as infidels for not believing in Allah.
  • Why some of the family members were told that their sons had to be cremated when, after requesting autopsy reports, they discovered their sons to be completely intact?


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