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 Following Submitted by Tom Gaston:

Bible Code..."Prelude."   Found at 2014 interval skip.

 I ran the term "Prelude" at a skip of 2014 intervals and I found two codes at this skip.  I will be making up the second one also.   This Bible Code shows the Russian invasion of "Crimea" in the Ukraine as a "sign' or "signal" of the approach of the "Day of the Lord."    Right to the left of this search term "Prelude" is the term "Resurrection" which has the phrase..."Season for the Day of the Lord" running right across it. 
You will see on page 2. that the phrase..."The Rapture" joins the term "Resurrection." Also the Hebrew term "Natzal" is encoded twice and is shown on page 2.  
Strong's Hebrew concordance # 5337 / Natsal ......means.....to snatch away, whether in a good or bad sense,  deliver, escape, without fail, pluck, preserve, rescue, save, surely, take ( out ).
 The phrase..."The timing" joins the Jewish year 5774 ( which we are in right now ).   Also the terms "RussianInvaderPassover" all join together and you will see on page 2. that the phrase..."The bear"....comes up across this.   Russia's symbol is the "Bear."  Vladimir Putin has several nicknames which he is known by.  They are...."poot, Pootie, Ostrich legs."  You will notice in the matrixes that the term "poot / put " is encoded with Russian /invader.   The phrase.."The Ostrich" is encoded on page 2. but I didn't show it because I already had the matrixes done.
  • Pootie-Poot, Ostrich Legs – Vladimir PutinPresident[6][7][8] and former Prime Minister of Russia
     What this Bible Code is showing is this.   The term "Prelude" which is found at a skip of 2014 suggests that an "event" or "events" will precede something else of importance.   That something else of importance in this Bible Code is very obvious, which is the....."Season of the Day of the Lord."  This Bible Code therefore is showing at least two things out of perhaps several which will precede the opening of the "Day of the Lord."   The first event is Russia's invasion of "Crimea" Ukraine and the second one is the "Resurrection / Rapture" of the Church, which then allows the "Day of the Lord" to open up.   I am of the opinion that Russia's invasion is a "signal" or a "sign" that the Day of the Lord is approaching, at which time ( following the departure of the Church ) the destruction of the invading hordes from the North will be destroyed by God Himself.
     It seems clear to me that the movement and mobilization of Russia bear to the south in Crimea Ukraine is a strong indicator to me that God is gettingRussia lined up for the Gog / Magog invasion of Ezekiel chapters 38 and39.   This means that the Resurrection / Rapture of the Church is about to take place at any moment!
    This Bible Code is quite amazing at it is showing the "window of time" which we are in RIGHT NOW!
    Page 1. of 2. is below.
    In Christ, Tom Gaston

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