Rapture Watch Update Shemitah 2014

The Rapture of the Church is Imminent. We enter into the season of Rosh Hashanah with eager watchfulness. As any day we look for our Lord, these days are especially exciting for believers. 

Following has been submitted by Tom Gaston:

Bible Code search term....."The Resurrection" / Leviticus 23:40 to 24:10 / Skip 138
 I decided to look up the Hebrew term "rest."   It is strong's # 7677  shabbathownshab-baw-thone; ....a sabbatism or special holiday: - rest, sabbath.  This term "rest" is found and mentioned 5 times in the surface text of Leviticus chapter 23.
Rosh HaShanah /  Leviticus 16:24........In the seventh month ( Tishri ) , on the first of the month, there shall be a sabbath for you, a remembrance with shofar blasts, aholy convocation......Judaism 101:...http://www.jewfaq.org/holiday2.htm
Rosh HaShanah days ( First Tishri ) is considered a sabbath., but not a high holy day.....http://antipas.net/6_rosh.htm
The Hebrew term "Holy Convocation" means the following:
Quote:........In Hebrew, the word “convocation” means “miqra”, spoken as “Mik-raw” (Strong’s concordance number 4744). In Hebrew, this word means “rehearsal ”. What does the word rehearsal mean?  Rehearsal is defined as “the act of practicing in preparation for an event”. The term “miqra” also means to “read and understand” the laws of Elohim ( God in English) The word “holy” in Hebrew in this context means “qadash”, spoken as “Kaw-dash” (Strong’s concordance number 6942 ). In Hebrew, this word means to be set-apart or to be holy/sanctify for God....( end quote ).
Quote:  The “festival” or “feast,” in Hebrew, is hag or mo’ed, which means “set time” or “appointed time.”  An appointed festival or feast is a “holy convocation” or “sacred assembly,” meaning in Hebrew mikrah, a “rehearsal” or a “recital” ( end quote ).
 You can see then that the "seven feasts of the Lord" which Israel was commanded to observe and keep are holy convocationsrehersals, appointed set times, a sarced assembly or gathering for important prophetic events, which by the way includes theRapture of the Church which is a "set appointed time / Moed" by God.
 Now I decided to go to Leviticus chapter 23 and do some snooping in the Bible Codes concerning the "sabbath rest." It is important to observe that the "seven day week" is a mini-picture or a scaled down version (  "microcosm"  ) of the creation week in relationship also to the prophetic seven days /  7000 years of human history which is part of God's design.  The 1000 year millennial reign of Christ is part of this 7000 year period.  Six prophetic days ( 6000 years ) of human history and a 1000 year period for the millennial kingdom when Christ will be ruling and reigning upon the earth.  The total =7000 years.  God "rested" on the seventh day following the six days of His creation.
 I want to point out an observation here concerning the "Shemitah year" which will open up on Rosh HaShanah / First Tishri - 5775 / on September 24th / 25th.   The number seven represents "Divine completion and perfection from the Lord."  Israel was to sow for six years ( 6, the number of man ) and then the "seventh year" the land was to lay fallow ( no planting of crops ).  The land was to "rest" ( sabbath ).  Once again God is consistant in his "patterns" and his principles are constant and never change which He has ordained concerning the "seventh day ( sabbath ) / the seventh month" (Tishri ) / and the seventh year ( Shemitah ).
  I want you all to think about something here.  Not only will Israel finally have her "sabbath rest" ( The Millennial kingdom, a type and picture of that sabbath rest upon the earth),  but I also believe that when the Church is completed and is Raptured home to heaven that we also ( the body of Christ ) will have our final "sabbath rest " in heaven. Since God's principals, instructions, and patterns never change, and since this statue of the Lord in Scripture concerning the "seventh day,  seventh yearandseventh month" ( Tishri ) pattern is eternal ( 7 - 7 - 7 ).  And because the Shemitahyear 5775 which begins on Rosh HaShanah / September 24th / 25th is a "sabbath", then I believe this makes this coming Rosh HaShanah a strong candidate for theRapture of the Church to be completed and enter into her eternal "sabbath rest."  
 So Israel sowed the land for six years and then the seventh year the land lay dormant or fallow.  They were not allowed to plant any crops according to God's command and instruction ( 7th year represents sabbath ).  So at the END of the Shemiath year ( 7th year ) which is the year of "rest ", then the seven year cycle starts all over again and continues to repeat itself cycle after cycle. 
 Now Here is a prophetic type and picture that I see in all of this.  I see that it is possible from my persepctive then that the Church could very well be completed at the opening of the Shemitah year ( seventh year / year of rest ) on Rosh HaShanah ( a sabbath ) and then at the conclusion of that seventh year of "rest " a new "seven year sabbatical cycle" begins in which God then completes and finishes Israel's prophetic program with the opening of the 70th week of Daniel / seven year tribulation period.  
 Therefore the "Shemitah year" ( year of rest ) can be seen then as a year of "preparation" in which God is setting the stage and making the "final adjustments" on the world stage ( following the Rapture of the Church ) which will pave the way for bringing forth the antichrist to come onto the scene and fulfill his role by making a "covenant with death" with Israel for "seven years" which will concludeseven years later with the second advent of Christ to the earth.
 Now before you scroll down and view this Bible Code "The Resurrection" in Leviticus 23  I first want to show you something very interesting.  Here below is the gematria value for Hebrew term "Shemitah."
Shemitah / Shin = 300   Mem = 40   Yod = 10    Teth = 9   Hay = 5 / total = 364 
We will now take 1 to 7 ( can represent daysyears, or the 7th month of a year which isTishri ) and we will do the following:  
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 28
28 + 28 + 28 + 28 + 28 + 28 + 28 + 28 + 28 + 28  + 28 + 28 + 28 = 364 Shemitah
The duplication of the number 28 repeated 13 times gives you the gematria value for the Hebrew term "Shemitah."   The number ( 13 ) in Bible Mathematics stands for......"Rebellion and Depravity."  Here once again you can see a divine pattern by way of simple math.  Also the number ( 28 ) in Bible Mathematics stands for....."Eternal life." 
 The number ( 28 ) therefore is a scaled down number of the number 280, which is a "gestation period" for a woman's pregnancy ( 280 days ).  The "zero's" are only "place holders." 
 We can take this one step further also.  The tribulation period is "Seven Jewish biblical years long."  A Jewish biblical year is the amount of 360 x 7 years = 2520days. The tribulation period is 2520 days long..."Times, times, and half a time" x 2 =2520
So we will now take 2520 / divided by 280 which =  9........which = A woman's pregnancy of 9 months or 280 days.
 Here in this simple math you can see the representation of the "birth pangs of the messiah" ( Matthew 24:8 ) which is the seven year tribulation period, which is 2520days long.
Now go look at this  amazing Bible Code which I found today.  Connecting all together in this Bible Code are the terms...."Rapture, First Tishri,  In day the first rest."   I figured if  I am going to find anything possibly about the "timing" of the Rapture, then the book of Leviticus would be the book to search in, especially between chapters 23, 24, adn 25.
In Christ, Tom Gaston

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