Sound the sacred solemn shofar

On Monday, August 25, 2014 3:00 PM, Louis Romo  wrote:

AS the 1st Elul ( Aug. 27th, 2014 ) approaches my heart has been  burdened by Ezekiel CHAPTER 33 for many sleepless nights the past three months.  Like Jonah I did not want to write because of who I might offend.   Finally A voice in my head told me to trust and obey in Hashem and worry not about the consequences.  I pray you will forward to all those in your mailing lists or perhaps even have published...1335 words...just list as written by "unknown author."  after ALL IT IS MESSAGE, NOT THE MESSENGER THAT IS IMPORTANT.
I truly believe these next 40 days we are under final inspection from heaven, like inspecting a red heifer and this Rosh Hashanah could be our last of current age..
God bless and guide you, sincerely, Louis Romo....
I truly believe in my heart it is duty all addressees to warn the world, even before the United
nations of significance of 40 days of repentance beginning with Elul, ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR

Sound the sacred solemn shofar 
UNKNOWN author

Sound the sacred solemn shofar, trumpet signaling all mankind.
Summons issued to raging, roaring godless immoral nations.
 Summoning salacious and rapacious world leaders –Neo Nimrods.
Summarily, against all nations The Lord Hashem hath fierce indignation.
Let humanity hear and see their rulers
 set themselves haughtily high apart,
And they themselves taking counsel as one against The Lord;
Running after the imagination of their evil hearts.
The earth once again filled with violence as in days of Noah.
They gain possessions by swearing and lying,
Stealing and brutal  killings, Breaking people into pieces.
Murderers whose cup of wrath they will drink,
 filled with idolatry and sorcery, hatred and strife,
 heresies and seditions, un-cleanliness and lasciviousness with uncontrolledorgies.
The Lord Hashem has indignation,
A controversy against all mankind-
There is NO mercy and truth or knowledge of God.
Declare His glory throughout the earth.
Descending from his heavenly habitation
 to rebuke the fallen nations
 And judge the world in righteousness.
The final fight about to begin – Begun eons ago by Lucifer -
Thrown out of heaven unto earth for false pride and rebellion.
The prize is JerusalemThe Holy Habitation of Adonai.
Jerusalem now a burdensome stone for ALL peoples.
A cup of trembling-all the nations gathered together against it.
In Vain, hedonistic heathen harbor hatred toward Jacob – renamed Israel.
Israel-Given by Hashemfor a light of salvation to the nations.
Let all inhabitants tremble, the day of the Lord approaching.
Approaching swiftly and silently as a thief in the night.
A day of darkness, thick darkness with clouds of gloominess,
The Time of Jacob’s trouble for evil souls of night and darkness.
When they say peace and safety,
 sudden destruction will be upon them.
They’ve plowed under justice, sown iniquity, and harvested death.
Sound the trumpet in Zion, the shofar in Mt. Moriah, Lord’s Holy Habitat.
‘Tis Time of The End with knowledge much increased.
Prophet Daniel’s sealed scrolls now open.
‘Tis time for the wedding festival and banquet in heaven.
Elohim dispatching Yeshua HaMoshiach, The Christ, the groom;
To take his bride to heaven’s safety
 TO keep her from the hour of temptation
JESUS Coming upon clouds of glory
 Trying  them that that believed HIM NOT, reclaiming title to earth...
Many sleeping in the dust of the earth
 shall awaken to everlasting life.
Entering the Lord’s chamber, shutting the doors about
 as if for a moment till  indignation past.
In twinkling of an eye at the last trump
Lord Yeshua HAMoshiach himself shall descend.
Tombstones shall crumble with shaking and roaring of the earth
 as dead in Christ rise first.
Then we who are alive and remain
 shall be caught up together with them to meet Yeshua in air.
And so shall we ever be with the Lord in eternal bliss and ecstasy. 
Why cry all of you “left behind” to face the wrath of God?
 Look for Elijah’s soon coming yea resistors of Yeshua.
Zealously preaching, Elijah returning to Jerusalem
Teaching Torah’s gospel to all mankind.
Cutting and tearing out uncircumcised hearts and ears of stone.
Urging to seek God’s Holy Spirit for their salvation
 as Satan  and his four horsemen of Apocalypse roam world over
 Unencumbered, freely spreading havoc,
 utter destruction and devastation for seven years.
God from everywhere ejected, HIS laws rejected.
 Satan and minions have POISONED  planet- land and seas and all its people.
Pharmaceuticals, purveyors of poison pills
                          to keep victims perpetually ill or to perish.
 Oil Magnates, obfuscators of truth,
                       Octopod  enslaving and strangling humanity.
               Making oblations to Sheikdoms’  god, obliterating resistance,
 oblivious to justice and morality.
Illuminati Industrialists, caricature of evil incarnate idolizing money,
 Their ideology of world domination give illusion of mankind’s salvation.
Insolently and audaciously they steal livelihoods,
                                                       Earth now pauperized  into land of Pauperdom. 
Sorcerers conjuring seducing spirits from Sheol,
  unleashing supernatural powers to ruling elite.                                                
are man’s outright rebellion and insurrection as forbidden by God.
Seditiously preparing for re-entry of new age fallen angels.  
One World government oligarchies omnipotent with unlimited powers,
Ominously becoming omnipresent
 with computer chip implants in every being,
 monitoring all purchases, monitoring thoughts
and terminating those against the Bankers one world ruler, Satan.
News Media, the nemesis of all people,
Naked liars lulling all to sleep
nexus to fascist elitist elected rulers.
Nazi escapees long ago, pockets bulging with stolen gold -
Stolen and ripped from many a  Jewish corpse.
 Purchased top news media in preparation for fourth Reich.
We have arrived! Welcome to 1984.
The Legal Justice systems, Educators, Financial, and governmental
All accomplices led by narcissistic leaders
 Oblivious  that right has become wrong and evil called good
All for worldly glory of Power, Control, and Money.
A special place in Sheol for the supreme, mother
 of all  planet polluters and  poisoners –  errant and wayward
 Imams and Mullahs,, Preachers and Ministers, Priests and Rabbis.
Having a form of godliness but unholy.
Picking and choosing, discarding and despising inconvenient Biblical truths.
Introducing pagan worship and practices into Holy Feasts.
Preaching a prosperity gospel,
Preaching Chrislam new pagan religion joining with Islam.
Preaching salvation by many crooked paths and roads to heaven.
Preaching “church” replacement theology and Israel discarded
The End Of Days Apostate Laodicea church
Vomited and cast out by Messiah Yeshua.
Sing in the heavens for Israel and her people!
The Lord has blotted out their  transgressions and redeemed them!
Jerusalem’s iniquity is pardoned;
Received of Lord’s hand double for all her sins.
You were chosen as a light to nations –
The Lords salvation unto ends of the earth.
Quickly and Quietly Stand up and be counted
volunteeing  for Hashem’s 144,000
 Spiritual Special forces.
Seek Messiah seen by Rabbi kaduri…
One born in Bethlehem, The one whose feet shall stand upon Mount of Olives
And people shall look upon him whom they have pierced.
Seek Messiah wounded for our transgressions,
 And bruised for our iniquities, and with his stripes we are healed.
Peel scales off your eyes and see plain meaning of Isaiah 52-53.
An act of God and not per chance that
Book Of Isaiah only one found complete at Qumran Caves –
A summary of yesterday, today, and final days.
Malicious Mullahs and Irreverent Imams
Chanting LIES,  proclaiming a peaceful religion.
Koran clearly proclaiming killing non-believers by any means
Naked rulers leading parade of reluctant followers,
Reluctant to speak for fear of torture, beheading, or sexual abuse.
Jews and Christians singled out as first targets –
“Moderate” Muslims cannot deny or erase
 Mohammed’s  genocidal proclamations written in plain language.
The Judeo-Christian God, creator of heavens and earth and molder of  man from dust –
Needs NO help to acquire “believers” through fear by beheadings and tortures.
Islam born with no godly foundation.
 Like a dry dead leaf fallen off a tree,
without the sword  would fall and crumble by itself.
cup of  "God's wrath"  just about full
ready to spill over the top
 falling upon this world! ."That day is almost upon us!"
Islamic militants living to die
With apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision
God's "day of judgment"   just about here!
ISIS, destroyers of Jonah’s tomb -   a "signal" and a "sign"
Isis, Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, and countless others  -  all brothers.
Isis funded and nurtured in bloody Bengazi
Where dead men tell no revealing tales.
 All brothers Born in womb of Muslim Brotherhood
Muslim Brotherhood Fathered by Hitler
Snatched by Union Jack as booty from war
Gifted to old OSS operatives.
From the Tigris to the Tiber to the Thames,
From The East River to Potomac to river Spree
From The Seine to river 


  1. This Is Very Good, We Must Not hold Back The Truth,Evil Times, Evil Men That Goal Is To Destroy All That Is Born Of GOD, All That Is Good,That Has Brought Fruit Yes! Shout The Truth Where Needed For Time is Short,Many still Have Closed Eyes The LAMB OF GOD JESUS Soon Will Be Here Praise His Holy Name Thank You for bring God's Truth Blessing's


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