Upcoming Marriage; Jesus and His Bride the Church


 I hope you all been following what I have been presenting as a "possible scenario" ( ? ) for the upcoming dates of September 11thElul 23 / September 18th  and  Rosh HaShanah / September 25 in 2014 in relationship to the possible "timing" of theRapture of the Church?  I want to explain and share a little more on what I have presented already so that you all might see more clearly the possible prophet picturethat I am seeing in the repeat of these dates.
 There are "two seven day" periods which will unfold in consecutive order in 2014beginning with the Gregorian anniversary date of  9 -11 of 2001 / 5761 Shemitahyear ) and the Jewish anniversary date of  9 -11 which was on the 23rd Elul in 2001.  Because we have this unique dual seven day pattern taking place in 2014 / 5775 ( also a Shemitah year ) which involves these important dates, then I want to present to you ascenario which I see could possibly unfold?  This is only speculation, but yet it is not out of the realm of possibility. We don't have long to wait in order to find out if what I am presenting here has any validity?
 Now if the Lord is going to give the Church a "seven day sign / warning " just like He gave to righteous Noah in his day right before His judgment fell upon the wicked ( ? ),   then I believe that this "seven day sign" ( which He may give to the body of Christ? ) would be one which would most likely ( but not necessarily or absolute ) involve or "revolve around" Israel and the present, dangerous, and serious current events which are taking place and unfolding right now in the middle east ( in my opinion ). 
 The middle east is area of the world which is God's arena ( location ) or "epicenter" andfocus of all "end-time" bible prophecy which revolves around His landHis people, andHis city Jerusalem.  And since we already have a crisis in Israel with the Hamas inGaza which is like a "smoldering pile of wet leaves" just waiting to ignite into aflaming fire at any minute, then I believe that the scenario which I am going to present here is very plausible and possible from "my perspective."  Again, it is not conclusive, but only a "sepculative scenario" which could unfold?
Let me lay out this possible scenario ( ? ) below.
September 11th, 2014...........Elul 16th, 5774 /.............In 2014 the "seven day" warning and countdown for the "body of Christ" begins on the Gregorian anniversary date of the September 11th, 2001 Twin Towers.  On this anniversary day in 2014another possible "horrific event" takes place ( either in Israel / middle east or inAmerica? ) which then starts the seven day warning countdown to the Jewish date23rd Elul which is the actual date on the Jewish calendar that the Sept. 11thevent happened on in 2001.
September 11th, 2014 / 16th Elul5774.......Elul 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,  23rd Elul - The anniversary date of the  9 -11 event on the Jewish calendar / The day that 343fireman were "taken out of this world" ( Gematria of  Rapture = 343 ).  The Raptureof the Church therefore takes place on the 23rd Elul / September 18th, 2014  ( Sept. 18th in 2001 was Rosh HaShanah ) which is the last great sign for the wicked of this world that God's judgments are about to come upon them. The Church is now in heaven during this "seven day" period ( experiencing the "Bema Seat of Christ" ) as a literal seven day Jewish wedding is taking place between the bride of Christ and thebridegroom Yeshua during these literal seven days The marriage the bride of Christ and Yeshua is then consummated and completed in heaven on the very day of Rosh HaShanah ( the seventh day ).
Then starting from the 23rd Elul / September 18th in 2014 ( Sept. 18th was the day of Rosh HaShanah in 2001 ) we now have another "seven day" countdown to Rosh HaShanah / First Tishri  just like in the year 2001......The Seven day countdown toRosh HaShanah ( the day of judgment ) for the wicked now begins.  Elul 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, Rosh HaShanh ( First Tishri is day seven ).   Judgment now falls on the world.
 Here is the reason why I believe that this "possible scenario" ( ? ) could become a genuine reality!   First of all one has to understand something very important here!  The wedding between thebride of Christ and Jesus the bridegroom is NOT and cannot be ongoing or taking place during the "seven years" of the tribulation period  judgments are unfolding,  Why?    Because Revelation chapter 4 reveals clearly that the Church is already in heaven and has received her rewards at the "Bema Seat of Christ", as the body of Christ is casting her "crowns" ( rewards ) back at the feet of Jesus in Rev. 4:10.  Then the redeemed members of the body of Christ are singing the "new song" of redemption in Revelation chapter 5. 
 So listen here carefully!   This shows clearly that the "wedding" or marrige ceremony between the bride of Christ and Jesus the bridgroom has already been consummated and over with BEFORE the seal judgments are even opened in Revelation chapter 6,  which then begins the seven year tribulation period when God is pouring out His wrath upon the world.
 Therefore the wedding has to be concluded before the judgments can even start.  Christ is NOT marrying the Church while at the same time He pouring out Hiswrath upon the world. The wedding has to be over with and "out of the way" so that Christ can get on with His judgment program which is dealing directly with national Israel and her prophetic program which "restarts" with the opening of the seal judgments.  
 Revelation chapters 4 and 5 shows clearly that the wedding ceremony is completed and consummated in heaven.  Once the "seal judgments" are opened in Rev. chapter 6,  then God will once again be dealing directly with national Israel and her prophetic program in order to save a "believing remnant " out of that nation who will inherit the kindgom of Christ when He returns along with all the earthly kingdom blessings which God promised to that nation. 
 The seven years of the tribulation period which will be unfolding upon the earth ( more accurately speaking ) will be a seven year period of "celebration" for the Church who is in heaven and who has already been married to Christ before the tribulation even starts. The Old Testament Jewish saints who are arlready present in heaven at that time will witness this marriage ceremoney taking place. They will be particiapting and celebrating along with the bride of Christ ( the church ) in heaven during the sevenyear tribulation period.  While this is going on in heaven the believing remnant of Israel upon the earth during this period will be waiting for their bridegroom Yeshua to step out of heaven with His "Gentile Bride" and return to the earth.  At that time the believing remnant of Israel who survive the tribulation period will be married to their messiah Yeshua and they will partake of the "marriage supper of the Lamb" on the earth along with the bride of Christ who has returned with the bridegroom.
 Therefore this is why I believe that this "possible scenario" which I have presented here could possibly unfold the way I have laid it out?  The calendar for 2014 is below in which I show this possible scenario in short form. 
( The calendar for 2014 is below ).........Important!  Don't forget that Rosh HaShanah fell on September 18th in 2001, but this year in 2014 September 18th falls on Jewish anniversary date of the 23rd Elul, which is the day on the Jewish calendar that the horrific  9 - 11 event took place in 2001.
September 11th, 2014...........Elul 16th / Anniversary of  9 -11 / this date repeats itself in 2014 with another horrific event.
....Day 1.....12th....................17th......seven day warning and countdown begins for thebody of Christ.
....Day 2.....13th....................18th
....Day 3.....14th....................19th
....Day 4.....15th....................20th
....Day 5.....16th....................21rst
....Day 6.....17th....................22nd
....Day 7.....18th....................23rd Elul / Anniversary Jewish date of  9 -11 in 2001 / TheRapture of the Church takes place.
..................19th....................24th..( The seven day countdown begins leading to Rosh HaShanah when the judgment begins ).
....Day 7.....25th....................First Tishri / Rosh Ha Shanah / Feast of Trumpets/ seven year tribulation begins with the opening of the Jewish Shemitah new year of  5775 / the Shemitach seven year sabbatical cycle begins.
This is all speculation at this point, but it all fits, doesn't it!  We don't have long to wait in order to find out????
In Christ, Tom Gaston

More enlightening information folks!
 The year following the destruction of the second Holy Temple was the first year of the seven-year Sabbatical cycle. In the Jewish calendar, counting from Creation, this was year 3829, 68-69 CE in the secular calendar. By counting sevens from then, we see that the next shemitah year will be the year 5775 after Creation, which runs from Sept. 25, 2014 through Sept. 13, 2015.
  Some may ask......"How does one know which Jewish years are sabbatical years?  This is very easy to figure out!  All you have to do is take a Jewish year and divide it by the number ( 7 ).  If it divides "evenly",  then it is the first year of a Jewish seven year sabbatical cycle.  You can see in the above paragraph that the Jewish year 3829 was a "Shemitah year."   By way of example here we will take this Jewish year and divide it by the number ( 7 )
3829 / divided by 7 = 547..........It divides evenly by 7 and so this validates that it is a Shemitah year
 Sabbatical cycles on the Jewish calendar are NOT synchronized with the Gregorian year. For instance,  the year 1967 on the Gregorian calendar divides evenly by the number 7,  BUT it is NOT a "Shemitah year" on the Jewish calendar.  Instead the year 1965 / 5726 was a "Shemitah year."  Every Gregorian year which divides evenly by the number ( 7 ) are years which are always "two years ahead " of the JewishShemitah year.  Or in otherwords, the start of a Jewish Shemitah seven year sabbatical cycle year is always "trailing" the Gregorian year by two years.  They are not synchronized as they do not line up with each other in the same year.  
 Having established this fact I now want to show you more on the September 11th, 2001 / 911 disaster.  Every Jewish civil new year "overlaps" two of our Gregorians years due to the fact that a Jewish civil new year begins in the fall of our Gregorian year.  Rosh Ha Shanah / First Tishri is the first day of the Jewish civil new year that begins in the fall.  Let me give you an example below.
 In the fall of the year of 1999 the Jewish civil new year of 5760 began.  It then ran its course to the fall of the year 2000 ( as a Jewish year overlaps two of our Gregorian years ) and ended on the last day of the month of Elul ( day 29 ).  The Jewish new year of 5761then opened up on the next day which is  Rosh HaShanah / first Tishri,  The phrase "Rosh HaShanah" means "Head of the year."  First Tishri is the first day of the Jewish civil new year.  Therefore in the fall of 2000 the Jewish new year of 5761 began and ran its course into the fall of the year 2001 which was the year of the September 11th / 911 Twin Towers disaster.
 So,  guess what!   The Jewish year of 5761 which began in the fall of 2000 and ran to the fall of 2001 / 5761 was a "Shemitah year." 
5761 / divided by 7 = 823........It divides evenly by 7.  Once again this shows that the year 2001 / 5761 was a Shemitah year ,  or the first year of a new seven year sabbatical cycle.
 So then it is important to note here that the  Twin Towers / 9 -11 event took place "inside" the first year of a seven year sabbatical cycle,  and from the Jewish year of 2001 / 5761.....to..... 2014 / 5775 is a total of 14 years.  The number ( 14 ) inBible Mathematics stands for........"Deliverance and Salvation." 
Now I want to show you the calendar of 2001 / 5761 and compare it to the calendar of2014 / 5775.
Calendar year 2001 / 5761
September 11th...........Elul 23 / Twins Towers disaster
...Day 1.......12th..................24th
...Day 2.......13th..................25th
...Day 3.......14th..................26th
...Day 4.......15th..................27th
...Day 5.......16th..................28th
...Day 6.......17th..................29th........last day of Elul
...Day 7.......18th..................1rst Tishri / Rosh HaShanah / Jewish civil new year of5762 begins''
Calendar year 2014 /  5775
September 11th...........Elul 16th / The Gregorian anniversary date of September 11, 2001 / Twin Towers disaster
....Day 1.....12th..................17th
....Day 2.....13th..................18th
....Day 3.....14th..................19th
....Day 4.....15th..................20th
....Day 5.....16th..................21rst
....Day 6.....17th..................22nd
....Day 7.....18th..................23rd Elul / The Jewish anniversary date of September 11, 2001/ Twin Towers disaster
....Day 7.....25th..................First Tishri / Rosh Ha Shanah / Feast of Trumpets/ Jewish year 5774 ends and 5775 begins.
  Observe above that the September 11th anniversary date of the Twin Towers in2014 begins a "seven day countdown" to the 23rd Elul which is the anniversary date on the Jewish calendar of the 9 -11 event which took place in 2001.  Then notice that in2001 / 5761 calendar ( a Shemitah year ) September 11, 2001 fell on the 23rd Elulwhich was the day that the Twin Towers disaster happened and of which took the lives of 343 fireman ( the gematria value for "Rapture = 343 ), and of which began a "seven day" countdown to Rosh Ha Shanah which fell on the Gregorian date of September 18th.
 In 2014 / 5775 calendar we see once again that the Gregorian date of September 18th which was the date for Rosh Ha Shanah in 2001 / 5761 now falls on the 23rd Elulthis year which is the anniversary date on the Jewish calendar of the 9 -11 disaster which took place in 2001.  Therefore we have a seven day countdown starting fromSeptember 18th / 23rd Elul to Rosh HaShanah this year in 2014. 
 So the important date of September 18th is playing a role in marking the end of aseven day countdown ( in 2001 ) on Rosh HaShanah,  and the Beginning of aseven day countdown down to Rosh HaShanah ( in 2014 ). 
( Year 2001 )  
September 11th.....fell on.......Elul 23 / Twins Towers disaster
( seven days later )
September 18th.....falls on.....1rst Tishri / Rosh HaShanah
( Year 2014 ) 
September 11th....falls on.......Elul 16th Sept. 11th is the Gregorian anniversary date of the Twin Towers disaster.
( seven days later ) 
September 18th....falls on.......23rd Elul / is the Jewish anniversary date of September 11, 2001/ Twin Towers disaster which started the seven day countdown to Rosh HaShanah in 2001.
 This pattern is amazing to me!  And in my estimation I believe that it is possibly that this pattern could be showing the "beginning" to the "End" and the "End " to the "beginning" in these calendar years.  To me it seems as if God is "pointing to" these dates in order to emphasize that there is going to be another "repeated event" perhaps within this window of time involving these dates?   Not the "same kind " of identical event as in2001,  but an important event like perhaps even the Rapture of the Church? 
Now get a load of this!  I checked my Jewish / Gregorian calendar all the way to the year 2050 and to my surprise this "pattern" which I have shown you above in both calendars of 2001 and 2014 does NOT repeat itself ever again all the way up to the year2050!   The only year between 2001 and 2050 which shows September 11th falling once again on the 23rd Elul like it did in 2001 is the year 2031 / 5792but of which most importantly is NOT a "Shemitah year."  Therefore I believe that this pattern that we have here with these two calendars could be very significant as the dates September 11th and September 18th seems to be playing an important role as a "marker" with the two important dates of the 23rd Elul and First Tishri / Rosh HaShanah.  BothShemitah years of  2001 and 2014 are giving us a "seven day" countdown to an important date.
 The number ( 18 ) is made up of the ( 1 ) and the ( 8 ).   The number ( 1 ) represents "Beginnings" and the number ( 8 ) represents "New beginnings."  It is like a musical scale which consists of 8 notes beginning with C D E F G A B C and then ending with the note C once gain, but of which is one octave higher than when it started. 
 Scripture tells us that Jesus is the "Beginning" and the "End"....... "Alpha" and the "Omega" ( the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet )......The Scriptures state that Jesus is the "first" and the "last."   In the Hebrew Language Jesus is represented as the "Alpeh" and the "Tau" ( the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet ).....Isiah 41:4,  44:6;   Rev. 1:8,   21:6,  21:13 ).  By the way, look at the text of Rev 1:8 ( Forms the number 18 ).
 I have to tell you this true story that happened to me and my brother in the Lord Jeff Clyde who lives out in the state of Pennsylvania.  I will never forget what happened on the "night before" the 9 -11 Twin Towers disaster as what I stated to him right before we both hung up the phone was very prophetic in scope!  None of us knew what was about to take place on 9 -11, 2001,  but only God Himself!   It was on that night of September 10, 2001 that we both were talking about the Lord possibly coming on the feast of Rosh HaShanah in 2001.   Then just before we said good-bye to each other I told my friend Jeff the following.  Quote:........."Jeff, wouldn't be great if the Lord gave us a "seven day warning sign" leading up to the feast of Rosh HaShanahthis year."  
 Well, we both said good-bye and hung up our phones and went to bed.  Then on the morning of September 11th, 2001 I was awakened by a phone call from Jeff's wife Evonne.  I said "hello."  She said......"Tom, Tom,  it's happening!"  I said..." Who is this?"  She said "Jeff's wife Evonne."  She said..."turn on the television, it's happening!"   I answered..."What is going on?"  And she stated..."The Twin Towers in New York have been hit with airplanes and they are burning."  
Whoa!!!!!  I dropped the phone and went and turned the TV on and I wasabsolutely stunned!  I couldn't believe what I was watching!  It was at that moment that I thought........"Dear Lord in heaven,  is this the "sign" that I wasjust talking to Jeff about on the phone last night?  Are you really coming on this  Rosh HaShanah seven days from now
 Now it is obvious that the Rapture didn't happen on Rosh HaShanah in 2001 as I thought it might due to this terrible 9 - 11 event.  But what I know now ( after the fact ) about what I have been sharing with you about these important dates in this email ( and other emails ) most definitely has my undivided attention as I believe that this "prophetic puzzle" could still play itself out this year in the year of  2014 ( a Shemitah year ). 
Question: Since the Rapture didn't happen on Rosh HaShanah in 2001, then does this invalidate or disqualify the Twin Towers disaster from being a prophetic "sign?"    In my estimation,  No, not at all!   Especially since we have an amazing pattern unfolding with these dates in the years of 2001 / 5761 and 2014 / 5775 which are both "Shemitah years." Again, this pattern that I have presented here with these calendars does not repeat itself ever again throughout the years all the way up to the year 2050.  That is pretty amazing!
 343 fireman died on Sept. 11th / 23rd Elul in 2001.  When I found that out that this was how many fireman died on that day I just about went ballistic because of what I know about that specific numbers. 
Question:  Why wasn't the number of dead fireman any other random number such as.......75, 100, 180, 250, 342344....etc..etc?   Why did the number of dead fireman come to the exact number of 343?   Well, I can't prove it, and what I have presented here is only speculation,  but nevertheless I am convinced that the reason why the amount of dead fireman came to the number of 343 is because this number is possibly pointing to the Rapture of the Church taking place within that window of time yet future,  as the Hebrew term Rapture has the same gematria value. 
Rapture / Shin = 300  Lamed = 30  Hay = 5   Vav = 6   Beth = 2 / total = 343
  I seriously believe that the number of dead fireman is giving us a "clue" and making an important connection to the dates of September 11th, the 23rd Elul, a seven day countdown to Rosh HaShanah, and the Rapture of the Church which could possibly take place within this "window" of time in the Shemitah year of 2014 / 5775
 Now if the year 2014 was NOT the beginning of Israel's next seven year sabbatical cycle ( though it is indeed ), then I wouldn't be as alarmed, nor would I be so convinced that there is a connection here.  But in a "nutshell " what I have been trying to say and reveal to all of you is the fact that I believe that all of what I have presented here is simplypointing to the strong possibility that the Rapture may very well  happen within the "window" of time I have presented, which begins with the anniversary date ofSeptember 11th, to September 18th ( Which is the 23 Elul / 9-11 anniversary date on the Jewish calendar ),  to September 25th which is Rosh HaShanah / Feast of Trumpets.
 Here is something you might want to consider. I have asked myself the following questions:
 Question:......"If the Lord is going to start the tribulation period at the opening of one of Israel's "seven year sabbatical cycles" ( and I believe this to be the case since Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy is multiples of "seven years" and there is only one seven year cycle left to complete this prophecy),  then would the Lord "by-pass" Israel's upcoming sabbatical cycle this year which will begin on September 25th / Rosh HaShanah ,  and therefore wait another seven years before He starts thetribulation period ?  
Question:..."Can Israel and the whole the midde east crises that are taking place presently, and all the world's economies withstand another "seven long years" without entering "apocalyptic conditions" and events which would "mirror" the opening of the "seal judgments?"   I personally don't believe so!  Therefore this is why I believe that this coming Rosh HaShanah which begins Israel's next "Shemitah - seven year sabbatical cycle" may very well be one of the most important seven year cycles that we will ever encounter, and of which could be our  last one on this planet!   I believe that the world has run out of time!  If we had to wait for anotherseven years to come around in order for the Rapture to take place,  well then I wouldn't want to be here on this planet because the conditions would be unbelievably nasty to say the least!
One last note here in closing.  I believe that the Church could be Raptured as early as September 18th / 23rd Elul ( for reasons I have already shared ) which is theJewish anniversary date of 9 -11 in 2001 ( If the Lord tarry's until then? ).  TheRapture would be the "final sign" to the lost world ( just like in Noah's day when the animals came to Noah two by two supernaturally ) that would begin the "seven day countdown" to Rosh Ha Shanah ( September 25th, 2014 ).
 According to Judaism the feast of Rosh HaShanah is said to be the "day of judgment."  God warned the wicked of Noah's day that judgment was about to fall upon them and the "sign" and warning given to them was the miraculous loading of the animals into the ark over that seven day period who were being brought to Noah and who entered the ark by the supernatural hand of God.  And at the END of thoseseven days the judgment of God fell upon the world.
I believe this seven day warning which was given torigheous Noah in his day is about to be repeated in our time for the righteous body of Christ.  And the sign to all the wicked in our day that God's judgment is about to fall upon them will be the Rapture of the Church!
Rosh HaShanah, a day of judgment for all mankind....
Until He comes!
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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