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Below is a comment to my Blog titled: "Who are you Amir TSARFATI?"  AMIR TSARFATI BLOG LINK
Comment From Debbie:
I have been following Amir for approximately 6 months on YouTube, and on Behold Israel. I find him to be intelligent, extremely articulate, godly, and with an understated sense of humor. Yes, he is handsome, but I do not find that to be something to hold against him, as that too is a gift from God. I am amazed at Amir's knowledge of his own land for sure, but equally impressed at his knowledge of a plethora of countries, governments and officials of countries abroad as well. I do not agree with you in your observation of his admiration of President Trump. I am sure Amir feels as does PM Netanyahu, a deep gratitude for the enormous change in support with President Trump, than with the disrespectful, anti-Israel stance of President Obama for 8 years. It seems to me that you have made up your mind to dislike Amir, and your wrath and JUDGEMENT are poured down on him. You keep asking Why is Amir close to (fill in the blank?) Why are you close to the people you are close to? I have learned so much just listening to Amir's video's and updates and it has cost me nothing. I see you are also coming down on a host of other pastor's that have YouTube channels. Maybe tone down your rhetoric some, sir. It is coming across to me that you are eaten up by jealousy. The tone of this letter is accusatory and ugly. James Van Patten Jr. you reply that you hope Amir will respond in a brotherly way to this vile piece of verbal vomit? I certainly would not waste my time if I were Amir. He shows respect, class, intelligence, positivity-NONE of which is displayed here. I will be avoiding anything written by whomever penned this piece of garbage. Isn't it peculiar how differently one can perceive the same person? No agendas, here." End Quote..
Here is my response: After reading your sincere comment, I had a flashback to the summer of 2006 of where I was walking out of the Los Angeles Convention Center while attending the centennial of the Azusa Street Pentecostal Revival. See why at the end:
Sincerely dear Debbie,  I welcome and appreciate your comments. Yes Ma'am seriously, You've nailed it. Every detail. The very essence of the Amir allure (please seriously research the word allure) the Amir charisma and his boldness for Christ, love of Israel, achieving peace through strength, his eschatology his conservative stance,etc etc... are what I also truly admire. I am with you and countless others, especially women and young people and neocons... Reality check here however. . I'm a born again Christian of many years wrought by trials,  tribulations, sorrow and to the knee-driven hard lessons. I'm also an educated, well traveled retired US Navy officer. I've traveled all over world lived for years in foreign countries. Speak 2 languages, etc. Recently came back from a 6 year mission in Vietnam. I have always traveled to learn first hand what's out there. Even if it has caused me problems. For example, I was almost gang raped by a pack of arab boys in old Jerusalem's Arab quarter when I was 16 yrs old after I ditched my boring tour group to really learn Jerusalem.  If a young female Israeli soldier had not aggressively intervened, it would not have ended well. A very powerful true story. I literally saw that 18 yr young woman turn into a lion, before my very eyes. About 3 of the older boys were not going to give up their fresh catch. But even their ravenous lust decided their lives were more important… Back on point, You missed my entire point of my Blog. I'm certainly not jealous of Amir. No, … far from it, and thus the dilemma. I thought I had made it clear in the Blog, I really admire him...BUT!!! I Have an unrelenting, strong, unequivocal, assurance from my intuition (please study the faculty of spirit and how intuition operates from a biblical perspective 1968 edition of The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee ) through spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit (yes I am a saved Christian) applied by mental examination with prayer in biblical application 2 Timothy 4:2-5, That Amir Tsarfati is: 1: a Ravenous Wolf making merchandise of low informed sheeple who are not deep searching Bereans.
Please read 2 Peter 2:3… So, let's stop here.  Okay I've been had from con artists in places like Los Angeles market where I bought a Rolex watch for $10, in a Turkish Bazaar in Antalya of which I would not like to remember. In Bangkok? New Orleans? Naples It? How about the $25,000.check I wrote to Pastor Mike in Lanai Hawaii to build his Assembly of God church? (hint he didn't use the money for his church). The list is long..So I understand how Charlatans work through craft... Experience is my hardest master.
God sells and it's big business.  That's why it would be good to study why Jude 1:11 has 3 people named for a purpose. So, from both experience and I mean lots of experience,  Amir is a Charlatan.
2: But what concerns me much deeper is Amir's heart of deep deception that truly is not what appears on the surface. Beyond his merchandising sheeple  he has a far more sinister agenda to lead sheeple away from the truth by showing the Truth in order to mask his agenda. The best lie is hidden between 2 truths… Please read and study 2 Corinthians 11:13 and 2 Corinthians 2:11…
His agenda? Talk Jesus in one breath and follow up the next with lifting up and exalting man i.e.  Trump and National Israel and the systems who are behind these people. I'm sure you're mature enough in Christ to understand we are NOT of the World and the World's system and should not be adored and promoting it like a mk ulta mind control assailing tactics Amur uses.  Trust me, even though I prefer Trump over Clinton and Obama, please don't think Trump is our buddy by any means. Also, someone should remind Amir that although God loves Israel his Remnant, Spiritual Israel, over 2/3rds of every Jew are going to be wiped out along with the rest of the world during the time of Jacob's Trouble.  Why do you think Jesus wept over Israel? Why did Jesus say, “Hey don't even get your coat, but RUN… Matthew 24…
Amir mixes false teaching as in Jeremiah's time before the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem.
Amir TSARFATI needs to read
I humbly from a spirit of love invite you to read my blog a 50 year testimony of going to church, and why today's churches are building the kingdom of the Antichrist.

My Personal testimony of 50 yrs of going to church to know today's churches are building the kingdom of the Antichrist

I've recently published this work and much more into a book “I don't go to church”  ...and uploaded on Amazon Ebook as a public domain $0.99 any proceeds go to people who are in sincere need.
Finishing story from introduction:
After reading your sincere comment, I had a flashback to the summer of 2006 I was walking out of the Los Angeles Convention Center while attending the centennial of the Azusa Street Pentecostal Revival.
I had just finished writing a $1,000. check to an undisclosed Evangelical who was going to bring Jesus to every last remote village on earth. Some crazy guy was standing in front with a bull horn telling people that Kenneth Copeland (a ministry I had given more money to) was a liar a charlatan a fraud. But when the man said Kenneth Copeland was a pawn of Satan I was ready to go smack him.  Well… fast forward 12 years and I can certainly agree with that man.


Thank you,  I truly hope you be as the Bereans in your quest and not as the blind Pharisees of Mark 8:42-45…

Andrew Sheets

UPDATE:  Ms Debbie deleted her comment but I thought it best to keep as a witness and testimony that people are waking up to Amir. Praise God!


  1. Note: Of course Amir Tsarfati will never respond to any man of God armed with the Truth.

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  3. Gratefully, your point curdled by admiration and spear headed another wakeup call on deception. I'm guessing no response was forthcoming ?

    1. No Sir, Brother, no response would, could be forthcoming because even an unlearned woman knows when it's time to be silent. Most every one of Amir's fleeced groups mainly consist of women and or young people.


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