Christian you are NOT Required to Pay Tithes. Wake Up!

Tithing is not required for the Church Age

Here's my Brother in Christ making it very simple. The age of Grace, we the Body of Christ, are NOT under the LAW. Tithing was the law.


Please read my Blog 50 year testimony of attending church

I was paying tithes 10 % gross thinking I had to follow God’s word in Malachi 3:10

Then I learned about Dispensational Truth: LINK

Then I learned that even Dr. Kim who teaches solid Dispensation truth still in his deeply embedded Baptist Church 501C3 connection still stretches out

Scripture in the New Testament 2 Corinthians chapters 8 & 9 to make his people pay the church building organization. LINK

Please see my Link of Rebuking Dr. Kim for teaching truth and adding to scripture and taking scripture out of context


Here's a good example and exercise for a good Berean Christian:  Listen to this powerful sermon from a good ole boy preacher man preach on the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is powerful truth, all 99% of it. But see if you can catch him pulling off a quick bait and switch.  Hint: at 18 minute he's truthfully saying the thief on the cross was saved having nothing to do with his attending church or paying his tithes. Then at 23:59 the pastor says he pays his tithes insinuating that it's raining and watering his grass because of his tithes.   


The true meaning of 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 is to understand that the church is the Body of Christ. It is not a building… Please see study that a brick and mortar 501C3 building is NOT a church. LINK

We as Christians are the body of Christ and are no obligation to pay a tithe to a church building - But rather give generously as we are led to give to those who are in need.


Please see this dear sister’s testimony about how she came out of a church building, man’s organization fleecing her


Other Links on why Tithing is not required in this age of grace:

Tithing not scriptural


  1. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ i am a Baptist believer and i found your comment on amir tsarfati i am quite amazed how brilliant your mind is actually i noticed that he just used some verses without digging it deeper anyway God bless you for exposing but i am quite interested about tithing it's because I've been doing it for so long in Malachi 3:10 it is required by God to the tribe of Levites but when it comes to new testament Jesus said that we can rob in tithes and offerings what exactly is the meaning of this?

  2. God bless your continuing study of God's Word.

    Let's remind ourselves that today we're in the age of GRACE aka Dispensation of GRACE. Jesus came and began preaching the Kingdom Dispensation to and for the Jews. But after the Jews rejected Jesus, the Kingdom will nor be restored until the Millennial Kingdom after the Rapture and Tribulation. The reason modern 501c3 brick and mortar buildings called churches run by apostate trained CEOs called pastors do not teach Dispensation is they are able to oppress their congregation with the Law and Kingdom Dispensation

    To answer your question. Any reference that Jesus uses to tithes and offerings is reference to Kingdom Dispensation or to publicly rebuke the Pharisees.

    Also a good study by "Forvthe Gospel" Will a man rob God. Is quoted below:

    Did Jesus Talk About Tithing?

    A select few New Testament passages bring up the tithe, but nowhere is the church commanded to tithe. Some will insist on tithing in the modern church based on the fact that Jesus didn’t denounce tithing in passages like Matthew 23:23, and Luke 11:42. However, what Jesus said in certain situations (such as scolding the Pharisees in Matt. 23:23) had more to do with calling these people hypocrites than mandating the tithe as command for the church. The Pharisees would keep one aspect of the law but turn around and break another for their own gain. They oppressed people with laws they couldn’t even keep themselves! One cannot take an honest interpretive leap into presuming the church must tithe based on that...

    Can Tithing Be Assumed for the Church?

    Some may argue that the New Testament church would have already known about tithing because they were familiar with Jewish law and assumed it to be a rule of thumb. Or, that at the very least, it could be a principle they could apply as an essential practice to obey. Aside from numerous interpretive holes in this argument, one glaring oversight is that the church was not comprised of merely Jews, and obedience to the law was not the focus of the church – Christ was. Paul was assigned to the Gentiles and the early church was packed with Gentile converts. If tithing was something for the early church to carry on from Jewish law, then why wouldn’t tithing be taught in his letters to the Corinthians? Galatians? Colossians? Not only are commands or teaching about tithing completely absent from New Testament imperatives for the church, the concept of giving is taught explicitly without teaching on tithing. What Paul teaches about giving is a grace-filled, New-Covenant-focused, Gospel-centered rewrite altogether.

    We are no longer under the law.


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