Mocking The Parrots claiming Ezekiel 38 War is on the Horizon

A few weeks ago I posted a Blog titled: The Russian invasion of Israel won't happen until after the Rapture.  Here's the Blog and the URL of the YouTube Video.  

As you'll see from some of the YouTube comments, far too many believe the hype the false teachers like Amir Tsarfati and the Evangelical Zionists pump out to sell their books and push up their tithing of Christians piling into the political machinery of Dominionism.

Read Ezekiel 38 carefully.  ISRAEL IS AT TRUE PEACE in Millennial Kingdom when this happens.  Ezekiel 38:11 KJB.

It is detailed in Blog above that Ezekiel 38 war corresponds perfectly with Revelation 20.

The Ezekiel 39 war corresponds perfectly with Revelation 19 the Battle of Armageddon. There is not peace at this war. The Antichrist has broken his fake peace agreement and set to utterly destroy Israel.

It is beyond shocking to me to see people fail to recognize that Israel has NOT been at peace - true peace as detailed in Ezekiel 38 since they became a nation in 1948.  Only a fool would argue this. Which humorously declares the scripture, "proclaiming themselves to be wise they are fools".

Look at today's headlines among every other day:

When you go onto false teacher and Zionist shill Evangelist Messianic Jew Joel Rosenberg's website
it is full of war and rumors of war of the impending and continual threats against Israel.

This is the same man that pleads with Evangelical Christians - all Christians to pray for PEACE AND SECURITY - SAFETY for Isael.   See link:

Joel Rosenberg pumping the Abrahamic Peace Accords

The current events of countries mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are in motion.  This certainly shows
us that the stage is set. However, we the body of Christ will not see this war in this realm. 

Also NOTE there are scholars like this Dr. Heiser who foolishly claims Russia is not in Ezekiel 38, 39.  Please study where I debunk his "theory" and "false narrative". And to further clarify. Gog is a "LEADER" who takes forces in a coalition with what is now known as Russia, Turkey, Iran, etc. to wipe out Israel. 

WAKE UP Christian


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