MSN.COM has it right when they call out Christian Nationalism as dangerous.

2 Timothy 2:4

No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

To those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  

All scripture in the King James Bible.

Why the King James Bible Only?

The True History of the King James Bible - all modern Bible Translations are Satanic (

Which Church do you belong to?  The Church in Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13)

Or the Church of the Laodiceans,  the apostate church in this age (Revelation 3:14-19) ?  

The Hyper-Dispensationalists Preachers and teachers with their false and twisted words meet the definition of the church of the  Laodiceans.  

The Laodiceans - Apostate church operations of this day

The Flood of Updates on The Apostate Fake Church of Today; Wake Up Christian! Come Out! (

We've been witnessing a rise of Christian militants who claim the church must take charge over politics and "cause" a great awakening, revival of the church in America and ultimately the world.

The Kingdom Now - Dominion Theology - New Apostolic Reformation - Evangelical Politicized Right-Wing Conservatives are determined they have God's authority and directive to "make it happen" for Jesus and restore His Kingdom here on earth.

If you're reading this and think I'm taking this too far, think again.  Here are but a few of current event articles in links below:

Faith Is Powerful. That's Why Christian Nationalism Is So Dangerous (

Oregon minister rebukes Marjorie Taylor Greene for touting Christian nationalism in political messages: 'She dances with the devil' (

And on the other hand, we see the Pope seemingly proclaiming the opposite. This is for the purpose of calling out Protestants - Christians (outside of the Catholic faith) as the bad guys but in the end the Catholic Church's mission is to bring all back to Rome and the One World Religion, One World Government under One Economic Beast System.  We are at the end of this era.   Wake up! 

God does not want 'a world governed by religious laws,' pope tells Canadian clergy (

 Remember for those who have been following my Blog and Videos these past 12 years, I used to be a super kingdom builder and a full-fledged member of such thinking.   It took me several years of walking alone with Jesus Christ, after He stripped me down of my pride and foolish heart to come to understand that we Saints are not of this world and being in the world does not mean our mission is anything beyond serving the Lord and standing as His example to point the way to Jesus Christ as their Savior. This world will NOT be restored under the Kingdom of God until after the RAPTURE, then comes the TRIBULATION, then the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

Wake up Christian.  Know who you are IN Jesus Christ and know we must strive lawfully and not be on a fool's errand.

Please read additional studies on how UNBIBLICAL Dominion Theology truly is:


WARNING:  Heed Paul's warnings to the Church.   We are NOT called to build God's Kingdom here on Earth.  We are NOT called to GET INTO POLITICS.  There WILL NOT BE A GREAT REVIVAL. The End gets worse NOT better...  Read your King James Bibles. Stop following FOOLS on a FOOLS Errand.

Links on my years of study after coming OUT OF DOMINION THEOLOGY and NAR Movement

Additional Links on this issue:

including why I haven't voted since 1972

Sad Humor: Conservative Dominion Theology vs Liberal Dominion Theology (

Christian extremism is actually a perfect lens to view Dominion Theology (


  1. I hate to admit it, but got at least some things right about Christian nationalism. I also don't see a great revival coming by any stretch. On the other hand, I think Christians should vote; the current administration has taken the U.S. down a very dangerous path that is filled with, among other things, runaway inflation, LGBTQ advocacy even in elementary school, and leniency to criminals, especially of a certain color. We have a chance to bring more sanity back into government in November.

    1. Brother Keith as always I appreciate and respect your intelligent, well balanced centered approach to complex issues


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