#Enoch #Pentecost Rapture Watch May 24th 2015

Submitted by Tom Gaston for those Saints who are watching for our blessed hope:

Here is something totally miraculous folks!

It is clear that Enoch is a "type and picture" of the Rapture of the Church.   And so while I was sitting here the thought came to me to me suddenly to see what the gematria value was of the phrase..."Enoch and the Secret."  I believe that Enoch and Methuselah ( father and son ) hold the "key" to the timing of the Rapture, as they are both together a "vital clue" to the "timing" of this event.

The gematria value for Methuselah = 784 which is the same gematria value for Pentecost, and because of this, then I believe that he is the "vital clue."  According to Jewish tradition Enoch was supposedly born on the 6th Sivan, and that he was "taken up" on the 6th Sivan.  The phrase in 6th Sivan = 784 Pentecost.  The 6th Sivan / May 24th in 2015 is the day of Pentecost.

This "secret " is not just contained in Enoch alone, but it also includes his son Methuselah which = 784 Pentecost.  The gematria below which = 1046 is only "one half " of the mystery or secret revealed.  The "second half " of this secret revealed comes through His son Methuselah and his age 969.  He was the oldest man who ever lived, and therefore his age, I believe, speaks of THE END!

And so Enoch represents the "Rapture" of the Church, and his son Methuselah = 784 Pentecost represents "the timing" of the Rapture.  So  Methuselah died and THEN the judgment of the flood came!   The Rapture takes place during 784 Pentecost, and then the judgment of the tribulation period follows.  I believe that God has buried the secret of the timing of the Rapture within these two partiarchs. And the following below definitely suggests this!    I believe that God gave me this phrase "Enoch and the secret" because its gematria value of 1046, combined with Methuselah's age of 969 reveals THE YEAR!

[.....................Enoch and the Secret......................]
ח  נ  ו  ך    ו  א  ת    ה  ס  ו  ד
4     6    60     5        400     1      6       500    6   50     8 / total = 1046

Watch this! .......Enoch and the Secret 1046 + 969 ( Methuselah's age ) = 2015

In May 24th / Beth = 2 / Mem = 40  Aleph = 1  Yod = 10 /  Kaph = 20   Daleth = 4 / total = 77

The number ( 2 ) in Bible Numerics stands for "witness."

Methuselah 969 x 2 ( witness ) = 1938 +  77 = 2015

969 + 77 in May 24th ( The day of Pentecost in 2015 ) + 969 = 2015

There it is folks!
Get ready!!!!!!!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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