Rapture notification Pentecost

Submitted by Tom Gaston for those Saints who are watching...

Holy jumping Rapture Glands! 

Hey everyone,  I was sitting here, and all of a sudden the thought came to me to run the following phrase below in the A = 1 formula program just to see what the gematria value might be.  To my shock and amazement the value of the following phrase = 784

The following is SPOOKY and unbelievable when you consider that the A = 1 formula and the English alphabet is setup on a total different numbering system than the Hebrew alphabet and the gematria values for each of its letters.  I ran the phrase below, not for the purpose of "tooting my horn", nor for any other haughty and self elevating reason whatsoever.  But I ran it only out of "curiosity" in order to see what the gematria value might be?  And the fact that I have been revealing and sharing my gematria findings of the number 784 in relationship to Pentecost to everyone online makes it even more miraculous!

Important question:  Is it possible that God giving me "personal confirmation" in what I have discovered in my gematria research concerning Pentecost and the number 784?   This has been my own "personal research" and quest in order to find the "timing" of the Rapture of The Church.  Well, you be the judge once you see what the phrase is!   And oh by the way, for those who do not know,  I live in.........Springfield, Illinois.

How in the world could this be, Except by the miraculous hand of God!  I

English Gematria A = 1 Formula

(letters A to Z assigned numerical values)

                                                                            Value window
character window / enter phrase

  Unbelievable folks!!!
The English alphabet / multiples of 1
A=1  B=2  C=3  D=4  E=5  F=6  G=7  H=8  I=9  J=10  K=11  L=12  M=13  N=14  O=15  P=16
Q=17  R=18  S=19  T=20  U=21  V=22  W=23  X=24  Y=25  Z=26


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