May 24, 2015, #Rapture watch Pentecost

The birthday of the Church ( Pentecost ) is this Sunday May 24, 2015

Coming up this weekend on Sunday May 24th, 2015 is Pentecost which is the "Birthday" of the Church.  Therefore I wanted to remind all of you of this by sharing an amazing previous Hebrew gematria discovery which you all may have forgotten about ( because I have sent so many now ).

The Hebrew term Natsal is a Hebrew term which is equivalent to the Greek term "Harpazo" ( snatched up, seize by force, pull up...etc..etc. 1 Thess. 4:17 ).  This Hebrew term describes what is going to happen to the Church when the Rapture happens just like the Greek term Harpazo does.  I have listed the Strong's Hebrew concordance number below for this term.

Natsal snatch away, whether in a good or bad sense,  deliver, escape, without fail, pluck, preserve, rescue, save, surely, take ( out ).

Now I want to show once again this amazing Gematria which I have discovered as a wonderful reminder that we could be leaving this planet this weekend?

I am dedicating this email to my precious sister in the Lord "Wendy Link" whose birthday is on May 24th, Pentecost this weekend!  What a birthday present it would be If Jesus came for Wendy ( and all of us ) on Her birthday!!!!!!!!!   This is for you Wendy!

Pentecost /  Shin = 300  Beth = 2  Vav = 6   Ayin = 70  Vav = 6  Tav = 400 / total = 784
Birthday / Yod = 10 Vav = 6  Mem [ final letter ] = 600  Hay = 5  Vav = 6  Lamed = 30  Daleth = 4 Tav = 400 / total = 1061
Natsal / Nun = 50   Tsady = 90   Lamed = 30 / total = 170

784 + 1061 + 170 = 2015

Hallelujah!   May it be so Lord Jesus!

Even so, come Lord Jesus!   Come Lord!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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