Pentecost Redemption

Following submitted by Tom Gaston for those Saints who are watching for our blessed hope of REDEMPTION.

The Barley harvest ENDS at Pentecost, and then the wheat harvest begins.  And if the Church is Raptured on Pentecost, then this does NOT make the Church "wheat", but it just shows that the Barley Harvest which ENDS at Pentecost simply represents the conclusion, completion, or the END of the Church age, at which time God will then begin the process of the separating the "Wheat" from the "tares" which takes place during the tribulation period,  and of which comes after the Rapture of the Church has already taken place.

The wheat has to have the device called the "Tribulum" applied to it in order to extract the grain.  Wheat is tougher, and it has to be crushed and broken in order to get the grain out.  The Barley on the otherhand is a softer grain, and it is harvested by using a "winnow fork" ( and or a "sheet" with four corners ) in which the Barley is thrown up into the air, and then the wind blows the chaff away.  The Barley represents the Christ and the Church whom He purchased.  Jesus has taken away our sin ( The chaff ).  Therefore the Church does NOT need to have the "tribulum" applied to her ( the tribulation period ) because she has already been processed by the hand of the Lord and found righteous in His eyes.  And so the Church does not need to be crushed and broken in order to come to faith in the Messiah because she is already redeemed by the Lord and forgiven for her sin.

The wheat harvest on the otherhand represents the "End of the age" where God will be separating the "wheat" form the "tares."   Those who are left behind at the time of the Rapture will experience the tribulation period ( the tribulum ).  Israel will have to be crushed and broken ( like the wheat ) in order to bring forth a "remnant" out of her to faith in Yeshua her Messiah.  During the tribulation period God will be removing and separating the "wheat" ( The believing Jews and Gentiles who come through the tribulation period ), from the "tares" ( the wicked and unbelieving Jews and Gentiles. ).  At the conclusion of the tribulation period God will "gather His wheat into His barn" ( represents the saved Jews and Gentiles who will enter into the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ ).

Here below is another great gematria!

[....................................The Barley and the Church and Adonai...............................]
ה  ש  ע  ו  ר  ה    ו  ה  כ  נ  ס  י  י  ה    ו  י  ה  ו  ה
5      6     5    10    6         5    10   10   60    50   20     5      6         5     200   6    70    300     5

total = 784 Pentecost

Good short article on this subject......

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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