Rating the book The Coming Kingdom by Dr. Andrew Woods

How can I rate this book?   I've read this book through from cover to cover, and again extremely careful in parts comparing it to scripture.

For a detailed review Please see my final complete review comprised in a blog of about 35 pages  titled, "Reproving Dr. Andrew Woods - A Case Study of How Modern Day Bible Scholars Are Pouring Leaven into Manna."

Reproving Dr. Andrew Woods - a case study in how modern day Bible Scholars pour Leaven into the Manna (thethirdheaventraveler.com)

On one hand Dr Woods gives us a brilliant work of presenting one aspect of the Kingdom, i.e., the actual physical, theocratic kingdom of Heaven coming in the Millennium. .. Especially The Olivet Discourse Chapter 10. After reading The Coming Kingdom by Dr. Woods, again, this time slowly to digest it, I will say it has its place in my library as a reference to understand aspects of The Kingdom, especially proper Dispensationalism. This book is a good reference to flush out so many false teachers perverting Millennial Kingdom doctrine - those who are literally bringing in the Kingdom of the Antichrist through Dominion Theology.  But in shocking tragic irony Dr. Woods adds in his own leaven by little sprinkles at first and then pouring in bag fulls by the time we get to the fine print regarding the spiritual kingdom of God regarding Luke 17:20,21 which ultimately comes down to heretical teaching of saying God does not reign supreme in a believers heart (spiritual).  Yes, here is the great deception.  I originally gave this book a 5 star reading, based on the wonderful simplistic way Dr. Woods laid out  his material about the millennial kingdom and how it is misunderstood and so misused today. I then had to downgrade it because of inconsistencies, contradictions, etc, NASB translation errors, etc. and from his support of the Pagan Vatican Trinity doctrine instead of the Bible Godhead giving him a 2 star. Now, based on a thorough review as posted in the blog, Im giving his work a  generous 1 star rating. Please see Blog for details.
As Christians we must know our identity our purpose and destination. Our true guide of course is the KJV Bible.  We must also test everything we read and hear. Amen! Maranatha!


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