Dr Tim Keller the Reprobate Pharisee of the Pharisees

John 15:19

If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

King James Version (KJV)

Preach the word; be instant in season out of season; reprove, rebuke...exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;
but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 
2 Timothy 4:2-4 King James Bible

reprove (v.)

c. 1300, repreven, repruve, reproeven, "accuse, charge as a fault," from Old French reprover "accuse, blame" (12c.), from Late Latin reprobare "disapprove, reject, condemn," from Latin re- "opposite of, reversal of previous condition" (see re-) + probare "prove to be worthy" .

From mid-14c. as "deliver a rebuke, admonish;" late 14c. as "disapprove, condemn, find fault with."

rebuke (v.)

early 14c., rebuken, "to reprimand, reprove directly and pointedly; chide, scold," from Anglo-French rebuker "to repel, beat back," Old French rebuchier, from re- "back" (see re-) + buschier "to strike, chop wood," 

In the precious name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of His holy word, I reprove and rebuke Tim Keller and his work, his legacy, and his APOSTATE ministry that continues. 

Tim Keller preached another gospel, preferring the social gospel to the gospel of Grace. See links in notes regarding the perverse demonic nature of the SOCIAL GOSPEL. The Gospel of SOCIAL JUSTICE. The Pharisee of Pharisees in the highest hypocrisy, he preached against Christian Nationalism, yet subversively ignited Marxist ideals as if Jesus himself had taught them. Of course, he used perverted Bible Translations and wasn't content with the use of the perverse words from these translations but had to philosophize and craft God's word into his self-styled Philosophy.

Tim Keller taught another Jesus, preferring the Jesus created in the image of man's vain imagination - The infamous "Gospel Coalition." Note: I could fill volumes rebuking the demonic doctrines of demons that comes from The Gospel Coalition. 

Listening to hours of his interviews and reading volumes of articles, Tim Keller was big on the brick and mortar 501C3 Building and heavily insinuated the real church would be built on the values on social justice in a multicultural society.  NOTE: This absolute Dominion Theology, Ecumenism all building the kingdom of the Antichrist. He warned of the internet and social gathering of believers (this is the true underground church today). 

I urge you to do your own research. Tragically, when doing Bible research, Gospel Coalition ensures their Google Search Engine Optimization and Website Ranking are always in the top of any search. Feeble minded Christians are fed lies upon lies and half-truths always with perverted Bible Translations, always with a hidden political agenda and always politically and culturally correct, but never the TRUE GOSPEL or King James Bible based Doctrine based on Jesus Christ. 

Tim Keller was a Calvinist - The Vatican's strong-arm tactic of Ecumenism and Works Based Salvation.

A Catholic Cardinal’s Appreciation of Pastor Tim Keller

Two theological giants—Benedict XVI and Tim Keller—whispering like little children as the end of their journey nears, “Jesus, I love you. . . . Jesus, I want to go home to be with you.”

While the Evangelical community especially mourns his passing, many Catholics do as well. As a Presbyterian pastor who identified as “Evangelical” at his renowned Redeemer Church here in Manhattan, Tim was intrigued by Catholicism, especially by Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

In my conversations with him, which I now recall with emotion and gratitude, he was especially eager to discuss what he termed the “restoration of confidence” he detected in John Paul’s twenty-six years as successor of St. Peter, and the “celebration of the wedding of faith and reason” he lauded in the teaching of Benedict XVI.

Read the work of Brother on Calvinism and the Catholic Church

Tim Keller taught theistic evolution the Christian acceptance of not taking the Bible literally. Tim Keller was a philosopher, lifted up Philosophy. (See his quotes below.) His "philosophy" has been quoted all over the internet and among his disciples. Please take the time to watch the Asbury Revival people (links in notes below) honor Tim Keller with hallowed reverence and quoted his philosophy. This is a hallmark of today's REPROBATE FALSE TEACHER.

Colossians 2:8

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

King James Version (KJV)

 ALL of the Reprobate false Church who is OF this world as well as this fallen world embraced Tim Keller with open arms and upon his death mourned him as they would a beloved father. 

The most perverse members of this secular world under the control of Satan lifted up Tim Keller as a great man of God and Bible Scholar. Read further:

No doubt, Tim Keller - teacher of the bible - will be hanging out with Billy Graham and his friends in hell. 

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are." Matthew 23:15 King James Bible.

Note: A must read is Billy Graham and his friends by Dr. Burns. The world loved Billy Graham and lifted him up as they do their own Tim Keller.

Tim Keller wooed the Vatican and was the poster boy of Ecumenism and the New World Order - god serving man's needs. 

Quotes by Tim Keller in his study, Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople

"As a pastor I have had to draw heavily on the work of experts. The first question, about Biblical authority, requires that I draw on the best work of exegetes and Biblical scholars. To answer the second question, about evolution as a ‘Grand Theory of Everything,’ I need to draw on the work of philosophers. When we come to the third question regarding Adam and Eve, I must look to theologians."

"Perhaps the strongest argument for the view that the author of Genesis 1 did not want to be taken literally is a comparison of the order of creative acts in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Genesis 1 shows us an order of creation that does not follow a ‘natural order’ at all."

Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople - Article - BioLogos

Quote from The Gospel Coalition:

Tim Keller (1950–2023) has gone home to be with the Savior he so faithfully loved, wrote about, and preached. The Gospel Coalition cofounder was a prolific author, and all his sermons at Redeemer Presbyterian Church are now available for free. You can also read about his life in Collin Hansen’s recent Timothy Keller: His Intellectual and Spiritual Formation.

I will only list a few of the most outrageously unbiblical:

“The gospel says you are simultaneously more sinful and flawed than you ever dared believe, yet more loved and accepted than you ever dared hope.” 

“Through faith in the cross we get a new foundation for an identity that both humbles us out of our egoism yet is so infallibly secure in love that we are enabled to embrace rather than exclude those who are different.”

Hip Hop Christian (oxymoron) artist Lecrae quotes on Tim Keller:

Note: I urge you to research the lyrics to Lecrae's song "Reconstruction" from his church
clothes 4 album. This ample proof to see why Lecrae would follow Tim Keller's brand of Social Gospel, Eastern Mysticism, Gnosticism, and overall completely unbiblical. 

Hip hop artist Lecrae responded to the news of Keller receiving hospice, saying, “True story I’ve only been star struck by Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, and Tim Keller. There are things he’s shared that have changed me forever.”


When racism and cancel culture detoured me, Tim Keller was a consistent voice and for a season in 2017 he was the only non person of color I could listen to. He welcomed me to so much and brought me through so much. A modern day hero of the faith. He pastored with no scandals and will be regarded as a scholar and leader for a generation.

Christian Contemporary Musician CCM artist Steven Curtis Chapman posted a video of himself singing part of his song, “With Hope,” in tribute to Keller. “Today, while so many grieve the loss of this incredibly brilliant teacher and faithful shepherd and pastor,” said Chapman, “please join me in praying for comfort and peace for his wife and family…as Tim is now dancing joyfully with the Jesus he so deeply loved and helped me come to know and love so much better while on this side of the veil.”

Note:  I urge you to research the lyrics to Chapman's number one hit titled: "Don't lose hope".  No wonder Chapman quotes Tim Keller as brilliant teacher and faithful shepherd and pastor. If you will note the lyrics are not biblical but another gospel displaying Jesus Christ with and accepting the position of the sinner. There again is the Eastern Mysticism - monistic and a continuity of being. Specifically, the sinner is central and their accepting, approving god responds accordingly as if one and the same. The we are all gods syndrome has overtaken the church. To further understand, take your King James Bible and apply and compare to Chapman's

Joshua Chatraw, Billy Graham Chair of Evangelism Beeson Divinity School writes: Tim Keller:

"the greatest pastor of our age."

"a man who could have easily become enamored with his own fame."

"the greatest preacher of our generation and yet humble." "All of this is why the tributes and testimonies will keep pouring in for a long time - and why so many of us are mourning his death." "If he were still with us, he'd no doubt be calling us to trust in the gospel that defined his life." 

Quote from Washington Examiner 

"I’m thankful for the faith of a man such as Tim Keller, who stood against the cultural tides, lived his life for Christ, and, on Friday, got to hear the words we all hope for someday: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

"Dr. Tim Keller is quoted as saying the church has to identify and core culture concerns and address social, racial, gender identity core culture concerns and the church must understand and engage with humility and how the gospel of Jesus Christ answers these heart Cries."


What Was Tim Keller's Greatest Legacy? (christianity.com)

"Don’t be afraid to learn from other cultures. Various people have commented that Keller had an affinity for British culture, visiting it many times and citing British Christians in his writings. He cited this affinity as partly because he wanted to explore his denomination’s roots, but also observed that many of the best Christian books available during his seminary years were by British authors.

Different apologetic approaches can work together. Many apologists specialize in one approach— apologists like Lee Strobel use arguments from historical evidence, while apologists like Cornelius Van Till use arguments about presuppositions. Rather than saying one approach matters more than another, Keller uses both in different books, recognizing each has its place.

Influencing culture means going to cultural centers. Os Guinness argued in 1994 that many Christians had limited influence because they didn’t understand they had to move to cultural center hubs instead of consolidating power in rural places. Keller’s work at Redeemer Presbyterian practiced going to the cities at a time when many Christian leaders claimed urban areas were inherently hostile to believers.

Effective apologetics must go beyond ivory towers. A key trait of Keller’s work was that he showed he was well-read yet always found ways to show the practical reasons his ideas mattered. He never condescended to audiences, always finding ways to relate to their needs."

What Was Tim Keller's Greatest Legacy? (christianity.com)

Tim Keller gives 3 pieces of advice to pastors in message before his death


By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor

The first piece of advice Keller gave in the video was “live on the razor’s edge,” quoting Jeremiah 29:7, “seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.”

“Engage, but at the same time, be different,” said Keller. “Don’t assimilate and just pick up all the views of the culture; but don’t stay out, keep your skirts clean, denounce everyone.”

The second piece of advice Keller gave was “invest, don’t just consume,” reading from Jeremiah 32, in which Jeremiah bought a field, even though the invasion of the Babylonians and subsequent exile of the Jews was imminent.

“Don’t just come here to consume,” Keller added. “Don’t just come to New York to say, ‘I want to get this on the resume and have an exciting church experience and, you know, go to all the great restaurants.’”

“Invest here. Jesus Christ said, ‘I will build my church.’ He doesn’t just say ‘I will build my church, except in big cities.’ ‘I will build my church.’ So, invest in the church. Invest your time, invest, yes, your money, invest your life.”

The final piece of advice that Keller gave was for people to “forget about your reputation,” quoting Jeremiah 45:5, which reads, “seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not.”

“Don’t worry about your reputation, don’t worry about your credentials,” Keller said. “Don’t make your ministry success your identity, so if things don’t go well you just feel like an utter failure.”

“Don’t make getting a big name in New York City your main thing. Lift up Jesus’ Name. ‘Halloweth be Thy Name.’ Forget yourself, forget your reputation. Do what you can to lift up God’s Name.”

Commentary: What a tragic legacy. A complete hypocrisy from what he said in so many ways. Now he's saying engage but be different and don't assimilate. "Denounce everyone?" What?

All his related articles, books, speeches, podcasts, interviews were all about how the culture must eventually be other than the evangelical white but must be multicultural and assimilated into one society of justice.

What great misguided vain imagination from a carnal mind, philosophy disguised in out of context, inaccurate quoted biblical scripture out of a perverted bible translation. The King James Bible does NOT say what Keller says scripture says. Research this for yourself.


A few links exposing Tim Keller as an outrageous Heretic.

Only one of over 20 major departures from scripture:


In his article, ‘Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs: Leading the Secular to Christ’, Keller sets out to show the Church the kinds of arguments that should be used to make the gospel appear attractive to a postmodern society.[2] The article is largely based on the ideas of philosopher Alvin Plantinga, who was Professor for Philosophy and Director of the Centre of Philosophy and Religion at the Catholic Notre Dame University from 1982 until 2010.  Although Plantinga claims to be a Protestant, he is deeply sympathetic to the Catholic Church. In 1998 he published reflections on John Paul II’s encyclical On Faith and Reason. Plantinga argued that while some Protestants may be in less than enthusiastic agreement with all that the Pope has written, “they will (or should) regard both the Pope and Catholics generally as brothers and sisters in Christ—and as wonderful allies in precisely these areas of responding to contemporary non-Christian philosophy… we do not need to fight each other. We must make common cause with these fellow Christians…”[3]

So Keller’s article is based on the ideas of a philosopher who has spent three decades working in a Catholic University.

Tim Keller's Social Justice - Racial Justice - Black Lives Matter - Social Gospel and the political process of Marxism Cross Cultural Institute 

Followers of Jesus Christ must have the Liberal Social Mindset


Note:  I do not support any political party. See my extensive studies on this

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