Israeli News Live - Steven DeNoon making more wild assumptions in questionable journalism

Again, we find Steve Ben De Noon, aka Steve DeNoon of Israeli News Live here in the video below, going way beyond his scope and making inaccurate and unfounded claims. Here's our previous report on Israeli News Live
Israeli News Live Rebuke Steven Ben Nun with alias names and his wife Jana #alert #news #zionism ( Here's an update: Please read my comments below the video link. Steve, it's really sad to watch your show these days. I remember you back about 10 years ago when I studied with you in  Biblical scripture. Although your Eschatology is extremely disturbing and wrong, I, nevertheless learned from you. I even took the bait and sent you money when you and your family fled the USA to live in Israel because your "sources" told you the USA would be nuked soon. I followed your videos after you and your seemingly Bolshevik loving spouse started to wake up to the truth about your beloved Israel and the ZIONIST agenda. I also learned a great deal and thank you for that. Now sadly it seems your news channel has transitioned into you spouting off unconfirmed reports from "your sources"  insinuating yourself as an expert military analyst to evaluate these reports. You've also styled yourself as well as a political analyst and now today even an expert of human behavior,  and psychological analysis.  Sadly your sheeple who pay for your charlatan practice and drink your kool aide are buying into your "click bait  propaganda"  Your statement that the US President is unaware of the the enemy's technology is ridiculous.  You saying you're an American first does not match your activity in the past 10 years. Frankly your  intelligence sources do NOT have their facts straight.  I recommend you find another source. I recommend you stick with  your Hebrew studies and leave miltary technology and strategies to others far more knowledgeable than you. Please email me and let's discuss this further. I'm a retired military officer with 20 years post service in international consulting and training. I think your heart might be in the right place. But sometimes it's tempting to click bait and work on low informed sycophants to make a buck, and perhaps this is where you stepped off the cliff.  Please email me. Thank you.


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