Exposing Jack Hibbs as another Trump Evangelical Sycophant

Before reading this Blog about exposing Jack Hibbs please take a few moments to read the background on Trump and the Evangelical MAGA Jesuit Zionist Coalition.  Note: upfront: I am a born again Christian who abhors replacement theology and am personally happy we have Trump for our President over the socialist progressive left wing alternatives.  This in mind we as Christians must be sober and vigilant to what's happening and to not be deceived.

The Trump Evangelical MAGA Jesuit Zionist Coalition

The Trump MAGA Evangelical Christian Coalition - Jesuit Vatican Coalition - The Kabbalah 3rd Temple Masonic Jewish Coalition and The Global Luciferian Elite (thethirdheaventraveler.com)

Jack Hibbs is a part of the Trump Evangelical inner circle . This alone should alert any true Christian to Jack Hibbs' true nature.

Here Jack Hibbs sits with Amir Tsarfati in a Trump Peace Plan propaganda video


Amir Tsarfati exposed


Exposing Dominion Theology


Here are some more issues to be aware of: The Coming Convergence is a new age false teaching of the end times. Jack Hibbs is a contributor.


Reading this review, would you consider this to be a Godly work in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days?

A brush with death causes a woman to see into the world in a different way in this psychological thriller from Canada. A young woman writing for a tabloid (Cynthia Preston) is working with a veteran reporter (Christopher Lloyd) on a story about a patient at a mental hospital who claims to be able to predict people's deaths. The woman finds herself flashing back to a plane crash in which she was nearly killed and recalling a series of unusual events that occurred in its wake. Soon she begins to wonder if these things may be linked in some way. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Disclaimer of E511


filmmaker, Brent Miller Jr.


  1. Your pretty darn close here brother. Thank you for the information on Jack Hibs. That’s what I was googling to find out about. I have some evangelical friends who attend this church. I don’t live to far off from his church in Ca. I’ve listen to some of his sermons and found incredible errors and some down right disturbing perversions of Gods word being taught from his pulpit. As far as my opening comment. Brother I would refer you to , for your end times prophetic interpretation to a series you can find on Amazon called “ Days of Noah.” The SDA teachers have this down pinned together with timelines in history matched with scripture to a Tee. It’s irrefutable to the point it’s breathtaking. I am a recent convert from the evangelical faith to the SDA faith. Also some other great teachers are Professor Walter Veith. You tube his teaching on False Christianity. And one of my favorites is Jay Gillimore Experiencing Jesus through Galatians. Note I am a born again spirit filled believer. And after putting into practice what Jay Gillimore teaches in his Galatians series and what I’ve learned through the SDA fellowship I feel like I’m being born again for the 2de time.
    Again thank you for sharing this information. Christians who claim to be Patriots would do well to remember history , and why we fled Europe and what we were fleeing from. It’s making its way back into our country and this time coming for the whole Earth at a rapid speed. Democrat and Republican alike seem to expediting this process. We are living in exciting times but nonetheless scary. Cling close to the Father and hang on for he Is Life. Blessings to you I hope to see you at the Marriage supper.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, Hibbs and his kind are leading so many astray. The SDA like all "RELIGIONS CULTS" like Mormonism, Jehovah witnesses, etc are created from writings of their founder. In the case of SDA this is the 33-degree mason Ellen White and although there are many truths to her teachings as well as other teachers like Walter Veith's teaching on WASHINGTON DC - LONDON - The Vatican, The SDA has extreme flaws in their works-based salvation, soul sleep, and other issues making it another CULT. I always give folks this link to understand and stay away from the SDA RELIGIOUS CULT.


      I pray your eyes be opened and stick with the King James Bible and NOT the writings of some cult leader with a "carnal mind" which is enmity against God writing in their own vain imagination. Paul warns in Colossians 2:8 that we are to be not taken as a spoil by man's philosophy and vain deceit. This is what the SDA is based upon my friend.

      Colossians 2:8
      “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

      King James Version (KJV)


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