The Antichrist The Peace Covenant of Daniel 9:27 Deal of all Deals

I believe the Peace Covenant spoken of in Daniel 9:27 is Trump's peace plan with Israel.  Contrary to false teachers like Amir Tsarfati and Jack Hibbs, this peace plan does in fact divide Israel and Jerusalem.  

Even a child can read the language in Trump's peace plan regarding Jerusalem and see the double talk:

"Jerusalem would remain united. The city would remain Israel's capital, even as the Arabs of "Palestine" could deem it as their capital, too, with a US Embassy to be built for them in a section of the city populated primarily by Arabs".

Also note: "East Jerusalem will be given exclusively to the Arabs of "Palestine ". 

Trump is fully embracing and is embraced by Israel as a true Zionist which is luring Israel into the trap.

The truth spoken here by my Brother in Christ at about this Peace Plan

The new reality of the Temple Mount setting up a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in The Peace Plan

Implementing the Jordanian option to administer the Palestinians

Jewish settlers say Trump's plan is poison wrapped in candy 

How the Neocon Zionist shills and apostate Evangelical Coalition spin lies

Please read our exposure of Amir Tsarfati and the Trump MAGA Evangelical Zionist Coalition

Trump Antichrist Watch

Contrary to false teachers like Joel Rosenberg this is NOT  a good thing but rather the foreboding of the Time of Jacob's Trouble

7.7 Earthquake hits when Peace plan announced

Look up Saints we are going home soon.


Details of the plan in link below

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