Beware of Normal Christian Living and others who are making false claims of modern miracles

Dear Saints please be aware of these fantastic videos pouring out about miraculous signs wonders and spiritual phenomenon.  Here are two YouTube channels promoting that supposedly happened to a  dying a COVID19 patient:

The Normal Christian Life

Your Living Manna 


  1. Hi, I'm from Ireland and my Dad is from Northern Ireland. Lived there for a large part of my life. This story of the cleaner is true. The man calls him 'son' because that how older men call any younger man in that part of the world! Its like Americans say 'hey man', in Northern Ireland, they would say 'How are you, son'.

    Very unfair to claim this is a false video over this!

    1. Hello Unknown. Would you kindly provide us documented proof of this story of the cleaner? Please understand humanity is bombarded by thousands of false claims on a daily basis. I draw from a very disturbing personal experience that happened to me in 2006 during the Azusa centennial revival in Los Angeles California. During a mass rally the main speaker told the audience of over 10,000 of us that there were literally hundreds of wheel chairs left behind by people being healed when God's anointing was poured out at the beginning of the service. I diligently searched and found the entire story a lie from hell.

  2. Dear unknown, thanks for pointing that out, however in the video, the person portraying the cleaner looked to be younger than the patient. That is why I said what I did. Why would a young person say "Son" to an older man?
    Obviously this video was made after the patient went home, so the video did NOT present the cleaner as being older. That's why it is very important, that we as "believers" need to "present ALL things" as honest as possible to everyone, so that this type of "misunderstanding" can be avoided.
    Also to clear up one other thing, I never said the "video" was false, matter of fact I did say that I was happy for the man who regained his health. I questioned who it was produced by, and the "church" this believer belonged too......which I found to be a church, that supports a false Gospel.
    I hope that clears it up for you.....Lord bless.

  3. I think it's very important to remember that some sites are doctoring actual videos. Pastor Lee McConnell is the Pastor of The Ark Church, Belfast. Ireland has quite a small evangelical community and this man is friendly with my own Pastor in my Pentecostal church. The original video had just Pastor McConnell talking alone. No other photos or pictures of the cleaner. This is the original video made by Pastor McConnell.

    I'm not able to provide documented evidence of his friendship with my Pastor. But our church members were sent the original video via WhatsApp.

  4. I'm also very sorry to hear that. I've never heard of The Ark as being called out as a false gospel. As far as I'm aware they preach the gospel according to Jesus Christ.

  5. Unknown, Yes, I've seen the original video from Lee McConnell, however Pastor Lee McConnell gave Normal Christian Life at Youtube permission to use his video in their video. I must say Pastor Lee McConnell should have checked to see what "Normal Christian Life" stands for in regards to the True Gospel. If he had researched this group's background and what they stand for, hopefully he would have turned them down to use his video to suck unknowing and naive persons to their "Doctrine of Demons" teachings and practices. Because NCL does NOT represent anything that reflects the One True Gospel which has been delivered to true believers in Christ Jesus.
    I do not argue against the sincerity of Pastor Lee McConnell and his relationship with the Lord, however a Pastor is totally responsible with whom he associates with and who he allows to represent the Gospel. NCL is ecumenical, and has many heretics that do not represent the True Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are of the Hyper-Faith beliefism, and is short of witch-craft practices.
    We will be presenting all the information on this group NCL and all of their teachers, other ministries with whom they support and associate with, and ministries that they are promoting on their websites, which ALL are a danger to the Body of Christ, let alone those seeking Salvation. They are of the Anti-Christ spirit, and we intend to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Thank you for being faithful in presenting all the facts that you are aware of, it is appreciated.
    We are living in the Last Days, and the Lord shall be coming to retrieve His Bride, before the Anti-Christ appears before all the world.
    It's a very sad and wicked time in which we live beyond your belief's.......May the Lord guide you and give the grace to believe His truth and what He expects from His people, to be SEPARATED from ALL things of this World and it's wicked practices!
    We love you because the Lord loves you and desires only the Best for ALL of His Children.


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