Fulness of Gentiles as world population passes divine completion of 7,777,777,777

Our Brother in Christ - Brian Christine posted this intriguing video.  My comments below.

Looking up Brother^ Thank you for sharing your excitement  and encouraging the body of Christ,. Praise God for those who love the appearing of our Lord Jesus (2Timothy 4:8).   We know Romans 11:25 refers to the completion of the age of the gentiles also refered as the age of grace, dispensation of grace,  and the church age.  Within the context of the entire chapter 11, to wit Romans 11:11 we understand Paul referes to the last gentile is saved. . However,  looking at 7,777,777,777 (divine perfection of completion) world population or perhaps somewhere close,   it's certainly an interesting point to consider ... Maranatha!


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