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Rebuking Dr. Eugene Kim BBC INTERNATIONAL Dear Dr. Eugene Kim, References: a. Dr. Gene Kim video serving God See his comments to Andrew Sheets  b. Dr. Gene Kim Teaching video on Trinity  c.  Dr. Gene Kim Teaching video on 501c3 conspiracy I earnestly pray you receive this opportunity to correct your errant ways. You are a gifted and brilliant young man. Most of your teaching is rock solid. But these glaring issues addressed below must be addressed. BBC International  Dear Dr. Eugene Kim, Thank you Sir for responding to my comment (reference a) It’s obvious by your response you haven’t read the blog I sent you about why Brick and Mortar Buildings called churches are not biblical.  Most of what you sent me in your response by way of your video teaching is addressed in the blog.  As far as using Romans 13:1-7 to defend 501C3 and your building - I address below. After careful consideration - I have to write this as a testimony as a witness with the body of Christ submitted as Ambassadors for The Lord Jesus Christ, and in accordance with and by the absolute AUTHORITY of the Word of God as given in The King James Version specifically Titus 1:11,13, 2:15, 2 Timothy 4:2-4. Jude 1:11: A Rebuke Dr. Eugene Kim for his heretical teaching as follows: Teaching the Trinity Reference b. Dr. Eugene Kim teaches the pagan, Roman Catholic Trinity as Bible Doctrine, when in reality the King James Version fully reveals the Godhead as 1 God in 3 parts: God the Father (Soul), The Son of God, Jesus Christ (the body or image of God), The Holy Spirit (The Spirit of God).  (Teaching on correct KJV Godhead video provided below) In his videos on the Trinity Dr Kim  goes into painful detail to explain how “his” twisted use of scripture defining the biblical Godhead is actually the Trinity.  Please see the Rebuke video of Dr. Kim in link below for a thorough analysis. This is not an issue of semantics but a very dangerous switching of doctrinal terms.  Eugene Kim teaches that there is 1 God in 3 persons. God the Father, The Son as God, and The Holy Spirit. He will say 3 parts and then say 3 persons is 3 parts which is impossible to believe how a Theologian with a Doctorate degree says that persons and parts are the same. (See his trinity video time 7:20). How can Dr. Kim say Jesus when as man on earth had to show himself as lower than God the Father when Jesus Christ is the image of God (time 8:00). Please see his errant teaching in the video links below along with why this is a great harm to Muslims and other religions as well as others.  Also see the video on the correct, bible solid teaching on the Godhead.  2 Questions for Dr. Eugene Kim: 1. Why does your Baptist Hymnal have the song: “Holy, Holy, Holy… God in 3 persons, blessed Trinity. (A Vatican approved doctrine.) 2. Why do you teach Trinity and say that Trinity is really the Godhead when that is a blatant lie?  Dr. Eugene Kim’s Trinity Teaching Video Bryan Denlinger exposing Dr. Kim's Heretical Trinity doctrine How man made doctrine of Trinity shuts the Kingdom of Heaven against men True Bible Godhead vs Trinity Teaching My next Rebuke is Dr. Kim and his passion for the BBC International Baptist Church (Building and Organization - confusing his building and operation with the body of Christ) . Defending the building structure of a church building and organization).  Please see my dedicated personal testimony about church buildings around the world. Including Vietnam where I lived and worked for over 6 years. My personal testimony of 50 years attending church Buildings to know today's churches are building the kingdom of the Antichrist Brick and Mortar Buildings are not BIBLICAL Dr. Kim 501c3 rebuke video Dr. Kim:  In references a and c, Why do you lift up “your” traditions of men, "your Baptist religion" of brick and mortar building, the BBC International Baptist Church and say it is CHUCH - insinuating “The Church” i.e., The Body of Christ and even worse defend the 501c3 status as belonging to government is in accordance with Romans 13:1-7- which is a lie. why? See comments, reference c,  on response to Dr. Kim video rebuking people like me who are exposing his Brick and Mortar 501C3 operations - By calling us “conspiracy theorists” , “ amateur christians” “not thinking” (derogatory) when comparing us to Alex Jones (Mr. Mason) when in reality people like me are acting according to scripture as Bible reading good Bereans.  Question Dr. Kim: Why did you respond like this? Why did we hit a nerve here? 501C3? To defend 501C3 means messing with your rice bowl. Your employment? Your cash cow? Something serious to consider.  Pursuing filthy lucre. Please consider. In your video attacking me and others who call out the 501C3 please read Blogs above. Most refutes what Dr. Kim supports in his church building. As far as Dr. Kim using Romans 13:1-7 to defend 501c3 - This is absurd. In comparing scripture with scripture why on earth would Peter who wrote 1 Peter 3:21 and Paul who wrote Romans 13:1-7 both (on behalf of the Apostles) say in Acts 5:29: “WE OUGHT TO OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MEN.” ??? In his video Dr. Kim foolishly said NERO was the ruler, while implying that when Romans 13:1-7 was written Nero was the Christian killing evil ruler.  But what Dr. Kim fails to mention is when Paul wrote Romans 13:1-7, Nero was still -at that time-  a well meaning ruler, establishing order and with promises to restore the empire.  He had not YET begun his attack on Christianity and ruling Christianity illegal following up with the great scourge of Christians in 64AD.  In fact Paul had direct interface with Nero during his first trial and relied on Nero and the Roman government to protect him from the Jewish leaders attempting to murder him. See Acts 25:10; 28:30 …  In Romans 13:1-7 Paul is addressing primarily the Jews in Rome exorting them - that they must obey the civil laws of the land, especially referring to the social context of the Jewish assembly in Rome under Roman government. To actually warn them against thinking in terms of a revolution or a nationalistic movement as had happened under Emperor Claudius in 49AD. (Study Jewish history under Greece - Antiochus Maccabeean Jewish revolt - Roman empire and why the Jews were always impossible to conquer through assimilation.) Let’s be very clear on this point. Paul teaches in Romans 13:1-7 the truth that God hates anarchy and that civil rule of government for society and all laws for that end need to be obeyed and are in existence by His hand.  However, absolutely in both context and language God does NOT write a carte blanche approval of government activity against his word, or the Body of Christ as Dr. Kim strongly implies.  Dr. Kim. you saying that Churches must follow the 501c3 because churches (implying the Body of Christ is a building) are under government authority using the paradigm of Romans 13:1-7 is outrageous. Please read Blog why Brick and Mortar Buildings called Churches is not Biblical. In reference c, Why would Dr. Kim call me and other true bible believers out as HYPOCRITES who have a social security number and compare this to an illegal corporation agreement with the Body of Christ  as is required by a 501C3?  Read this link about when Christians blindly follow laws against God’s word: Biblical Submission to Government: READ THIS EXCERPT FROM BLOG OF WHY 501C3 Brick and Mortar Buildings are not Biblical: "In the above link, we show proof the U.S. Government holds the “Church” in check. In order to stay “tax exempt” and keep their (501c3), rules must be followed. This is 487 pages long. It is just a drop in the bucket in what brick and mortar “Churches” have to follow to keep their (TAX FREE STATUS). What happens if a church speaks out against sin? Here's an actual case of a 501c3 breach in 1992: Church punished for calling out Homosexuality, Abortion in October 1992. In the above link, we show how a sitting U.S. Senator conspired to not only take control of the Churches in America, but force them to go by Government guidelines. (I.R.S.)(501c3). It is also tragic how he later became President of the United States. The then Senator Johnson did not like how the brick and mortar Churches spoke the truth about certain folks running for office, or in office. And even then Senator Johnson had his eye on the White House. So he formed a demonic idea. To use the I.R.S. and filthy lucre. Knowing that giving to the Church was already tax exempt he had to do a great job selling to the Congress. In order to be (501c3) tax exempt Churches now have to submit “Church” guidelines to the (I.R.S.) Federal Government for approval.” The Government controlling how I worship and what is said behind the pulpit is NOT the same as the Government giving me a social security number.  NO DR. KIM!!! For you to make this statement is like the wolves Joseph Prince or Joel Osteen and many others defending their filthy lucre with “we are under government laws.” Why would the word of God tell us to follow our Government Laws and then tell us NOT to obey our Government but to Obey God? "A paradox [is] a statement that seems absurd or self-contradictory but... turns out to be true."[1] A paradox consists of two truths that, when laid side by side, appear to contradict. However, upon further reflection, they prove to be compatible. "While real contradictions are impossible to reconcile, paradoxes are merely difficult to reconcile." Physicist Neils Bohr affirms this: "The opposite of a true statement is a false statement, but the opposite of a profound truth can be another profound truth." The great truth revealed here is CONTEXT:  GOVERNMENT PROTECTS SOCIETY BY LAWS. WE ARE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. WHEN A MAN MADE LAW IS AGAINST GOD'S LAW, WE ARE NOT OBLIGED TO BLINDLY FOLLOW. IF THAT MAN MADE LAW IS DOING SOMETHING THAT AGAINST THE BODY OF CHRIST IT IS WRONG!!! VIETNAM Dr. Kim you really stepped into a terrible trap when you started blabbing your mouth about VIETNAM and the churches and missions there in Viet Nam.  Are you sure you want to do this? I have personally lived in Vietnam for over 6 years. I know personally from sitting in high level meetings with government officials that nobody touches property belonging to the Vatican.  Not even the Communist Government. I personally know first hand that the Catholic church operates without restraint including their seminaries in Vietnam and that all of the Protestant churches are completely infiltrated by the Vatican.  I also know that each and every sermon preached has to be approved by the government and that government officials sit in the service to monitor. Why was I ordered to shut down my Bible study in a large Protestant church that was receiving money from Baptist and Methodist and other brick and mortar pagan temples called churches in the U.S???  One of the several churches I attended may have been BBC Intl affiliated… Why did I have to shut down my Bible Study? Because I was teaching the word of God out of the Bible. The Pastor of that church was very scared, let me tell you. You want to get out of your little comfy zone and come and check it out some time??> The churches in Vietnam are social clubs.  I sat in one service and timed it on my watch as follows: 43 minutes of meeting minutes of the last service. 15 minutes of passing out memos for the next meeting. A 5 minute reading of errant scripture. A prayer and benediction. Another service I was scolded for saying Communion can be done at home.  They were trying to tell me that Only the Priest Can give communion… Yes this was a Protestant Church. Do you want me to continue??? The only true worship services in Vietnam are in the underground church. How do I know this?  Because I attended underground services that were in people’s homes and we had to constantly move. One group was organized by a former Baptist Pastor who left his former Pagan Temple called a Baptist church building.  WHY DID I HAVE TO LEAVE AND STOP TEACHING IN VIETNAM? Because I was telling my students about Jesus Christ and teaching them about the KJV  Bible. And by the way, for your information the Vietnamese Bible translations your Baptist institutions send are completely perverted - no way resembling the KJV BIBLE. KOREA: Anytime you want to discuss the errant teaching in most Korean churches in the US, Please email me. I attended about 10 services in a Korean church in Los Angels.  China: I've been there and understand how only the underground churches are teaching the true Bible.  Dr. Kim, Please do NOT INSULT ME AND OTHER TRUE BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS AND PLEASE DO NOT EVER SAY YOUR CHURCH BUILDING REPRESENTS THE BODY OF CHRIST.   Amen! Maranatha!


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