It Really Did Happen! Time Has Run Out!

Dear Reader The Lord has placed this on my heart to post this video which I had made back in March 2013, 7 years ago in the sweltering, oppressive heat in Viet Nam.  I laid down to rest in the mid day, and...just as I started to sleep I had a terrifying vision that only lasted a few seconds. A young man with unimaginable terror on his face - running like a madman from a city out into an open field. I immediately jumped up and knew that this was someone the Lord allowed me to see who had just witnessed the Rapture - Catching away of someone he knew and perhaps others. The sheer terror of that experience was overwhelming.  I could barely catch my breath.  The Holy Spirit pressed me to immediately set about to make a video and share this.

This has now been over 7  (Divine Perfection) years and soon 4 (Totality) months before Pentecost 2020 which many believe is a very high Rapture Watch Time.

Also please note that my 8 year old daughter had a Rapture dream whereby she was shown a calendar of 2020.  
Please IF you don't know Jesus Christ as your Savior and you get left behind, DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. FIND JESUS BY CALLING ON HIS NAME FOR YOUR SALVATION.


  1. You might want to listen to Benjamin Baruch on remnant call radio YouTube channel. Just more confirmation because with all the abominations how America promotes abortions all the debauchery selling the baby parts and same-sex marriages is promoted throughout the world. Most likely before November America's going to be paralyzed with war on American soil with the superpowers. God's protective hand is now off America. Another good confirmation is to listen to Benjamin Faircloth YouTube channel. We could very well be in the very last days. Billions are going to die and the tribulation will start. Signs are everywhere.

  2. Anonymous, thank you for your information. Yes, even half awake people see what's truly coming here very soon and is nigh at the doorstep. Praise God! The reason I don't listen to Benjamin Baruch is because he unwittingly is preparing people for the Tribulation. There are many like him like Rick Wiles, Steve Ben De Noon (and his Messianic brothers like Jakob Praesch) who are continually giving us great information about the true events leading up to the Tribulation, but they NEVER or hardly ever or actually DO NOT even BELIEVE in the Biblical Pre-Tribulation Rapture. I am now more than ever, sure that many if not most or even all of these people who do not teach or believe in the pretribulation rapture and are literally preparing people for the Tribulation will most likely, if not surely be getting what they wish for and find themselves (maybe, perhaps, most likely) being used by the antichrist to bring in their sheeple (blind, non bible reading tools aka fools) to take the mark. Some of these may be used by God to realize they really messed up and lead their sheeple (blind, non bible reading tools aka fools) to becoming tribulation saints. Also ALL of these people like this Baruch guy are Charlatans, making merchandise of people through filthy lucre using heavily monitized social media. We do NOT need to be lining these wolves' pockets.

    1. Traveler Andrew Sheets, the merchandising of the flock is really something that is not pleasing to God at all it's an abomination. Like the Bible says the root of all evil is money it's the very root of it that's where it all starts. Greed and power. If it's not for the money they want to lift themselves up as someone that is considered a great person or whatever they want to gain monetarily or for popularity. Benjamin Baruch does believe in the catching away. The rapture is not something I believe we should be arguing about but in any case if we are worthy will we we will be caught away regardless. Maybe, we should be looking for the blessed hope so I think it's very important that we are well informed. The Bible teaches us we need to keep our garments clean. I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture.

      You mentioned Rick Wiles he's caught up in a lot of things he shouldn't be doing. Charges $1,000 for a signed copy of his book. Then one day the world is coming to an end and then the world's going to keep going on for another hundred years. What can you expect he worked for TBN. I called TBN one time many years ago for a prayer chain request and the gentleman who took the phone call from me couldn't stop using profanity and told me he needs prayer what am I doing calling him. It's inconceivable what happened a real shocker but you would have to expect it it's all about the money with them. Something I never expected but it happened.

      So yes, I completely concur with you on everything so God will judge everyone. I would never want to be in any of these people shoes right now. They really are under control of the seducing demonic spirits whether it's mind-altering substances, idolatry, love for money, things of this world and great status in society etc.

      One reason why we're in the last days the church is just completely sold out to the world, of the world, living for the world they bring the world right into church and try and change everything. The Christian community is in complete shambles.

    2. Amen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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