Pastor enters #Seattle CHAZ CHOP; Taking a Biblical Perspective

Praise God for perfect confirmation I received from dear Brother Cal. Read his comments below.

The other day I was deeply bothered by this so called Christian Pastor walking through the SEATTLE CHAZ CHOP debacle with his crusader mentality.  Part of me was hoping he was really called by God to go there, but a nagging question persisted:  What's this man's "true agenda?"

Take a look for yourself dear Christian.  And ask yourself the following:

1. Why is he blabbering in tongues?  This is not biblical in this post apostolic age and in the manner and place he's doing it.

2. Why is he proclaiming to be Moses parting the Red Sea?  Surely anyone can see this is not biblical.

3. Why would God allow his servant to walk and proclaim Jesus Christ in this manner to bring Christ to open shame and in essence Crucify Him again See Hebrews 6:6 (note although Hebrews 6 is referring to Judiazers and their kind, this action by this Pastor is actually promoting activity (speaking in tongues, claiming himself to be Moses)  outside the completed work of Christ Jesus. And is, in the same sense  promoting himself as a crusader driven by pride to deliver a brazen "in your face" stand, inviting the inevitable confrontation, doing more harm than good, using Jesus as his excuse.  Also with a lack of discernment, people who are attempting to "do God's work" without being truly called bring shame on the name of Jesus. Study Matthew 6 KJVColossians 4:5; 1 Timothy 2:15; Titus 2:8Titus 3; and Hosea 4:6.

4. This entire scene seems staged. Note that The Blaze posted this on Twitter. For those who are unaware, The Blaze and Glenn Beck is an extremely politicized conspiracy right wing group who is obviously working in true Hegelian Dialectic processes.

5. Also, where in scripture did Jesus and the apostles ever conduct themselves in this manner by doing actions and speaking words that were clearly outside of scripture and their given authority?   Here's a detailed list of actual encounters from scripture that the old testament prophets,  Jesus and the apostles had with humanity that street preachers get confused with their behavior. You'll find that the behavior of this so called pastor entering the #CHOP wasn't even closely related but rather an attempt to teach a different Jesus, a different gospel and a different Spirit. Please read and study thoroughly 2 Corinthians 11 KJV.     Here's study link:

Is street preaching Biblical? NO!

Comment from Brother Cal:

Dear brother Andrew,

I was surfing You tube, and this "christian preacher" entered the "Autonomous Zone" on the 13th, and in this video it reveals what type of Christian he is, he breaks out in "Tongues" and asks for strength while a "homosexual" gives him a hug and informs him he is going to be kissed.
The first video I caught sight of this happening was posted on the "End Times Production" Youtube channel.  which has titled their video "Something Biblical is Happening in Seattle"...
they do seemingly edited out the section where this "preacher" breaks out in Tongues......I find that interesting.

  Because In my comments, I stated "was this "preacher" sent by the Lord or of his own imagination?

 Because I wondered what system he was associated with.  Also "End Time Productions" quotes  2 Tim explain what is happening in Seattle.......however he stops short of 2 Tim 3: 6-9, which is letting believers know that "religious" persons pretending to be "Christians" will enter into their midst. 

These persons are sinners, and in my comment I told them so, that they were misusing the scripture, because those scriptures were warning of people who were pretending to be Christian.

The second video reveals it........either Pentecostal, Reformed Apostolic, or charismatic! He is an institutional brick & mortar preacher......

(Side note: See Blog on Brick and Mortar Institutions are NOT Biblical:

.This man's actions may just lead to added interest to his "Church", it is a horrible thing to say, but the ways of the flesh are just that deceitful.

Thought you would find this interesting.  Also "End Time Productions" were the ones that interviewed those 2 men who were of the Seventh Day Adventist belief system I told you about a few weeks ago.  So this End Time Productions channel, is very untrustworthy in regards to the Gospel.


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