High Rapture Watch Dates / Aliens Rosh Ha Shanah September 2013

Take a look at this Bible Code folks!
In Christ, Tom Gaston

This code is the Jewish date....." Elul 29th."   In this Bible Code also is another code of....." 29th Elul."   So this Jewish date is encoded twice in this matrixes.   This is very unusual as this would be a very hard date to find due to the Hebrew letter " Teth" which makes this date much harder to find. 
There are only 29 days in the Jewish month of Elul.  This year the 29th Elul ( US. time ) will open up on September 3rd - 4th and  Rosh Ha Shanah / First Tishri Begins on September 4th -  5th.  If the Rapture is to happen this year on the Feast of Trumpets, then I believe we should be on HIGH ALERT sometime between September 4th - 5th. 
 Notice up in the right hand corner of the page the terms......"Spaceship, Aliens, vanished, escorted" which are together.  When the "Restrainer" the Holy Spirit who indwells every member of the body of Christ ceases His restraining at the moment of the Rapture,  then I believe that satan and his demonic forces will flood the earth and the UFO phenomenon is going to play a HUGE ROLE in the grand deception of the masses as the Rapture will be explained away.  The world is already prepared for this as they have been "conditioned" by Hollywood and othersources of influence...etc...etc. which has prepared them for this grand deception which is coming at the time of the Rapture.
Take a look at this Bible Code below.


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