Why Obama will pull the Trigger; MUST READ!

The Trigger - MUST READ!

By David Rice, friend of the PPSIMMONS ministry

Present Hope

The Trigger

The Great Marionette, Barack Hussein Obama WILL pull the trigger because his Manipulators would expose who he really is to the world and allow him to be tried for treason if he did not.

This is a symbolic attack in a charade that pretends to be a response to a False Flag event as if it were real. This is a prearranged trigger that will set off a well planned war, designed by Lucifer to reduce the world's population, birth the New World Order and enthrone the Antichrist. It was known by God before the foundation of the earth and announced, in great detail, by the Prophets of old. It is recorded in the BOOK, written thousands of years in advance. It cannot be stopped, the damage and carnage cannot be mitigated and the outcome cannot be changed.

 Jesus is coming, those who are watching will go with Him, those who are unprepared will stay. The internment camps are ready for the damned, the guillotines are in position and the incinerators fired up. Those who are able will be used to feed the cannons; the rest will be euthanized and disposed of. The Bride of Christ will be at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb; anyone else who wants to go to Heaven will die a horrible death at the only remaining door to Eternal Life. You will be at the table with Jesus or you will be suffering unimaginable atrocities in a Hell on earth. You must decide for yourself; I cannot and God will not force your hand. If you remain, understand; YOU DID THAT!


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