Alert! Overturning Gay Marriage in America. #Judgment

Supreme Court mandates gay marriage in all 50 states

This is the "final nail in the coffin" for America!  By the authority of the United States Supreme Court All 50 states now have to allow "Gays" to marry.  It's over for America folks!   The Lord's coming is imminent and AT THE DOOR!   

Now think about this!  The Supreme Court's decision comes today on June 26th which comes on  the "heels" of July 4th, which is the celebration of the "founding of this country" which is now just seven days away.  Could it be then that we just got a "seven day warning" from God today with the passing of the Supreme Court ruling allowing Gays to marry in all 50 states?   The vote for national gay marriage was.........5 to 4.   They won by "one vote."   The number 5 stands for grace, and the number 4 stands for the world......5 + 4 = 9.....which is the number which stands for "finality."

Is the story of "Lot" about ready to repeat itself?  Is God getting ready to "remove His Church" just like He removed Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah, and then God's judgment fell and consumed those wicked cities and all the people in them?

The "clock of Divine judgment " is now fastforwarding, spinning, and accelerating towards that "appointed time" when the world will be hurled headlong into God's destruction and jugment.  

What will next weeks July 4th celebration of the founding of this country bring with it following our Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage?   

Only God knows for sure!!!!!!

In my Bible Code research this week I have found some startling Bible Codes revolving around the date of July 4th in 2015.  That date keep coming up in "multiples" in the Codes which I am finding.  One Bible Code of vice president "Biden" has the date July 4th encoded "five times" in just that one matrixes.  I will not share these Bible Codes here because they are too sensitive.

The important historical Jewish date of the 17th Tamuz  falls on July 4th next week / Sabbath - Saturday.  And so the 21 days of mourning which Israel observes therefore will BEGIN on July 4th  which is just "seven days" away from now, and these 21 days will conclude on the important date of the  9th Av / July 25th. 

Therefore will America also begin a "21 day mourning" period starting on July 4th this next week???? 

The "seven day countdown" to the July 4th celebration has now begun!  and so what does next week hold for America?

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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