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 I discovered this Bible Code a number of years ago, but I decided to go back in and see if the Jewish new year of 5776 was encoded in it.  Well, it is encoded a number of time and it is connected to the year 5775.  This could be possibly showing ( ? )  the "close" of the present Jewish year 5775 and the opening of the Jewish new year 5776 which will open up this year onSept. 14th ( First Tishri / Feast of Trumpets ). But I have no way of knowing and I cannot be dogmatic about such an interpretation.   
The reality is this, that none of us knows for sure 100% as to "when", or more specifically whatdaymonth, and year the Rapture will take place?  And all of us who have been watchers and searchers for the "timing" of the Rapture, and all of us who have shared our "opinions" on "when" we think it might take place have "all been wrong" so far up to this point.   
So, where does this leave us?
Let me say this.  The Scripture instructs us to be watching and looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of our great God and savior Jesus Christ which could happen at anytime, today, tomorrow, or next week..etc..etc.  Christ's "appearing" for His Church has always been "imminent."   It was imminent in the apostle Paul's day, and it is still imminent in our present day. And imminency is based upon the fact that NO ONE knows the "exact" date of Christ's return for His Church ( I am not speaking about the second advent of Christ to the earth here which Matt. 24:36 is making reference to.  That Scripture is NOT a Rapture text, but a second advent text ).  And the reason "why" no one knows the exact time of the Rapture is because God did not, and has not revealed the exact date of the return of Jesus for His Church in His epistles.
  So for anyone to say that the Lord cannot come until some "future day, month, or year" which they have "picked and tagged" as the absolute time and for the Rapture of the Church, are in essence saying that the Rapture is NOT "imminent", and that Jesus cannot come UNTIL"their certain date" which they have picked comes around.  This is NOT imminency, but rather this approach is based upon "ones opinion" which is NOT supported in Scripture, as once again,  the "specific date" of the Rapture of the Church has not been revealed and written down in Scripture. That date has been kept secret, and it still remains a "secret" to all of us today. But it will be revealed on the very day that the Church is completed and the resurrection / Rapture takes place.
 I have NOT made up this Bible Code and sent it to all of you for the purpose of saying that the Lord is going to come on Rosh HaShanah this year. That is NOT my objective here, nor my intention.  The only reason I am showing it is because it is ONLY a "possibility" at this time?  And the truth is this,  that in all reality the Lord could come for His church before I even get done with this email.   We are to look for the possible appearing of Christ for His church each and everyday.   And to do so with sincerity means then that the believer will be trying to live and please the Lord each and everyday so that when He does show up they won't be ashamed on the day of His appearing ( 1John 2:28 ).  Even if someone by chance has "guessed" the correct date for theRapture,  yet still THEY WOULD NOT KNOW 100% if that date which they have picked is valid or not UNTIL that date came and went. 
 So once again, this Bible Code is only a possibility, but NOT an absolute nor conclusive!   And for those who are adamant and very strict in their "opinion" about Rosh HaShanah as being the time for The Rapture, then let me bring you back to "reality" here and remind you people of the fact that it is just "your opinion" at this point, and NOT an absolute.  And those who think that the Rapture will ONLY take place on a future Rosh HaShanah are basically NOT looking for the Lord's return to happen "at any moment" throughout the rest of the year,  but rather they are waiting for the specific date of Rosh HaShanah to come around again, and then at THAT TIMEthey will get all "geared up" as they anticipate the Lord's coming ONLY on that particular date.   Such an approach and practice is a very unscriptural.
 I personally do NOT know the exact time of the Rapture, but I believe that He could come today, tomorrow, or next week...etc.   And the fact is "my opinions", nor anyone elses "opinions" on this subject is dictating the "timing" of Christ's coming for His Church.  Jesus could show up unexpectedly at any moment of any day inwhich we have been given by the grace of God.  And so such "imminency" then should cause all of us to live a more holier life, and be more pleasing to the Lord each and everyday, as if each day could be our last, either because of "death", or because of the appearing of Christ for His Church.  This is why God has kept the "Rapture date" a secret.  It is because our "not knowing" the exact date is for the purpose to simulate us as His children to live holy and be pleasing to the Lord as we occupy until He comes for us.
 And lastly, let me remind all of you who are dogmatic, and who believe that the Lord is going to come in 2016, 2017, or 2018..etc. that He could still come in 2015 as long as it is the year 2015, and SURPRISE ALL OF YOU!   Don't be so "foolish" to think that anyone of you have it "all figured out " because NO ONE has been right up to this point about the coming of Jesus for His Church.  I have seen many so called christians on Youtube who say......"The Lord told me that He is coming in this specific year ..etc...etc...etc."   NO, Listen!  The Lord didn't tell you anything, but you fabricated it in your own mind.  When a Christians "dogmatic opinions" about the "timing" of the Rapture of the Church become assertive and overrule the teaching of the "imminency" of the Lord's return for the body of Christ, then such people are playing God, as it isONLY God alone who knows with 100% accuracy the exact date of this event which He alone has ordained.
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In Christ, Tom Gaston


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