Find Jesus NOW Repent! Hell is Really Real.

 The following is a testimony I want to share that my deceased sister shared with me back in the summer of 2000, shortly before she died of a malignant brain tumor.

I was deeply moved by my brother in Christ A, when he sent me a series of incredible testimonies. I'm still sorting through them and frankly they are overwhelming of how true 2 Timothy 2:12 and Romans 8:17 are about our SUFFERING with Christ.

My brother's stories have strengtehned my faith and today when a read another part about his son while in a coma actually witnessed how real HELL is, I was deeply moved by the unction of the Holy Spirit to share this portion and substantiate and provide a witness by what my sister experienced.  I pray the Saints be blessed and encouraged in your ministering to the lost.  

For those who do NOT know Jesus as your Savior. FIND HIM NOW.  See salvation is simply knowing that Jesus has called you and you know you need a savior and want to repent of your sins, you are simply saved when you BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins according to the scriptures, He was buried and rose again the third day according to the scriptures. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB.

We DO NOT need to do anything else but BELIEVE.  It is by GRACE through FAITH alone... Ephesians 2:8,9 and NOT of works that we are saved. Amen!  

The Rapture of the Church will happen at any day here. Those left behind will endure hell on earth for 7 years.

See my video of a vision I saw of a young man running out of a city after he realized all the Rapture teaching was correct and he was left behind.

my response to a Brother in Christ sharing a hair raising breath stopping testimony of what his son saw while in a coma>

It that happened while he (my brother's son) was in a coma:

He was sitting in a graveyard in a church round 20 miles from my house, with no clothes,  everything was quiet and seemed like it was abandoned,  no cars ,people etc, he would walk for what he said seemed forever naked and barefoot towards our house, when he finally got to our road in front of our house , he could see the kids in the front yard playing but once again like the other vision , they were older not babies, I was in the garden , he would yell and wave his arms but we couldn't hear or see him , he said I would stop and look around when he would do that , like I might of faintly heard him, then turn away, then he would be dragged back to the graveyard at that same church , bloody and missing flesh to the point of seeing bones , and in so much pain it was unbearable, he said he tried so many times but it was the same result over and over,, he said he gave up trying and asked God to save him or kill him he couldn't take it any more

That was during the 2nd coma when the blood clot went to his brain and he showed no brain waves on full machines , and they were gonna turn them off, so if those 2 visions , the one I told you earlier about the operating room and this one were from the coma ,visions , or God dealing with him I don't know but it was real to him 

We talked about it and he said he believes it was God showing him his future in hell , it hurt too bad to be a dream and being able to see us but never get to us was the worst part and the constant repetition of living it over and over in both visions he believed he was really in hell and was going to go through that for eternity as his punishment 

My Response:

Andrew Sheets <>

Wow!!! Let me tell you your son's dream was not a dream. I am absolutely convinced his spirit was fully aware and of course awake to see what the Lord wanted him to see.

And look at how it woke him up. What a powerful testimony. God bless him abundantly and you as well Brother for teaching him.

I have personal story related when my sister was in a coma after experiencing a massive seizure from a large malignant tumor in her brain.

Jodi had it all. Beauty, Intelligence, and was wealthy and young only on her 30s. She had walked away from the Lord and was living in and of this world. One day back in 1999, she took my mom out for girl's shopping and pampering day in Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive.

While in a salon, Mom said Jodi jumped up and threw her head back and fell on the floor in convulsions. When they got her in the emergency room they found a huge tumor in her brain so she went into emergency surgery to remove it.

While in surgery, Jodi told me she saw herself come completely out of her body and even saw her body there on the surgery table and listened to the doctors. She even asked the surgeon after the surgery what (ABC, etc) means. The medical terminology Jodi quoted, freaked out the surgeon (a different story for another day). Thus proving she indeed watched the surgeons working on her body. Also proving 1 Thessalonians 5:23 that we are created in God's image and after His Likeness [1 body, one Spirit, one Soul]. Because Jodi kept telling me she was astounded by how helpless useless her body was compared to the infinite nature unrestricted eternal movement of her spirit connected to her SOUL (her will, emotions, desire).

As Jodi watched from up above as if floating she was suddenly pulled through the ceiling and into a void space. It was then she began descending down into the earth as if on a high speed elevator. She began to feel heat, smell horrid indescribable smells and feel pain. Fear began to overwhelm her as she immediately realized HELL is really REAL.

She told me at that point she began crying, screaming out to Jesus to PLEASE GIVE HER A SECOND CHANCE.

At this point, Jodi said her descent immediately stopped abruptly. She then in an instant ascended into a marvelous indescribable light and beauty and sweet fragrance. The power OF LOVE was incredible. She knew she was in the Presence of Jesus Christ. Jodi said this broke her like nothing to compare.

At this exact instant Jodi woke up in ICU Post Op with the ICU Nurse squeezing her hand talking to her.

Jodi was a very intelligent no nonsense woman who didn't talk much. But after she was discharged from the hospital she was sold out for Jesus preaching non stop REPENT FIND JESUS NOW.

Foe the remaining 6 months of her life she was reading the Bible and pleading with anyone who would listen to please know eternity is real. Choose Jesus Christ now. Get saved.


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