WW III Begins in Syria by Xander Niews

"International banking cartel behind 

upcoming war - Goal: new global financial

 system '

'World War III begins in Syria, and no one on this planet, especially the Americans, will not be unaffected by what is going to happen, "warns one has often been mentioned reliable insider of the U.S. intelligence against the independent Northeast Intelligence Network. "This has been planned for a while, and now we see it happening right before our eyes."

Already in October 2012 warned that the insider would be there. In the future a crisis in Syria around the use of chemical weapons manufactured "The dutiful media need only show that Assad or any other party used chemical weapons. A photo, video or other evidence This will be the necessary pretext for the U.S. and NATO military intervention and to perform. The war against Assad The UN will cooperate, and the red line will be crossed. "

Use chemical weapons Assad 'a lie'

We are now at the end of August 2013, at that critical point. The images of hundreds of victims of the chemical attack in Damascus have gone all over the world. Exactly as predicted work the Western politicians and media fully with creating the illusion that the Assad regime is the major culprit. "It's a lie, a magic show, to lead the people away from something much bigger coming towards us," said the insider.

"Remember that the anti-Assad rebels are losing ... Without Western support, they will not survive. Why Assad than use chemical weapons against the retreating rebels, just as international observers on the ground to investigate the situation? This makes no sense unless we look at the bigger picture. "
"Power Structure world is changed '

"The whole scenario that we see now is a great magic show that has long since been started. Syria there is only the 'flashing' distraction, but a key. " The insider claims that these plans are drawn up. By various Republican and Democratic governments. Both parties operate on him together on the same globalist agenda. "The goal is to not only the Middle East, but the power structure of the world to change."

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are a part of it. "And why? Because it involves oil and opium. It is a war of the international bankers. And besides, what the nuclear ambitions of Iran: why have we waited so long here really want something to do, and we prevent Israeli interference which take action now very prolonged military campaign requires?

President Obama made ​​connections for Muslim Brotherhood
Barack Hussein Obama, according to the insider made ​​by the elite as President, because they needed someone with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. This Islamist organization was chosen to carry out one of the most important pawns to the U.S. plan for the Middle East and turn. The 'Arab Spring' in progress Obama was elected in 2008 because of the promise that he would end the wars, but he has just expanded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is right when he asked what the point is to the Middle East, especially Syria, an ally of Russia, to destabilize. 'In the context of the events in the region this makes no sense, but now we cruise missiles to Syria shooting ... for some of them? Chemical weapons sites in densely populated areas? How should the Syrians and help the refugees? "

'Bank Cartel wants the euro on a global scale "
The insider says that Obama already times the Saudi agenda performs for the Middle East. Behind the Saudis is the international banking cartel, the 'too big to jail' elite. "It's their war. They fund all parties to the conflict. They will win, no matter how it ends. "

"None of this is about the fight against terrorism, or helping the Syrian people. It is about oil, energy, and the global economic system. These conflicts serve the objectives of the globalists. They want to set up a new economic system, with a new basket of currencies, the 'Special Drawing Rights' (SDRs of the IMF). It is like the euro, but on a global scale. "

U.S. will be overthrown
Because Syria is supported by Russia, China and Iran, America will end up fighting against Russia. The new economic system can only come if Russia overturns the United States, such as the West at that time the Soviet Union did collapse. "We will witness one very painful destruction of the U.S. economy and the international murder of the U.S. dollar. Which will be replaced by the SDR package, which is much easier to control. "

Syria and the Middle East, according to the insider only the means to enter the 'flash-bang' of the great magic show. This new world system "And once it has begun, we can not go back. War in the Middle East, especially in Syria, will on the world trade and transactions disrupt. Few will see this coming and know which they are taken. "



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