10th Tevet "The Destruction" Comet / Rapture


Since this Fast day ( 10th Tevet - On December 13 I cannot think of a better celebration and day of joy than the Rapture! 

 Notice here on page 2. that the phrase..."The Sabbath"...joins the short phrase..."Eve the..."   The "Hay" ( the ) is shared in both phrases so it can read..."Eve the Sabbath."   The 10th Tevet this coming Friday the 13th is the "Eve" of the Sabbath
 Notice up in the right hand corner the terms...."The effectsDevastatingDevastatingIsrael,Disaster....etc..etc."   The term "Comet" joins "In Sabbath."  

Hey, look at the gematria below!
 I found a really neat Hebrew gematria dealing with the Jewish date 10th Tevet.  Tomorrow isFriday the 13th of December, which is the "Fast of the 10th Tevet. "  This is an important date in Jewish history ( Jerusalem was sieged by the Babylonians ).  Is it possible that we might be "home for the sabbath" on the 11th Tevet December 14th ?   Will the Church already be in heaven by the END of the 10th Tevet ( sometime tomorrow? ) in order to be home for the Sabbathand begin her "Sabbath rest ?"  
  Well, I don't know the exact day of the Rapture as none of us do, but it is an exicting thought nonetheless even though only God alone knows the answers to those questions.  I can only hope that such a Hebrew gematria would find its fulfillment this weekend?  Nevertheless one day is just as good as the next for the Rapture as it always imminent!   Even if the Lord doesn't come this weekend, yet such a thought is definitely a "Rapture Gland Tickler."
Resurrection 10th Tevet, home for the Sabbath / Tau = 400   Cheth = 8   Yod =10   Yod = 10   Hay = 5 / Yod = 10 / Teth = 9   Beth = 2    Tau = 400 /  Hay = 5   Beth = 2   Yod =10   Tau = 400   Hay = 5 / Lamed = 30 / Hay = 5 / Shin = 300   Beth = 2   Tau = 400 / total = 2013
As always, giving hope and encouragement to my fellow servants in Christ!
In Christ, Tom Gaston

Look below.
Tom G.

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