The Master has been my Tutor

The great Master, The Great Shepherd of the Sheep, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been my tutor and all the teaching has been through  Jesus Christ by God's great grace imparted by the Holy Spirit.

Despite false teaching of the Laodicean church teaching that God's kids are always healthy, happy and wealthy,  the Holy Spirit has taught me by "Life Lessons" or as my Grandfather used to say, by the "school of hard knocks" totally opposite from what the fake church of today teaches. 

 If you don't believe God allows his children to go through trials of sickness, injuries or hardships then read Job ; excerpts from Watchman Nee's The Spiritual Man.   ; and Bible Truth about Sickness and Infirmity

Throughout my life this training has often been through hard correction and example; i.e., literal physical suffering both by injury, in one instance a serious life long disabling injury, and other painful injuries from accidents to physical attacks and violence and conversely by times of physical prowess and strength; by illnesses some serious and debilitating some very keenly timed nagging illnesses and conversely by very healthy high moments of optimum health; by financial hardship and loss and conversely by great financial successes and comfort; by loss of prestige and position in employment and social status compared to honor, promotion and accolades; by heartbreaking loss of loved ones either through death or divorce or betrayal or break up contrasted with moments and times of great exhilaration of joy and happiness; by literal observation of Life Paradoxes; by understanding and observation of the Law Of Adversity; by Bible Teaching from False teachers and from good teachers; by Preaching from the word of God; By Good Shepherds and by Wolves in Sheep's clothing; by children and by great men and women of great intellect; by fools; by half witted people of low intelligence and social and economic stature.

But throughout it all, my Lord has shown me over and over, time and time again that by His grace I'm able to endure and grow in Sanctification through these trials. I know how Paul felt when he pleaded with God to remove the thorn from his flesh and God said, "No, my strength is made perfect in your weakness, and my grace is sufficient."  Amen...  Remember: God corrects whomever he loves.Prvovers 3:12 Paul speaks of this in HEBREWS 12:11:  All Chastening seemeth for the present to be not jouyous but grevous; yet afterward it yieldeth peaceable fruit unto them that have been exercised thereby, even the fruit of righteousness. 


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