Living Paradoxes

I've loved and followed Jesus since age 7, over 50 years ago. I knew I was truly saved on December 5th, 2001.  One great lesson I've learned is whenever I'm confronted with craziness in my life, where complete contradiction, absurdity seems to be what is the logical conclusion of my situation, I know God is at work in it. The greatest paradox in my Christian walk is this as was exampled perfectly by Jesus Christ existing as the image, the bodily form of God Almighty  yet becoming servant to die willingly tgevsgameful death ofvthe cross for my sins in order to save me.

"When I am at my weakest is when God's might is displayed strongest in my life. "

Jack Kinsella at Omega Letter says, "where the spiritual dimension makes contact with this dimension, it creates a paradox."

Defining Paradox

"A paradox [is] a statement that seems absurd or self-contradictory but... turns out to be true."[1] A paradox consists of two truths that, when laid side by side, appear to contradict. However, upon further reflection, they prove to be compatible. "While real contradictions are impossible to reconcile, paradoxes are merely difficult to reconcile."[2]

Physicist Neils Bohr affirms this same truth from a slightly different perspective: "The opposite of a true statement is a false statement, but the opposite of a profound truth can be another profound truth."[4] Some realities are too complex to be explained from a single viewpoint. Paradox allows us to capture the whole truth by simultaneously juxtaposing two seemingly contradictory assertions. When two seemingly incompatible truths are held in tension - to the point of even appearing to contradict - we have a paradox. Only the tension paradox contains can capture the unspeakable profundity at the very heart of our lives.

God bless



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