#Ison Signs in the Heavens; V

And Jesus said there would be


When Ison became a much discussed topic, I knew down deep in my heart that Ison was a significant sign from God.  All comets are in many respects. You can google it and look for yourself.  

But Ison is going to be different, meaning, Ison is the final, last HARBINGER before the Rapture of the Church and the Tribulation begins.

When I saw this sign in the sky that was made by Ison, This is my confirmation.  V represents the number 5 in Latin and 6 in Hebrew. V in Hebrew is New Beginning / Change (see notes below).

To me it is clear that Ison is showing the promise of our soon Redemption Rapture of the Saints, the true Church, the Bride of Christ and the following revelation of the Antichrist

Over one year ago I went through a series of tremendously strong visions, life experiences,  and confirmations about the number 5, specifically showing me 555.  

God even showed me through significant events in my life the number 5:

December 5, 2001  I stopped drinking.

December 5, 2005 God revealed my life would be changing to go into His service, leaving all behind.

December 5, 2012 I was in Philadelphia, having traveled nearly 10,000 miles for a meeting.  

God has shown me that 5 represents REDEMPTION / GRACE and by the 3 times it is a strong showing that God has called us out of the World and we Saints will soon be raptured, going home with him.

Here is a blog I posted over a year ago on the number 5 and Separation.






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