Alien Invasion Staged When Rapture Happens

When millions of people mysteriously disappear Satan and his minions in the New World Order will be ready with an Alien Invasion (Aliens are Demons) that will fake the unsuspecting masses left behind.

Don't be fooled. The people have been taken to heaven to be with Jesus. If you are left behind please go to for more information.

Accept Jesus as your Savior Now.

M A R A N A T H A 

alien invasion rapture By Tom Gaston:

Check out this Bible Code....."Resurrection." 
 You will see that "Lucifer" is going to "stage" an alien invasion along with "military" influence.  Our secret military already has "spaceships" or "UFO technology."  Joining the search term "Resurrection" is the phrase listing of..."Christians, eternity, city."
 Over to the left side of the matrixes you will see the terms..."Ascension, Bride peoples, The Lucifer, and vehicle, Spaceship, counterfeit - fabrication, staging - Aliens, military...etc...etc.
 There is NO DOUBT in my mind that there is going to be a "counterfeit staging" of an "alien invasion" when the Rapture happens.  And believe that our "secret military" and other "miltaries of the world" are going to be involved.  God is going to give the world over to "strong delusion" when we leave this planet.   The world wouldn't believe "the truth" that was presented to them by God's people,  so God instead is going to allow them to "believe a lie."
 To the right you will see the phrase....."The Natal / Nativity"...along with...."and the season, the Bema, Yeshua, incoming arrival, escort, the advent, 5774 - 2 codes ( the phrase.."The Adonai" joining one of them ). 5774 is the Jewish year of 2013 that ends September 2013.
Look below.
In Christ, Tom Gaston

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